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12 Voltage DC Surge Protector

IGOYE has been creating and producing DC Surge Protector since 2007. We design and offer creative ideas with passion, continually increasing our business.

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Best DC Surge Protector Manufacturer

IGOYE employs top-tier engineers who are always striving to improve existing products and develop new ones. While Sales Department professionals continuously upgrade their credentials, they support the sales processes of Business Partners both in the nation and abroad.

Why Choose IGOYE 12 Voltage DC Surge Protector Supplier

Our 12V DC SPD series of surge arresters are precisely calibrated to have a continuous maximum operating voltage of 1000V. It was developed in accordance with modern technological breakthroughs. The surge protectors are constructed of high-quality materials that guard against weather and lightning damage and are loaded with high-pressure sensors to identify faults.

Solar SPD products 1

Wide of Application

IGOYE 12V DC Surge Protector has durable aluminum alloy metal best surge protector power strips, ideal for use with a variety of electric and electronic appliances, and devices such as computers, audio, and video equipment.

LED Grounding

Our 12V DC Surge Protector has a green LED grounding and surge protection indicators for working conditions in the circuit This item is a specialized DC system surge protector for lightning that works with 12V DC power supply systems.

UL Certification

IGOYE 12V DC Surge Protector is approved and listed by UL C-UL (conforms to UL 1363, UL 1449, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 21) for safety hazards and reliability to use.


Your Reliable 12V DC Surge Protector Expert

IGOYE is committed to developing, designing, and manufacturing switches, sockets, power strips, push-to-open (push-to-exit), and other electrical appliance components for use in rack mount, raceway, laptop cart, and workstation applications, among others. We will continue to make efforts to enhance products, assure product quality, and make products more wonderful for our trusted consumers.


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