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200 AMP Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE has held the top spot for Automatic Transfer Switch brands. With their fast transfer rates and superior arc quenching abilities, our ATS devices are renowned for their outstanding quality, performance, and dependability.

Best Automatic Transfer Switches

IGOYE has been making ATS for over 15 years and is known worldwide for its high-quality products. Our ATS products, which use cutting-edge IGOYE technology, compete on a global scale for functionality.

Why Choose IGOYE 200 AMP Automatic Transfer Switch

Our IGOYE ATS has been available on the market for more than ten years and has received a great deal of favorable feedback from our clients. At IGOYE, we guarantee that each ATS we offer will go through several tests before being on sale to uphold the standards that our clients rely on.

Nema 3R Aluminum Shell

A single-phase 200 amp automatic transfer switch is built with a Nema 3R aluminum shell and may be installed either indoors or outdoors.

Temperature Control

IGOYE 200 amp transfer switches have -5℃~+40℃ average temperature not more than 35℃ in 24 hours.

Self-lock Button

Pushing the compulsory 0 self-lock button on our 200 amp ATS will cause the switch to go to 0 and turn off both the main power and the backup power.

Your 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Expert

When switching from one power source to another, ATS systems must deliver electricity without interruption. Additionally, we produce the best 200 amp transfer switches product on the market as one of the best ATS providers because every product we make must, in our opinion, surpass the most important specifications set forth by our customers.


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