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24V DC Surge Protector

IGOYE is an international group founded in 2007 that specializes in the production and selling of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to clients all over the world. These devices shield sensitive electronic equipment and workers from damaging transient overvoltages caused by lightning strikes and electrical disturbances.

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Best DC Surge Protector Manufacturer

iGOYE is a professional lightning protection hi-tech firm that combines R&D, manufacturing, and sales of surge protection devices. We specialize in producing AC and DC electric goods such as cable glands, isolator switches, fuse and breaker boxes, distribution boxes, PV combiner boxes, surge protectors, industrial plug and sockets, and solar products.

Why Choose IGOYE 24V DC Surge Protector Supplier

ISO9001 management system certifications have been conferred to IGOYE. TUV, CE, CQC, SGS, ROHS, and SASO have all certified the extensive product line, which includes different types. The items are sold to different parts of the world given the highest quality products.

Solar SPD products 1

LED Light Indicator

IGOYE 24V DC Surge Protector has an integrated LED light indicator that allows you to examine the state of your system at a glance. This allows you to check the health of your circuit and determine if there is a problem.

High Currents

Our 24V DC Surge Protector has a massive capacity of 140kA. This will safeguard you from high currents and voltages caused by lightning strikes and other environmental conditions.

One Year Warranty

IGOYE 24V DC Surge Protector comes with a 1-year product warranty to ensure that your equipment is protected.


Your Reliable 24V DC Surge Protector Expert

Lightning hits to the PV system, both direct and indirect, are by far the main cause of power spikes that harm solar panels. Installing the DC SPD Surge Protector from IGOYE will protect end equipment in photovoltaic systems, like solar panels and inverters, from lightning surge currents. With more than ten years of experience in lighting and surge protection, as well as years of product warranty and OEM/ODM services, we are the top AC&DC Surge Protector Device(SPD) manufacturer in China.


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