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3 Phase Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE is a designer, and manufacturer of 3-phase automatic transfer switches and ATS controls. Our 3-phase automatic transfer switch offers both indoor and outdoor transfer switches in various ampere levels. Automatic power failure sensing, a control option, a generator exerciser, and whole-house applications are among the features. This automatic transfer switch is intended for backup systems that are permanently placed in homes.

IGOYE is one of the top producers of three-phase automatic transfer switches in the electrical sector. We make sure to only supply top-notch products by adhering to global and industry standards.

Why Choose IGOYE 3 Phase Automatic Transfer Switch Supplier

Once the generator has reached the correct voltage and frequency, our IGOYE 3 phase automatic transfer switch begins the generator set automatically and switches the load. Following the power outage, everything happens in a couple of seconds.

Premium Quality

Our 60 amp 3 phase manual transfer switch has premium quality. We build our automatic transfer switches following the most recent versions of international standards.

Superior Material

IGOYE 200 amp 3 phase automatic transfer switch is made up of superior material for insulating for mechanical and electrical stability.

Easy to Use

IGOYE three-phase ATS is easy to use, and unique mounting solutions are available.

Your Reliable 3-Phase Automatic Transfer Switch Expert

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients through the delivery of excellent service and high-quality and CE-certified products, ultimately resulting in a win-win scenario. Our merchandise’s consistent in quality and affordability.


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