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3 Phase Isolator Switch

IGOYE is one of China’s top manufacturers and suppliers of 3-phase isolator switches, offering the best-individualized service. Our isolator switches have received CE and cULus certification. It is frequently used in all types of low voltage switchgear, motor control centers, power control boxes, etc. to ensure that equipment or an electrical system is completely de-energized before being serviced or maintained.

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Best Isolator Switch Manufacturer

Over a million homes and solar power systems worldwide have installed IGOYE Isolator switches. By ensuring that every isolator switch we release goes through our stringent quality assurance, we at IGOYE hope to preserve the high quality of the product in which they have placed their trust.

Why Choose IGOYE 3 Phase Isolator switch

High-quality isolator switches made by IGOYE are intended to safely disconnect electrical circuits when necessary. And as the leading supplier of isolator switches on the market, we continuously research and develop our products to meet every important requirement your solar system has.

Our isolator switch series comes in single-pole, double-pole, and three-pole configurations. These handles can have toggle, rocker, or push-button designs, and there are mounting choices such as panel and DIN rail mounts. IGOYE offers isolator switch 3 phase price at an affordable cost.

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Extended Operating Shafts

IGOYE 3 phase 100a isolator switch devices offer extended operating shafts from 360mm to 430mm and a plastic ON/OFF handle that is adaptable to all operating shafts.

Safety Feature

Our solar isolator switch 3 phase 63 amp has a lockable handle with a test position and a safety feature that prevents the removal of fuse covers when the switch is in the ON position.

Suitable for Installation

IGOYE isolator switch 3 phase connection comes in various isolator switch 3 phase ratings from 32 amp, 63 amp, and 100amp isolator switch, can be placed on a panel or DIN rail, includes 3 phase isolator connections for fitted sides, and has 4 non-fused poles.


Your 3 Phase Isolator switch Expert

Our Isolator Switch devices offer low-cost ways to isolate and prevent short circuits. Our isolator switches have benefited more than a million homes and solar systems worldwide. IGOYE ensures we can deliver goods that will satisfy the market. Additionally, you can modify your isolator switch to your exact needs.

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