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30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE has been in the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) manufacturing industry for over 15 years. We offer only quality ATS including our 240volt 30 amp automatic transfer switch. IGOYE Automatic Transfer Switch 30A is used by our over a million customers client worldwide.

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Best ATS Manufacturer

IGOYE is one of the electrical industry’s best 30 amp transfer switch manufacturers. We ensure to deliver only world-class quality products by complying with international and industry standards.

Why IGOYE 30 amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Our 30 amp Automatic Transfer Switch kit automatically starts the generator set and transfers the load once the generator has reached proper voltage and frequency. And it all happens in a matter of seconds after the power failure occurs and supply mode provides stable power to maintain system voltage for use in a wide variety of applications. It is also easy to install and 100% hassle-free when in the application.
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Double Throw Operation

Our IGOYE Automatic 30 amp transfer switch has a double throw operation wherein the inherently inter-locked has a single solenoid design that prevents connections to both sources at the same time.

Easy to Navigate

IGOYE 30 amp automatic transfer switch is easy to navigate for it has a 128x64 LCD display with a keypad and LED indicators for switch position.

Compact Design

Our IGOYE 30 amp ATS has the most compact design of automatic power transfer on the market. It has a space in electrical closets for premium use and it is also designed completely front accessible for easier cabling and installation.


Your Transfer Switch 30 Amp Expert

IGOYE has been in ATS manufacturing for over 15 years. With years and experience in this field, we can proudly say that our 30 amp ATS is one of the market’s best ATS units because of its refined functions and special features.


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