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4 Pole Isolator Switch

IGOYE is a 4-pole isolator switch manufacturer. There are many different mounting depths, designs, voltage ratings, and terminal styles available. There are options for a selector light and ID keylock switches with pre-programmed codes.

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Best Solator Switch Manufacturer

As one of the top isolator switches manufacturers, IGOYE ensures that every product we put on the market goes through several quality assurance tests that adhere to national and international regulations.

Why Choose IGOYE 4 Pole Isolator Switch

IGOYE 45 amp rotary isolator switches or our disconnector switches ensures that every electrical circuit is completely de-energized for maintenance. It is frequently used to break circuits and used in industrial and electrical distribution applications.

IGOYE rotary isolator switches are typically used in commercial and industrial applications to isolate power, such as in factories to isolate conveyor belts.

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The 32a rotary isolator 4 pole can be used safely as an incomer. For the entire range, the duty frame weighs a lot.

Without Interference

Our IGOYE 4 pole outdoor isolator switch makes other equipment work without interference by automatically isolating or cutting out a part of a substation.

Four Execution Poles

The IGOYE's rotary isolator switch has four execution poles: SP, TP, DP, and FP. Its rated currents are 40A, 63A, and 100A, and its rated voltage is SP: AC 240V.


Your 4-pole Isolator switch Expert

IGOYE has over 15 years of experience in the market and only sells high-quality isolator switches. Our goal is to assist our customers and clients in choosing an isolator switch that meets all of their requirements and is dependable, long-lasting, and custom produced.

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