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50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE has been in automatic transfer switch manufacturing for over 15 years. We have all types of automatic transfer switch (ATS) including our 50 amp ATS which is one of the best ATS devices in the market now, for it has features and functionality like no other.

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Best Automatic Transfer Switch Manufacturer

IGOYE, one of the best 50 amp Automatic Transfer Switch providers in the industry, is committed to maintaining our quality products by complying with strict international standards.

Why IGOYE 50 AMP Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE ATS was used and trusted by over a million customer-user worldwide. For it has enhanced and refined features through our advanced technology and product processing. 

Our 50 amp automatic transfer switch kit provides automatic power switching between two separate 120/240volt AC input sources. It also automatically connects the power shore to your breaker panel. When unplugged from power it connects your inverter output to power your circuits.


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Durable and Reliable

IGOYE 50 amp automatic transfer switch built to resist steady vibrations and extraordinary temperatures. Strong brass terminals are utilized to extend.

Good Quality Power Voltage

Our 50 amp single circuit Transfer Switch has a time delay circuit board that ensures generator voltage is at a stable level before the transfer occurs.

Cover Set of Protection

Our IGOYE automatic transfer switch has easy to remove the protective cover with schematic wiring inside.


Your 50 amp Automatic Transfer Switch Expert

We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years. With our experience and expertise, we ensure that we only provide quality Automatic Transfer Switch 50amp AC service and other products. IGOYE continually strives to innovate and enhance every angle of our product processing to improve all our product’s functionality and reliability.


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