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Solar Equipment

IGOYE is one of the top solar equipment manufacturers. We are specialized in the research, development and production of solar photovoltaic products.

about company
IGOYE Solar Company

Top Solar Equipment Manufacturer

Welcome to IGOYE! Our company was founded more than 15 years ago, in 2007. Since that time, we have, without fail, supplied businesses around the world with premium solar products for both home and commercial installations.

We understand that solar energy is the key to a sustainable future for both our planet and our business. Therefore, as one of the premier solar equipment manufacturers in China, we’re always seeking new ways to make our products better.

That’s why, with a focus on innovation, we continue to provide high-quality solar equipment with cutting-edge technology. We believe that our products can make a difference in the world, and we are dedicated to making sure that they do.

Thank you for your interest in IGOYE. We hope that you’ll continue to use our products and services, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. Thanks again!

CEO Qian


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+86 -13968717877 or info@igoyeenergy.com

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Our Solar PV Product Line

Superior Solar Energy Equipments

As one of the most dedicated solar equipment suppliers, IGOYE has a rich history of innovation and has been a pioneer in the development of new solar technologies. Our products meet the highest international standards, in addition to offering an extensive range of choices.

What We Solved in Solar Industry

IGOYE brought a whole new experience in the solar industry, thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We’ve had a history of success providing solutions to some of the most challenging issues, including product reliability in a range of conditions.
We are proud to have solved these and many other challenges in the solar sector, and we will continue to work toward remaining one of the best solar equipment manufacturers.



Our Mission

Never stop innovating! Our mission is to help more people make the switch to clean and renewable solar electricity in an easy and efficient way. Our solar tech engineers can configure a system that is perfect for your application.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing
IGOYE Solar Equipment Supplier

Solar energy is the future. Here at IGOYE, we are committed to making sure that it is a bright one. Since 2007, we have remained to be among the most trusted solar energy equipment manufacturers, dedicated to the research & development, production and sales of solar photovoltaic (PV) products.

Our main products include solar panels, solar controllers, solar inverters, and solar batteries. These products are widely used in solar street lighting, solar home systems, solar pumps, and other applications.

Accredited Company

We are certified solar power equipment manufacturer.

100% Guarantee

We offer 100% satisfaction with all our products and services.

Quality Material

We do not compromise on material quality. We only use the best.


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