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AC Contactor Manufacturer

IGOYE is the leading AC contactor manufacturer and supplier that successfully combines global expertise, advanced technology, and general knowledge. With our years of experience in the AC sector, we can offer quality products at very competitive prices.

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IGOYE AC Contactor

AC Contactors is one of the key parts of an AC unit, so it must durable, high quality, and very reliable. Our Ac contactor comes in different types depending on the AC unit capacity. As an AC parts manufacturer, IGOYE has always complied with international standards and ensures safety and environmental protection. We have three main AC contactor products that use in different AC units.

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Product Advantages

IGOYE made AC Contactor

IGOYE has been in the industry for over 15 years, and with this span of experience, we have accumulated rich experience in producing AC parts and components that enable us to offer the best quality products. From product development, and production proper to distribution we are 100% sure that we will bring satisfaction to every product we produce.

Guaranteed Quality

IGOYE commits to producing only quality products. To ensure it, we make sure every AC Contractor we deliver will undergo a series of quality assurance tests. We also do some random testing in different processes of our product manufacturing.


IGOYE AC contactor was lightweight, has lower power consumption, had high life, very safe and reliable. Our contactors can also be installed with 35mm, 75mm type DIN rail.

Refined Functions and Special Features

Our contactor add an auxiliary contact group, which has an air delay head, mechanical interlocking mechanism, and accessories to form a variety of derived products. IGOYE AC contractors control coil wiring terminal, it has A1, A2 mark wherein the A2 terminal has upper and lower type to use according to the need.

Premium Grade Materials

IGOYE AC contactors and other products are produced with only quality material. With this, our products can handle specified power and surely can provide long-span reliability.

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About IGOYE Solar Company

Top AC Contactor Provider

IGOYE, today’s top AC contactor brand. Giving you the highest quality AC components was mastered the AC industry for 15 years. As the top AC parts supplier IGOYE stays focused on the quality of products they produce. Aside from aligning our product to international standards, we in IGOYE conduct a series of quality assurance for every material for every product we make.

Advanced Technology

We in IGOYE treasure every piece of our production process, for it is the key mark to producing high-quality products. We invest in our engineering team and make sure we have advanced machinery to suit every innovative resolution and project they have. We never stop creating an idea, taking risks, and achieving our key goals.

Competitive Price

Giving you the best product is not enough, so giving you at its most competitive price is one of our main goals. Whether you're an AC installer, AC part reseller, or distributor, we're making sure that you get great value for your money.


AC Contractor for your Air Conditioning Unit

Whether you are an AC installer or AC unit owner, IGOYE's AC contractor is the best choice for you. AC contractors have a critical role in your AC units, so IGOYE ensures that our AC contractors will surely give their 100% functionality. With our vast experience in this industry, IGOYE has all the top-tier quality products for your AC unit and the best technical expertise to support you and your business.

Certification & Patents

Certification & Patents: Innovation Guided AC Contractor Provider

IGOYE provides value to our clients through continuous product development and innovations. With over 15 years of experience, IGOYE offers the best service from manufacturing to custom contractors we make for our customers. IGOYE is a powerhouse company with patents and certification in the field of AC Contractor and circuit protection. Our manufacturing facility is also ISO certified by various authoritative organizations.
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IGOYE AC Contractor Catalog

IGOYE has over 1000 pieces of equipment for you to choose from. We offer all solar equipment you might need from batteries to AC contractors to panels. Download our catalog to find your perfect AC contractor for your solar energy system project.

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