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Active Harmonic Filter Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of Active Harmonic Filters, combines sophisticated engineering, SMD technology, and rigorous testing to provide high-performance filters.

IGOYE’s dependable solutions can help you improve energy efficiency and secure your infrastructure. Experience enhanced performance and peace of mind with high-quality Active Harmonic Filters.

Product Advantages

Your Best Active Harmonic Filter

IGOYE AHF mitigates harmonics, guaranteeing compliance with power quality requirements and eliminating equipment problems. We optimize energy efficiency, provide integration flexibility, and have easy setup and control.

Highly-efficient Harmonic Filtering

During sudden load changes, SVGs can quickly adjust reactive power to ensure that voltage fluctuations are within reasonable limits. For example, the SVG can respond within milliseconds to maintain voltage within ±1%.

Power Quality Improvement

Our AHFs not only filter out harmonics, but also reduce voltage fluctuations, voltage flicker and unbalance, resulting in an overall improvement in power quality.

Electrical Quality Standards

Our AHFs meet international electrical quality standards such as IEEE 519, IEC 61000.

Energy savings

Our AHFs significantly reduces the inefficient power losses caused by harmonics. This can save hundreds of kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

AHF Work Principle

The IGY APF series active power filters employ real-time load current monitoring and advanced algorithms to isolate and counteract harmonic currents.

By generating corrective currents with opposite phases, they effectively neutralize unwanted harmonics, ensuring a clean power supply.

These filters leverage modern control technology and IGBT output for dynamic harmonic cancellation, enhancing power quality and stability.

For detailed insights into Active Harmonic Filters, explore further resources.

AHF Work Principle


Many devices in the data center can cause harmonic pollution, affecting the data center’s stability and normal operation of the data center. An active power filter is a new electronic device specially used for dynamic harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation. It can compensate for harmonics and reactive power that vary in size and frequency.


Medical Device

In hospitals, using a large number of modern medical equipment generates a large amount of harmonic currents, which can interfere with the hospital’s distribution system, reduce power quality, and affect the regular operation of medical equipment. The harmonics generated by these devices may also cause overheating of the capacitor, aging of the insulation, and shortening of the capacitor’s service life.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Active power filters can suppress harmonics and stabilize voltage, improve power quality, and maintain the stability of the power system, thereby ensuring that the power system in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry can always keep a reliable and stable state.


Other Industries

There are other application areas, such as semiconductor manufacturing, where the use of Static Var Generators (SVGs) is particularly critical. Precision equipment used in the semiconductor production process, such as photolithography, etchers, and ion implanters, is susceptible to the power supply’s stability and power quality.


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