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Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker

IGOYE Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker is one of the leading ARCB brands in the market. It is used and trusted by our over a million customer-clients around the world. All our products are tested before releasing to the market. IGOYE also comply with international and industry standard to ensure that we will only provide the best quality products.

Best Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker

Our ARCB units are used in over a million households and commercial buildings globally. To ensure the quality of our products, we conduct random tests in a variety of our production processes.

Why IGOYE Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker

IGOYE Auro recloses Circuit Breaker (ARCB) can detect faults wherein it waits for a predetermined time before reclosing the breaker. If it finishes the process it will trips again if the fault still persists and will reclose again after an extra delay and check again if there is still the presence of faults.

Easy To Use

Our Auto Recloser circuit breaker can automatically reclose when MCB/RCCB trips unexpectedly, without manual closing. This reduces the cost of manual maintenance and eliminates faults in time.

Built-In ACR Breaker

Our Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker has built-in many reclosing times wherein continuous closing failure within a few minutes can send an alarm through auxiliary contact.

Stable and Reliable

Our IGOYE ARCB has a manual and automatic switch, mechanical and electronic double locking function, and a shaft transmission mode that makes it more stable and reliable.

Your Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker Expert

Expert in the field of Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker manufacturing, IGOYE. With our over 15 years of providing quality products to the market, we are sure that every unit of ARCB on the market is in the best shape, tested, and performing its main functions to the fullest.

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