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Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE has been the leading Automatic Transfer Switch brand for over a decade. Our ATS devices are known for their top-notch quality, performance, and reliability, with their high transfer speeds and excellent arc quenching capabilities.

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Best Automatic Transfer Switch Manufacturer

Our IGOYE ATS has been circulating in the market for over a decade and got a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We ensure in IGOYE that every ATS we provide will undergo to series of tests before being launched in the market to maintain the qualities that our customers trust.

Why Choose IGOYE Solar Automatic Transfer Switch

IGOYE ATS series is the most advanced third-generation ATS. Our standard type unit can operate the current from 20A to 3200A. IGOYE ATS device has voltage and switch LED indicators, has an external replaceable fuse that is easy to maintain, and has a built-in microprogrammed control unit as a voltage detection function.

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Auto-Switch-in & Auto-Restoring

IGOYE solar automatic transfer switch has auto-switch-in and auto-restoring functions. when normal power is off, the switch will transfer to reserve power automatically, and when power is normal the switch will transfer to normal power.

Remain Connected

Our dual automatic transfer switch carries current continuously, it keeps the electrical loads connected to either one of the two sources of power. To remain connected to power distributor circuits under foreseeable circumstances like electric faults and short circuits.

Detect Power Failures

IGOYE Automatic Transfer Switch can detect power failures. Our solar automatic transfer switch monitors voltage and frequency on the connected power source and when these two are out of range the transfer switch will initiate the transfer sequence.


Your Automatic Transfer Switch Expert

ATS units must provide uninterrupted delivery of power from one power source to another. And being one of the best solar power automatic transfer switch providers in the market we produce the most innovative ATS product in the market. For we believe that every device we will produce must exceed our customer’s most critical requirements.


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