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Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar

The Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar is the ideal option for continuous solar electricity! With this cutting-edge technology, you can say goodbye to power disruptions and hello to the constant power supply. This technology, designed to transition between solar and grid power during outages effortlessly, guarantees that your house or office is never without electricity. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual switching and welcome the simplicity of automated power transfer. Invest in a Solar Automatic Transfer Switch today and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply like never before!

Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar

An Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar (ATS) is a device that changes between solar and grid electricity during outages or when the solar panel system is not producing enough power. It is a necessary component of a solar power system since it ensures that your house or company receives a continuous power supply.
When the solar panels generate enough electricity, the ATS will transfer it to your house or company. The ATS can help you save money on electricity costs and ensure a consistent power supply. You may lessen your dependency on the grid and reduce cash on your electricity costs by utilizing solar power during the day and switching to grid power only when required.

Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar of 2023

Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar Market Overview

The worldwide transfer switch market was valued at $1.47 billion in 2023 and is expected to be valued at $2.70 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.70% from 2021 and 2030. A transfer switch is an equipment that allows the safe connection or separation of several electrical sources from an electric load. Many homes and businesses have a backup generator during a power outage. Furthermore, many university campuses and enterprises have on-site power plants but occasionally utilize power from the local grid. Transfer switches prohibit energy from flowing in the other direction, for example, from a home generator to the electricity grid. This means they will not be electrocuted when working on overhead power lines by a domestic automated transfer switch generator.

Best 7 Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar

Here are seven of the best Solar Automatic Transfer Switch for solar on the market:

Go Power is a brand of Power and related electrical gadgets that you may want to look at if you’re looking for something low-cost and entry-level. The Go Power TS-30 automatic transfer switch is ranked top because it is a great entry-level option for many individuals. A current rating of up to 30 amps is expected from a low-cost automatic transfer switch.

Best Features

Due to their performance numbers, Xantrex supplies solutions mainly specialized for specific uses and applications compared to other automated transfer switch brands. The Xantrex 8080915 automatic transfer switch is second because it best suits smaller appliances and devices. It does this with a much lower current rating of up to 15 amps. It does not, however, include a time delay because it is meant for something other than heavy-duty use. Fortunately, thanks to its 2-year warranty, this automatic transfer switch remains reliable.

Best Features

Progressive Dynamics is a well-known brand of electrical components since the majority of its solutions, such as the automatic transfer switch shown here, have exceptional performance statistics. The Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 automated transfer switch comes in third place because it is an attractive, high-performance option for many individuals. For starters, the current rating of 50 amps is relatively high.

Best Features

Potek is a high-end electronics firm known for its high-performance versions, perfect for heavy-duty use. The only option that incorporates both a sine wave inverter and an automated transfer switch is the Potek automatic transfer switch. Given its current rating of up to 166 amps, it should be suitable for heavy-duty applications. The 7-second delay timer is adequate because it is also an inverter. Because this is a high-end product, a 2-year warranty is standard.

Best Features

Even though Technology Research is less well-known than other makers of automated transfer switches, it might still be a good choice for anybody seeking a reliable one. The performance of Technology Research’s 40100 automatic transfer switch is comparable to that of most other high-end options on the market. This automated transfer switch has a relatively high current rating of up to 50 amps. This automatic transfer switch features a 30-second delay, which is usually worthwhile. However, because Technology Research manufactures such electrical components on a limited scale, this automated transfer switch requires a manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Features

Furion and its electric components, such as its automatic transfer switch, are reasonable solutions for anybody seeking optimal performance at a low cost. The Furrion F50-ATS automatic transfer switch is vital due to its large and heavy size. This automatic transfer switch has a current rating of up to 50 amps. And, like most others, it has a 30-second delay timer to ensure that this switch only functions when needed. Despite being a relatively young company, Furrion nevertheless offers a one-year warranty.

Best Features

Surge Guard primarily manufactures surge protectors and sells a few automated transfer switches with valuable features. One of the few systems that include both an automatic transfer switch and a surge protector is the Surge Guard 40100 automatic transfer switch. And, with a current rating of up to 50 amps, you can expect it to function correctly. Like most others, this automatic transfer switch contains a delay timer with a delay duration of 30 seconds. This automatic transfer switch has a one-year warranty, making it extremely trustworthy.

Best Features

Things To Consider When Choosing An Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar

Automatic transfer switches are permanently installed in the facility and connected to the most critical circuits and backup generators. When the controller detects a power outage, it can start the alternator and indubitably transfer the load from the power framework to the generator. There are a few things to consider when purchasing an automatic transfer switch for your facility.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Automatic Transfer Switch for Solar

Total Current

Ampere is a unit of measurement for current. Each electrical circuit in a building has a definite amperage rating. Exceeding this limit trips the circuit breaker to prevent the wires from overheating and igniting. Transfer switches still have a current rating that implies the total amperage of all the circuits they switch.


Electrical circuits in commercial or industrial buildings operate at various voltages, such as 208/240 volts, 480 volts, and 575/600 volts. Make sure the transfer switch can grasp the voltage of your circuit or device.


Watts are power-measuring units. In electrical circuits, wattage is computed by multiplying the circuit voltage by the device’s amperage. Many generators are rated in watts or kilowatts, so knowing the total amperage and wattage of the load you are powering is essential. You want to match the generator’s output to the transfer switch’s current limit.


Automatic transfer switches are in great demand, particularly in industrialized nations. The information provided above will be helpful if you are seeking an excellent automatic transfer switch. Check out the items mentioned on the official website for more information and ideas. Choosing an environmentally friendly backup source of power is always a better choice. It can be a backup even if you cannot rely on the secondary source.

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