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10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in 2023

Are you searching for the best solar panels for your house? Check out their experts’ picks for the ten best solar panels manufacturer in 2023; it combines the highest-performing solar panels and the greatest-value solar panels.

10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in 2023

Learn More About the Best Solar Panel Manufacturer

The best solar panel manufacturer can deliver a module tailored to your specific requirements and budget. We examined eleven of the most popular solar panel manufacturers to assist you in selecting the finest solar panels for your house. In recent years, solar energy has become more affordable and accessible. We’ve assembled information on the best solar panels for homes in this guide to assist you in going solar while fitting the boards into your home’s decor.

Benefits of Solar Panel

Solar panels are an excellent method to offset energy expenses, lower your home’s environmental effects, and provide a variety of additional advantages, such as supporting local companies and contributing to energy independence. Here are the top five benefits of solar panels that you should be aware of:

Affordable, Renewable

Solar electricity is less expensive over time than electricity generated from nonrenewable resources.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Solar power diversifies the grid’s energy resources, reducing our environmental effects.


Increase your home’s curb appeal and utility bills while becoming more environmentally friendly with renewable energy!

Streamlined Budget
Solar energy implies no more erratic (or catastrophic) bills by giving fixed payments with ownership.

Increase Home Value
Solar energy is more than a trend, it’s here to stay. Minimize your bills & add long-term advantages to your house. No significant downfalls of solar energy that can outweigh the benefits!

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Solar Panel Market Overview

In 2021, the global demand for solar PV panels was estimated at USD 146.08 billion, with an annualized growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% predicted between 2022 and 2030. The market is projected to be pushed by the increasing use of solar panels in Europe, particularly in countries such as Spain and Italy, which have ideal geographic locations that expose them to the most sunlight throughout the year.

The U.S. emerged as the top market in North America in 2021. Due to increased PV panel consumption in the country, the United States is considered one of the largest countries in terms of PV panel adoption globally. This market is expected to rise at a considerable CAGR throughout the forecast period. Several PV projects are under construction or in the planning stages. Government assistance programs will likely boost the cumulative installed solar energy capacity throughout the forecast period.

Leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in 2023

Below is the listed manufacturer of solar panels.

1.Qcells Solar Panel

Qcells was created in Thalheim, Germany, and employs over 2,000 people. With the development of Qcells, other businesses began to open facilities in the nearby region, giving rise to what became known as Germany’s “Solar Valley.” In the same year, the firm attained 1GW of worldwide solar capacity.

Qcells is also the first solar module producer to successfully engage in the Quality Tested program of the VDE, a German independent certification agency, establishing a new norm for holistic quality assurance. Qcells has the industry’s most comprehensive technology, module test center, and VDE-certified testing laboratory.

Qcells Official Website: https://qcells.com/us/
About Qcells: https://qcells.com/us/get-inspired/birth-of-sustainable-future
Qcells Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://qcells.com/us/get-started/complete-energy-solution/solar-panel
Qcells Resources: https://qcells.com/us/get-support/support

Qcells Solar Panel
Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
1999USAJustin Lee

2.Canadian Solar Panel

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman, President, and CEO of Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), founded the company in 2001 in Canada with a bold mission: to cultivate sustainable growth and to build an improved and cleaner world for future generations by bringing solar-powered electricity to millions of people worldwide.

It has evolved into one of the world’s leading producers of solar photovoltaic goods and energy solutions and one of the world’s largest solar power plant developers, thanks to Dr. Qu’s leadership. Around 75 GW of solar modules have been supplied to thousands of customers in over 160 countries, enough to cover the clean, green energy needs of nearly 17.7 million households.

Canadian Solar Official Website: https://www.canadiansolar.com/
About Canadian Solar: https://www.canadiansolar.com/aboutus/
Canadian Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.canadiansolar.com/solar-plants/project-development/
Canadian Solar Other Products: https://www.csisolar.com/module/

Canadian Solar Panel
Product offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Canadian Solar2001CanadaDr. Shawn Qu

3.SunPower Solar Panels

Maxeon Solar Technologies, a global pioneer in solar innovation, created and manufactured SunPower solar technology. Maxeon is a spin-off from the US-based SunPower Company built on 35 years of boundary-pushing solar DNA.

They offer Maxeon and SunPower brand solar products* in over 100 countries worldwide through a global network of over 1,200 sales and installation partners. SunPower’s premium panel utilizes Maxeon solar cell technology. This is one of the most costly solar panels on the market.

SunPower Official Website: https://sunpower.maxeon.com/int/
About SunPower: https://sunpower.maxeon.com/int/about-us
SunPower Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://sunpower.maxeon.com/int/solar-panel-products/maxeon-solar-panels
SunPower Other Products: https://sunpower.maxeon.com/int/solar-panel-products

SunPower Solar Panels
Product offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SunPower1985USPeter Faricy

4.REC Group Solar Panel

REC Group, founded in 1996, is a worldwide pioneering solar energy company devoted to providing consumers with clean, inexpensive solar energy. As the most trusted name in solar, REC is dedicated to producing solar materials and panels with high quality, innovation, and a low carbon impact.

REC solar panels have regional centers in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and are headquartered in Norway with operating headquarters in Singapore. REC sponsors and attends a variety of events across the world, allowing you to get a firsthand look at some of our premium solar panels, value-added equipment for solar installers, and success stories.

REC Group Official Website: https://www.recgroup.com/en
About REC Group: https://www.recgroup.com/en/about-rec
REC Group Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.recgroup.com/en/rec-solar-panels
REC Group Other Power plants: https://www.recgroup.com/en/power-plants

Product offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
REC Group1996NorwaySteve O’Neil

5.JA Solar Panel

JA Solar was established in 2005. The company’s products are offered in 135 countries and territories and span from silicon wafers, cells, and modules to entire solar power systems. JA Solar has been widely acknowledged as a prominent global manufacturer of high-performance PV products by industry authorities due to its ongoing technical innovation, strong financial position, and well-established global sales and customer support network.

Being a PERC patent holder, JA Solar contributed over 50% of PV modules for the first phase of China’s “Top Runner” initiative, 40% of which were PERC modules.

Businesses can install JA Solar’s PV power-generating equipment on their rooftops for personal use and discharge excess solar electricity back into the grid. Given the comparatively high cost of industrial and commercial power, the electricity generated by the rooftop PV system would provide a significant economic return.

JA Solar Official Website: https://www.jasolar.com/html/en/
About JA Solar: https://www.jasolar.com/html/en/en_overview/
JA Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.jasolar.com/html/en/en_pv/
JA Solar Global Projects: https://www.jasolar.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=65

JA Solar Panel
Product offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
JA Solar2005ChinaJin Baofang

6. Longi Solar Panel

LONGi Green Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. (LONGi), founded in 2000, is dedicated to becoming the world’s most valuable solar technology firm. Longi is developing solutions for large-scale power plants, different industries, and households with its innovation-focused development, with the mission of “Making the best of solar energy to build a green world” and a brand positioning of “The most trusted, reliable solar company that blazes the trail for green technology.”

They will eventually provide “Green Power + Green Hydrogen” solutions for worldwide zero-carbon development. LONGi supports the business concept “Solar for Solar.” In developing low-cost clean energy solutions for the world, the company employs clean energy and green manufacturing methods whenever feasible in its operations.

Longi Official Website: https://www.longi.com/en/
About Longi: https://www.longi.com/en/about-longi/
Longi Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.longi.com/en/products/modules/
Longi Innovations: https://www.longi.com/en/innovation-lab/

Longi Solar Panel
Product offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Longi2000ChinaLi Zhenguo

7.Silfab Solar Panel

Silfab Solar is the North American industry leader in designing and producing premium-quality, ultra-high-efficiency solar panels. Silfab has over 40 years of solar experience and operates from Bellingham, Burlington, Washington, and Toronto, Canada. All the facilities have fully automated, ISO-certified production lines and use just-in-time manufacturing to provide millions of top-performing solar panels built in North America and tailored exclusively for the North American market.

In 2010, international solar investors identified an opportunity to create a manufacturing-focused solar PV firm that combined cutting-edge technology with precise automated manufacturing capabilities. A specialized solar manufacturing firm was formed using decades of knowledge and close collaboration with local automotive and robotics industries.

Silfab Solar Official Website: https://silfabsolar.com/
About Silfab Solar: https://silfabsolar.com/our-story/
Silfab Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://silfabsolar.com/our-solar-panels/
Silfab Solar Tech Support: https://silfabsolar.com/rma/

Silfab Solar Panel
Product Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Silfab Solar2010CanadaPaolo Maccario

8.Trina Solar Panel

Trina’s panels and solar system components were established in 1997, with over 83 gigatonnes sold globally and counting, provide clean, affordable, and dependable energy to homes, businesses, and power plants worldwide. Trina Solar is known for its dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility as part of its objective to drive worldwide renewable energy development.

The best part is that solar produces substantial long-term savings on power expenses. Installing solar panels cuts monthly electricity expenses and dependency on the power grid significantly—this energy independence safeguards against growing energy expenses and variable fuel prices. With experts predicting ongoing rises in power bills, solar continues to be a cost-effective alternative and long-term investment. A solar system increases the market value of your house by making it more appealing to purchasers.

Trina Solar Official Website: https://www.trinasolar.com/us
About Trina Solar: https://www.trinasolar.com/us/about-solar
Trina Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.trinasolar.com/us/product
Trina Solar Other Solutions: https://www.trinasolar.com/us/Solutions

Trina Solar Panel
Product Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Trina Solar1997ChinaMr. Jifan Gao

9.Solaria Solar Panel

Solaria was one of the early creators of next-generation solar panels and systems, founded in 2000 when solar energy was essentially non-existent. The Solaria PowerXT solar panel, their most current product, is based on ground-breaking technology in which solar cells are sliced, overlapped (shingled), and more densely packed onto the panel to generate a significantly higher-power, higher-efficiency discussion than ordinary solar panels. Solaria was an early developer in producing shingled panels, beginning in 2014, and now has over 250 issued and pending patents in the sector.

Solaria’s initial technological competence was in the development of solutions for high-demand, utility-grade, ground-mounted deployments all over the world. Solaria became renowned with revolutionary field-tested, high-quality, long-lasting panels paired with solar tracking arrays to optimize energy efficiency.

Solaria Official Website: https://www.solaria.com/
About Solaria: https://www.solaria.com/about-us
Solaria Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.solaria.com/solar-panels
Solaria Technology: https://www.solaria.com/technology

Solaria Solar Panel
Product Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Solaria2000United StatesTony Alvarez

10.LG Solar Panels

LG Solar manufactures precision-manufactured and market-leading solar panels for companies and households that expect excellent performance, dependability, and constant high energy yield from a reliable company.

LG was able to make creative, high-quality, yet inexpensive solar panels after more than 30 years of rigorous solar research and development. Use LG’s long-lasting, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solar panels to reap more significant financial and environmental advantages for your company and stakeholders.

LG Official Website: https://www.lg.com/us/business
About LG: https://www.lg.com/us/business/corporate-profile
LG Solar Panel Manufacturer: https://www.lg.com/us/business/solar
LG Other Products: https://www.lg.com/us/business/medical/digital-x-ray-detector

LG Solar Panels
Product Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
LG1958South KoreaKoo Kwang-mo

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Panel Manufacturer

Solar panels are the most crucial component of any solar power system installation. Selecting the appropriate panel brand or module type for your needs is equally as essential as ensuring the solar panels are placed by a qualified authorized installer at the correct angle and pointing in the ideal direction.

Solar Panel Efficiency
When I speak about efficiency, I mean the ratio (as a percentage) of solar energy that strikes the panel surface to the electrical power generated by the module. If a solar panel captured half of the energy from the sun, the module’s conversion efficiency would be 50%. Under real-world situations, good conventional solar panel efficiencies vary from 19% to slightly more than 22%. As a result, the better the efficiency, the smaller the solar panel for the same electrical output, and the less roof space required.

Solar Panel Cost
High-quality solar panels cost between 67c and $1.60 per watt, including GST. This price is only for the boards; it does not include any other system components or installation. But, there are frequent savings on high-quality items to be acquired, special offers, and certain more competitive vendors. But make sure you compare apples to apples regarding warranty, service, and product quality, among other things.

Quality is the most crucial criterion when selecting the finest solar panels for your house. Includes the materials utilized, the manufacturing process, and the brand! Despite its antiquity, monocrystalline is still regarded as the best technology available. They are manufactured of pure silicon single crystals that are then separated into individual wafers to form a solar cell. It is more costly than polycrystalline, made of less pure silicon formed into blocks rather than single crystals. Nevertheless, monocrystalline and polycrystalline deterioration and performance are relatively comparable.

The warranty and durability of your solar panels are critical considerations. It might be a good measure of a company’s confidence in its products. Nevertheless, contracts will only be honored if the company is in business. As an outcome, looking into and selecting a renowned firm operating in the field for a long time is essential!


Your solar business should go out of its way to ensure you understand everything about your solar system, how it works, and what services you can anticipate. All materials should be easily accessible for you to peruse at your leisure. They should also give you thorough information that is easy to grasp, even for clients with no prior expertise in the solar sector. The firm most suited for your home solar power system is one you are entirely comfortable with. Following this list of ideas will help you identify the finest solar business in your region that fits your requirements.

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