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Best Surge Protection Device Manufacturer of 2023

Looking for the best surge protection device manufacturers to rely on? In this article, we have gathered the Best Surge Protection Device in the World for your business, including Phoenix Contact, OBO Surge, Citel and others. The available surge protection is covered in detail in this reference. Just keep reading!


Surge Protection Device Manufacturers, their modern-day control and automation advances are determined by the endeavours of handfuls of driving companies and thousands of skilled people around the world.

Although specific brand names have changed, the soul of advancement from these driving companies and their workers remains at the centre of IGOYE.

Best Surge Protection Device Manufacturers of 2023

Market Overview of Surge Protection Device Manufacturer

The worldwide surge protection devices market estimate was esteemed at USD 2.47 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to extend at a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2022 to 2030. The development is ascribed to the developing request for surge protection devices to ensure that modern, innovative electrical and electronic gadgets are being introduced in homes and workplaces. The capacity of surge protection devices to cut power bills by decreasing the control devoured by contraptions is additionally anticipated to play a crucial part in driving the development of the advertisement over the estimated period.The worldwide surge protection devices market estimate was esteemed at USD 2.47 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to extend at a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2022 to 2030. The development is ascribed to the developing request for surge protection devices to ensure that modern, innovative electrical and electronic gadgets are being introduced in homes and workplaces. The capacity of surge protection devices to cut power bills by decreasing the control devoured by contraptions is additionally anticipated to play a crucial part in driving the development of the advertisement over the estimated period.

market overview 1

Leading Manufacturer of Surge Protection Device

The Surge Protection Device (SPD) may be a component of the electrical establishment security framework. This device is associated in parallel with the control supply circuit of the loads it should protect. They share worldwide surge assurance gadget manufacturers for them. They suggest simply looking at the items of these worldwide brands.

1.Dehn Surge Protection Device

DEHN Inc. is the USA subsidiary of DEHN SE ( ISO 9001/14001 certified). They centre on arrangements for lightning and surge-related issues as they apply to North American advertising. These arrangements incorporate instruction, specialized help, framework plan, chance appraisals and location studies in expansion to item. DEHN ceaselessly works to progress and create unused items and innovations for expanding the judgment and unwavering quality of present-day electrical & communication frameworks. These commonplace frameworks require quality lightning and surge security to operate legitimately and securely, and DEHN gives compelling and proficient items and arrangements.
Dehn Inc. Official Website: https://www.dehn-usa.com/en-us
Dehn Surge Protection Device: https://www.dehn-usa.com/store/h/en-US/H1819/spds-for-field-devices-
About Dehn Inc.: https://www.dehn-usa.com/en-us/dehn-inc
Dehn Inc. Power Supply: https://www.dehn-usa.com/en-us/power-supply-systems-redline

product features 3
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Dehn Inc.1910Florida, USAPhilipp Dehn

2.Phoenix Contact SPD

Phoenix Contact creates and manufactures innovative mechanical, electrical and electronic items that control, secure, interface, and computerize frameworks and gear for many businesses. They are family commerce headquartered in Germany. The Bunch incorporates fifteen German and four worldwide companies as well as 55 deals companies all over the world. Universally, we are displayed in more than 100 countries. They centre on giving clients all through the locale with the most elevated quality items, arrangements, and services as agreeing to their needs.
Phoenix Contact Official Website: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-sg/
Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Device: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-sg/products/surge-protection
About Phoenix Contact: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-sg/about-us
Phoenix Contact Service and Support: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-sg/service-and-support

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Phoenix Contact1923Blomberg, GermanyFrank Stührenberg

3.OBO Surge Protection Device

OBO discovered what drives their company, how they bundle their high-quality items into inventive frameworks, and how their organized arrangements make the electrical framework of buildings in all sorts of ventures worldwide. The Bettermanns from Menden were agriculturists a long time prior and sometime recently. The centre here is on a solid and maintainable supply of all companies in our Bunch, arranged on the one hand to the quality guarantee of their brands, and on the other to taken a toll obligation to guarantee long-term security and the advance development of competitiveness, growth and speculation control.
OBO Bettermann Official Website: https://www.obo.global/
OBO Surge Protection Device: https://www.obo.global/products/safety-and-protection-installations/surge-protection-obo/
About OBO: https://www.obo.global/company/
OBO Services: https://www.obo.global/service/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
OBO Bettermann1911Menden, GermanyMohamadreza Fazli

4.Raycap Surge Protection Device

Raycap Industrial was established in 1987 with the mission to form and drive arrangements of advancement for mechanical and broadcast communications clients that would secure and support their business objectives. Raycap could be an innovation pioneer in improving progressed surge assurance components and frameworks. They aim to invent innovations and create special arrangements based on them to serve their clients’ wants best.
Raycap Industrial Official Website: https://www.raycap.com/
Raycap Surge Protection Device: https://www.raycap.com/product-types/surge-protection/
About Raycap Industrial: https://www.raycap.com/company/
Raycap Product Solutions: https://www.raycap.com/products/

product features 2
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Raycap Industrial1987Clearwater Loop, Post Falls, ID 83854, United StatesCostas Apostolidis

5.Citel Surge Protection Device

CITEL Surge Protection has been securing establishments worldwide from temporal overvoltages resulting from exchanging occasions and lightning strikes. With an intensive understanding of nearby benchmarks and controls and a nonstop venture in R&D, CITEL plans to fabricate and offers millions of SPDs each year. CITEL creates numerous essential protection components internally. Their groups all over the world are pleased to assist bring the advertise a comprehensive item extend of surge defenders with our attractive client-focused benefit & quality.
CITEL Surge Protection Official Website: https://citel.fr/en
Citel Surge Protection Device: https://citel.fr/en/the-surge-protector-solution
About Citel: https://citel.fr/en/company-history
Citel Products: https://citel.fr/en/ac-power

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
CITEL Surge Protection1937Cedex, FranceSanjay Chandra

6.Saltek Surge Protection Device

They are a Czech driving company practising the improvement and generation of surge protection devices. They offer either a total extend of Type 1 to 3 Surge protection devices for low-voltage control frameworks concurring to EN 61643-11 or surge protection devices for informatics, estimation & control and broadcast communications. SALTEK items give security against air and innovative overvoltage and guarantee secure and trouble-free operation of innovative hardware, machinery and electrical apparatuses in industry, transport, broadcast communications, information centres, office buildings, and family units.
Saltek Official Website: https://www.saltek.eu/en
Saltek Surge Protection Device: https://www.saltek.eu/en/news/special-surge-protection-device-for-ethernet-network-devices-installed-outdoors
About Saltek: https://www.saltek.eu/en/about-company
Saltek Products: https://www.saltek.eu/en/products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Drazdanska 85, Usti nad Labem, 400 07, Czech Republic
Garo Salkhanian

7.ZOTUP Surge Protection Device

ZOTUP is their company. Since 1986, ZOTUP has focused on improving arrangements for surge assurance and the generation of Surge Protection devices. They endeavour to serve their clients with the most elevated quality items and services. Their objective is to supply items that secure individuals, their property and their working environment. ZOTUP gives high-quality specialized bolster through a bunch of specialists. The building group organizes preparing sessions committed to the merchant’s deals drive and straightforwardly to clients.
ZOTUP Official Website: https://www.zotup.com/en/
ZOTUP Surge Protection Device: https://www.zotup.com/en/products-eng/led-spd.html
About ZOTUP: https://www.zotup.com/en/company/why-zotup.html
ZOTUP Services: https://www.zotup.com/en/services/manual-for-electrical-designers.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ZOTUP1986Bergamo, ItalyEnrico Avitabile

8.Mersen Surge Protection Device

Mersen could be a worldwide master in electrical specialities and progressed materials for high-tech businesses. With more than 50 mechanical locales and 18 R&D centres in 35 nations worldwide, Mersen creates customized arrangements and conveys essential items to its clients to meet the new innovative challenges forming tomorrow’s world. They are persuaded that innovative advancement is fundamental in arranging for high-tech businesses in vitality, devices or transportation to progress and rehash themselves for the good thing.
Mersen Official Website: https://www.mersen.com/
Mersen Surge Protection Device: https://www.mersen.com/search?s=surge+protection+device
About Mersen: https://www.mersen.com/group/mersen-group
Mersen Power Transfer Technologies: https://www.mersen.com/products/power-transfer-technologies

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Mersen1889La Mure, FranceLuc Themelin

9.Hakel Surge Protection Device

Commenced within the year 2005, “Allied Power Solutions” are a driving organization of the industry, including fabricating, wholesaling and sending out a broad cluster of security concerns of electrical frameworks. In our item grouping, we are advertising Healing centres CCTV, Computer Systems and Symptomatic Machines. Their given items are manufactured from the best quality crude material obtained from the certified providers of the industry. They are offering these items at driving showcase price. Their profoundly progressed and cutting-edge foundation unit bolstered them to deliver these items with the wanted generation rate. They have a group of gifted experts to oversee these separated subunits. Their group of profoundly committed experts is working exceptionally difficult to attain the required objectives and efficiency.
Hakel India Official Website: https://www.hakelasia.com/
Hakel Surge Protection Device: https://www.hakelasia.com/pv-surge-arrester.html
About Hakel India: https://www.hakelasia.com/profile.html
Hakel Other Services: https://www.hakelasia.com/electrical-equipment.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Hakel India1994Patparganj, New Delhi, DelhiAnurag Gupta

10.Leutron Surge Protection Device

Leutron has been managing the confinement of surges and the release of surge streams for over 60 years. Their item run, hermetically fixed, high-performance separating start holes filled with inert gas, is characterized by unique unwavering quality. A company is, as it were, as great as the individuals who work in it. Their representatives are the premise for long-term organizations, great client connections and imaginative modern improvements. It gets included with person counsel and bolster, speedy and adaptable execution with brief decision-making channels and back within the shape of client preparing on location and in client operation for the ideal surge assurance.
Leutron Official Website: https://www.leutron.de/?lang=en
Leutron Surge Protection Device: https://www.leutron.de/web-catalog/?action=catalog&id=387&lang=en
About Leutron: https://www.leutron.de/unternehmen/?lang=en
Leutron Other Services: https://www.leutron.de/service/?lang=en/#Videos

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Leutron1999CERBERUS, SwitzerlandUnknown

Things to Consider When Selecting a Surge Protection Device

how to choose
Electronic systems are in about each angle of our work and domestic lives. Since we depend on the continuous and effective running of computers, electronic handle controls and broadcast communications systems, assurance of these frameworks from harm is basic. To assist with this determination, here are five key things to consider:

How many signal line SPDs are needed?

An ordinary signal and broadcast communications line SPD is planned to secure two wire frameworks – one match of live cables and a screen/cable shield, if displayed. For the framework, two SPDs are required – one SPD associated at each conclusion of the signal line to ensure the associated equipment.

Choose the correct voltage rating of the SPD to best protect the system

A part of the SPD is to guarantee its voltage security level, or let-through voltage is low sufficient to defend equipment against harm. Similarly imperative is that the SPD’s working or ostensibly evaluated voltage must be tall and adequate, so the SPD doesn’t treat the ostensible flag working voltage as a temporal and meddled framework operation. By calculating within the system’s harm limit, on the off chance that known, one can choose the SPD based on its voltage assurance level.

Is the SPD line resistance a problem?

SPDs embed resistance into the flag line of the secured gear. If resistance is too tall, the signal level is decreased, and work can be disturbed. f the SPD has two channels, it’ll present this resistance twofold into a circuit. When surge protector is required at both course closes, SPDs are fundamental, and resistance is included at both finishes.

Is the maximum operating current and bandwidth of the SPD being exceeded?

It’s a reality that warming happens when current streams through the resistance of the SPD. The tremendous working current of the SPD ought to never be surpassed and is based on a conservatively worthy sum of warm to guarantee secure, persistent operation. Additionally, SPDs embed arrangement resistance and shunt capacitance into a circuit.

Choose the correct termination, enclosure and approvals

The ultimate thought is to assess the SPD environment to decide the required termination, enclosure and endorsements. Screw terminals are the foremost common for standard flag line terminations, and progressively fast-fit screwless thrust terminals are utilized in numerous applications. SPDs, in some cases, have uncovered terminals that ought to be in a walled-in area to secure them from the soil, water and other components for electrical security purposes.

Things to Consider when Choosing Surge Protection Device Manufacturer

Things to Consider when Choosing Surge Protection Device Manufacturer 1 1 1 1 1 1

Surge Protection Devices have the security an outside lightning security framework (LPS) gives. The LPS indicated course decides whether a separate and non-isolated division removes or isolates the LPS and PV establishment. It’s essential to utilize an SPD device to resist the current that could be more prominent than the solar cluster string’s brief circuit current.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment could be a time-consuming and troublesome preparation. Consider which places are most defenceless and the least helpless as a beginning point. The sort of SPD best suited to the building you’re planning to defend – if it encompasses a single benefit section switchboard – can, at that point, be considered. The places with the foremost lightning are on arrival within the tropics.

Protection of Surge Protection Devices

Although SPDs don’t trip, they took after occasions are likely to conclude their lives:

1. Thermal runaway actuated by an SPD’s steady intemperate confinements anticipating it from outperforming its lightning characteristics may slowly annihilate inside components.

2. A short-circuit happens when there’s a disappointment within the electrical conveyance organize of less than 50 Hz or surpassing the maximum flow capacity (e.g., break of unbiased, phase-neutral reversal).
Even though you will select an outside circuit breaker, producers increasingly incorporate them within the same walled-in area.


Choosing the proper surge protection device can be an overwhelming task. This article is outlined to assist you in getting what SPDs are, how they work and why they are vital for photovoltaic frameworks. The foremost imperative thing to remember when selecting an appropriate demonstration of the surge protection device is that it isn’t around securing your framework from voltage surges or control spikes. If you’re uncertain approximately any perspective of this handle, or if you likely need to offer assistance choosing the culminate SPD demonstrate, contact us nowadays so able to give all-inclusive direction on how to discover one that fits your needs impeccably.

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