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Best Quality Surge Protector Companies of 2023

Surge protector companies are critical in protecting expensive gadgets and appliances from voltage spikes and surges. These companies provide a wide selection of surge protection systems with varied joule ratings, reaction times, and clamping voltages, allowing customers to pick the best protection for their unique needs.

Surge Protector Company
Surge Protector Company

Note: The Global Surge Protection Devices Market Size was USD 2.8 Billion in 2022 and is estimated to gross USD 6.1 Billion by 2032, expanding at an 8.1% CAGR from 2023 to 2032.

Brief Explanation of What Surge Protectors Are

Surge protectors, also known as surge suppressors or power strips, are crucial equipment that guards against power surges. Power surges are brief spikes in electrical voltage caused by various events, such as lightning strikes, utility system instabilities, or even high-powered equipment. These voltage spikes can destroy delicate electrical equipment by overloading their circuits.

Surge protectors frequently include features like power filtering, USB connections for charging gadgets, and several outlets for simple connectivity, in addition to surge protection. Surge protectors have a limited lifespan and can degrade over time. Thus, they should be replaced regularly to maintain continuing safety. Users may have peace of mind knowing that their precious devices are protected against unexpected power surges by investing in a dependable surge protector.


Foundation Year: 1981
Nation: United States
Founder: Neil E. Rasmussen

APC is a well-known name in the power protection and backup solutions industry. Surge protectors, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and power distribution units (PDU) are among the goods they provide. Surge protectors from APC are intended to provide dependable protection against power surges and voltage spikes. They employ innovative technologies to redirect excess power away from linked devices, like MOVs and thermal fuses. To accommodate residential and commercial situations, APC surge protectors are available in various configurations, including power strips, wall-mounted units, and rack-mounted solutions.
APC Homepage: https://www.apc.com/ph/en/

2.Ditek Surge Protection

Foundation Year: 1988
Nation: Florida, USA
Founder: Robert McIntyre

DITEK, a famous pioneer in the surge protection business, was founded by Navy veteran Robert McIntyre. The firm began with a chance meeting at a Super Bowl party in the late 1970s when Robert met an entrepreneur making surge protection devices in his garage. The pair joined forces and successfully ran their firm for a decade until Robert’s partner died unexpectedly. DITEK has been at the forefront of surge protection systems for over 30 years, merging cutting-edge technology to give unrivaled performance and safety.
Ditek Surge Protection Homepage: https://www.diteksurgeprotection.com/

3.MCG Surge Protection

Foundation Year: 1967
Nation: New York, USA
Founder: Michael J. Coyle

MCG Surge Protection is a respected firm specializing in surge protection device design and production. MCG has established itself as a trusted name in the market by focusing on offering robust surge prevention systems. MCG Surge Protection provides various surge protectors to protect expensive equipment from power surges and transient voltage. Their surge protectors use cutting-edge technology and components for optimum safety and endurance. MCG surge protectors are designed to detect and deflect excess voltage away from connected equipment, reducing the danger of harm.
MCG Surge Protection Homepage: https://www.mcgsurge.com/

4.Surge Protection Devices Ltd

Foundation Year: 2006
Nation: United Kingdom
Founder: Ian Johnson

Surge Protection Devices Ltd and its partner firms have been lightning and surge protection pioneers for over 50 years. With a strong focus on quality, all their cutting-edge surge protection solutions are designed and manufactured in Europe by ISO 9001 standards. The goods not only satisfy the most recent industry requirements, but they also outperform those of their competitors. As Lightning and Surge Protection specialists, they are ideally positioned to provide the most effective and cost-effective solutions on the market. The knowledge enables you to examine and answer your demands, resulting in personalized surge protection systems that provide superior performance and dependability.
Surge Protection Devices Ltd Homepage: https://www.surgedevices.co.uk/


Foundation Year: 1903
Nation: London, United Kingdom
Founder: Beth Wozniak

nVent is a global leader in various electrical connection and protection solutions sectors. They provide a comprehensive product range, including surge protection devices, to assure the safety and dependability of electrical systems. Surge protection devices from nVent are designed to protect sensitive equipment from power surges and transients. Their surge protectors are constructed with modern technology and rigorously tested to satisfy the highest industry requirements. Surge protection devices from nVent provide improved protection by detecting and directing excess power away from connected equipment, reducing the chance of damage or downtime. nVent is dedicated to innovation and ongoing improvement, guaranteeing that its surge protection devices contain the most recent technological breakthroughs.
nVent Homepage: https://www.nvent.com/en-us/


Foundation Year: 1987
Nation: United States
Founder: Kostas Apostolidis

Raycap has been committed to providing innovative solutions that safeguard and empower industrial and telecoms clients in pursuit of their business objectives since its inception in 1987. Raycap is at the forefront of the telecommunications and industrial infrastructure sector, exceeding client expectations and offering cutting-edge technology alongside unshakable service. Raycap’s innovation focuses on surge protection solutions, with bespoke devices that maintain dependability and protect vital systems. Their surge protection technologies are used in various industries, including telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, and military. Using their knowledge, Raycap delivers comprehensive surge protection alternatives that limit the hazards associated with power surges and transient occurrences.
Raycap Homepage: https://www.raycap.com/

7.Surge Pure

Foundation Year: 1974
Nation: Canada
Founder: Unknown

SurgePure is prominent throughout North America as the leading manufacturer of long-lasting and trustworthy surge prevention systems. SurgePure, a real pioneer in the surge protection business, has a fantastic track record dating back to 1974, delivering a full array of high-performance devices. SurgePure’s surge protection devices have gained a reputation as a renowned industry leader for their unrivaled performance and ability to survive the most complex circumstances. SurgePure offers various devices for clients’ individual surge protection needs, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. SurgePure continues to be at the forefront of the surge protection market, pushing the frontiers of technology and setting new standards for dependability.
Surge Pure Homepage: https://www.surgepure.com/

8.JMV LPS Limited

Foundation Year: 2003
Nation: India
Founder: Neeraj Saini

JMV LPS Limited is a reputable firm specializing in designing and manufacturing lightning protection systems and grounding solutions. JMV LPS provides a comprehensive variety of surge protection systems and services with a strong emphasis on safety and dependability. They offer cutting-edge solutions to protect buildings, equipment, and electrical systems from the devastating effects of power surges as a Surge Protector provider. JMV LPS guarantees that dropshippers have access to top quality surge protectors, allowing them to provide dependable and practical solutions to their consumers.
JMV LPS Limited Homepage: https://www.jmv.co.in/

9.MTE Corp

Foundation Year: 1982
Nation: Wisconsin, USA
Founder: Z Zakaria

MTE Corporation is a well-known provider of power quality solutions, such as surge protectors. MTE has established itself as a trusted source of dependable, high-performance products over several decades. MTE surge protectors are intended to guard against power surges and voltage transients. Their surge protection devices use innovative technology and strong construction to deliver excellent surge suppression while ensuring connected equipment’s lifespan. MTE surge protectors are designed to detect and redirect excess voltage, preventing damage and downtime. MTE offers their clients extensive assistance. This includes technical knowledge, application support, and prompt customer service.
MTE Corp Homepage: https://mtecorp.com/

10.Allied Power Solutions

Foundation Year: 2005
Nation: Delhi, India
Founder: Mr. Anurag Gupta

Allied Power Solutions, founded in 2005, is a well-established business specializing in manufacturing, trading, importing, and exporting a wide range of lightning arresters, surge protection devices, ground enhancement materials, polyplastic earth pit chambers, lightning strike recorders, and other products. They also provide their loyal customers with total earthing solutions. These items have an outstanding industry reputation for their excellent designs, maximum performance, and long-lasting functioning. They are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, assuring compliance with the highest industry requirements. Because of its commitment to quality, they have amassed a vast and happy customer spread across a broad geographical area.
Allied Power Solutions Homepage: https://www.alliedpowersolutions.co/

11.Surge Suppression, LLC-SSI

Foundation Year: 1995
Nation: Florida, USA
Founder: Unknown

In 1995, SSI set out to establish itself as a top manufacturer in the surge protection market. This ambition was motivated by a desire to raise the bar for product performance, quality, and creativity in design. It was a foundation established by a group of passionate and experienced individuals in the SPD business that have continually shown their commitment to diligence, creativity, and strict quality control. SSI is an expert in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge surge protection devices. The safety and durability of electrical systems are guaranteed by their products’ dependable and efficient protection against power surges and transient occurrences. They always look for innovative approaches to improve the functionality, performance, and durability of these surge protection devices to push the frontiers of innovation.
Surge Suppression, LLC-SSI Homepage: https://www.surgesuppression.com/ssi

Choosing the Right Surge Protector

The proper surge protector protects your electronic gadgets and electrical systems from spikes. Here are some important considerations to consider when purchasing a surge protector:

Surge Protection Rating

Choose a surge protector with a high joule rating, which shows how much energy the device can take during a surge. A higher grade usually signifies greater security.

Clamping Voltage

The clamping voltage is the value at which the surge protector begins to deflect excess electricity. A surge protector with a lower clamping voltage gives better protection, therefore look for one with a lower clamping voltage.

Number of Outlets

Determine how many outlets you’ll need to connect all of your gadgets. Consider the number of outlets and their spacing to suit different plug sizes.

Type of Outlets

Surge protectors with specific outlets, such as USB ports or coaxial cable connections, are available. Choose a surge protector with the proper sorts of outlets for your needs.

Brand Reputation

Investigate and select a renowned company recognized for delivering dependable surge protectors. Examine user reviews to determine the brand’s reputation for quality and customer service.


Examine the security offered by the manufacturer. An extended warranty duration demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and performance of their product.


In conclusion, when choosing one, it is critical to emphasize variables such as a surge protector company’s reputation, experience, and product quality. Look for a business with a proven track record of producing dependable surge protectors that satisfy industry requirements. Consider their knowledge of surge protection technologies and their dedication to innovation.

In addition, evaluate their customer service and warranty provisions to guarantee you get help when needed. You may believe in the efficacy and longevity of a respected surge protector company’s products, which provide crucial safety for your electronic gadgets and electrical systems.


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