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Combiner Box

We are a combiner box supplier who have been in the industry for over 15 years. All throughout the years we’ve been providing quality solar combiner box to the market. IGOYE combiner box are designed to offer everything our clients need from aesthetics to performance and durability.

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Best Combiner Box Manufacturer

We make sure that every solar combiner box we produce will undergone with series of strict quality assurance tests which are inlined with international and industry standards. For we believe in IGOYE that for us to continue to serve our beloved customers, we have maintain our high quality products.

Why Choose IGOYE String Combiner Box

IGOYE solar PV combiner boxes have high reliability and can be used for DC fuse, DC surge protection device, DC circuit breaker, or even in the anti-reverse diode. Our ac combiner box also has strong adaptability because of its outer material with waterproofing, dust proofing, and ultraviolet proofing which has also undergone strict temperature tests in high and low temperatures.

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Anti-Theft Lock

Our IGOYE solar pv combiner box has an anti-theft lock buckle. An additional safety feature for your solar charge controller inside the combiner box that also gives extra aesthetics to its shell.

Strict Temperature Testing

Our solar string combiner box is waterproof, has anti-dust and lighting protection, and has undergone strict temperature testing.

Simplified Wiring System

IGOYE string combiner boxes have a convenient installation feature on which our devices have a simplified wiring system and give you the easiest way of wiring.


Your Reliable Combiner Box Expert

Our ac combiner box is designed to link arrays and inverters of your solar power system projects in the most effective way. From our materials used to the components inside and additional special features, we ensure superior value and quality for every unit we produce.


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