Top 9 Solar PV Module Manufacturers of 2023

As one of the booming sectors in the energy industry, solar PV module manufacturers tend to become one of the prominent companies. Given our situation, we collected the nine top solar panel manufacturers in the world to provide you with a solid list to inquire about.

Solar PV Module Manufacturers

PV module consists of numerous PV cells connected in series and parallels to enhance voltage and increase current. The industry norm for significant power production is 36 cell modules. A protective and waterproof covering encases the module on the rear and tempered glass (or another transparent material) on the front. In a mountable device, the edges are sealed against the elements, and an aluminum frame is frequently keeping everything together. An electrical connection point, such as a junction box or wire leads, is located at the back of the module.

Best Solar PV Module Manufacturers of 2023

Solar PV Module Manufacturers Market Overview

Solar PV generation increased by a record 179 TWh (up 22%) to reach 1000 TWh in 2021. It exhibited the second-largest absolute generation growth 2021 of all renewable technologies, just behind wind. Solar PV is quickly becoming the most cost-effective option for new power generation in most of the world, which is expected to encourage investment. However, to adhere to the 2050 scenario, the yearly generation increase must average 25% from 2022 to 2030. This translates to an increase in annual capacity deployment of more than three times until 2030, necessitating significantly higher policy ambition and more work from both public and commercial players, particularly in grid integration and the mitigation of policy and regulation.

Leading Solar PV Module Manufacturers

Choosing the solar module manufacturer is a crucial decision to make, and this is where indeed depends on the future of your solar energy system and everything about it, from components to maintenance. Below are some of the leading solar PV module manufacturers in the industry.

Astronergy Solar PV Module

With a registered capital of RMB9.38 billion, CHINT SOLAR, or Astronegy, was founded as a subsidiary of CHINT Group in 2009 and provided clean energy solutions for new energy development, construction, operation, and services. Additionally, the business develops plans for construction and investment in various energy sectors, including solar power plants, energy storage, energy commercialization, microgrids, and multi-energy complementation.

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Canadian Solar PV Module

Canadian Solar was established in 2001 with the audacious goal of bringing best solar panels-powered electricity to millions of people worldwide to promote sustainable development and make the planet a better and cleaner place for future generations. They have developed into one of the largest solar power plant developers and suppliers of solar photovoltaic products and energy solutions worldwide.

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First Solar PV Module

The Responsible Solar guiding principles, which govern how First Solar respects its employees, minimizes its environmental impact and runs its business, were proudly formed. These pillars create a responsible solar technology that respects people and the environment while reducing risk and maximizing benefits. The company leads the sector thanks to its unique semiconductor and efficient manufacturing method, which produce products of unmatched quality and dependability.

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Hanwha Q Cells Solar PV Module

With a broad business portfolio that includes solar energy systems, aerospace, energy & materials, finance, and retail & services, Hanwha continues to expand by fast predicting and adapting to quickly changing business situations. Hanwha is a Fortune Global 500 firm and the seventh-largest business in South Korea as of 2022. By enhancing core competitiveness and securing potential development engines, their affiliates are becoming world leaders in their respective fields.

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JA Solar PV Module

JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is still advancing the “One Body, Two Wings” business concept as a platform for solar power generation solutions.The “Two Wings” refer to our solutions for PV+ application scenarios, the equipment industry, and auxiliary materials. “One Body” also alludes to the integration of silicon wafers, cells, and modules in our primary industrial chain.

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LONGi Solar PV Module

Founded in 2000, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) is committed to becoming the earth’s most valuable solar technology firm. With the slogan “To make the best of solar energy to build a green world” and the positioning statement “The most trusted, reliable solar company that blazes the trail for green technology,” LONGi is developing solutions for large power plants, for various industries, and homes with its innovation-focused development.

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Risen Solar PV Module

Risen Energy, a market-leading provider of solar energy, sets the standard for energy innovation with solar cell modules and photovoltaic power plants, offers innovative environmentally friendly products and integrated services to the worldwide community, and keeps assisting customers in achieving low to zero carbon footprints through their products and advancing society as a whole into the era of carbon neutrality.

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Suntech Solar PV Module

Suntech, a renowned photovoltaic producer established in 2001, has spent the past 21 years investing in research and development as well as manufacturing crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. The company’s sales territories are dispersed across more than 100 nations and regions, and its total historical exports have exceeded 40 GW.

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Trina Solar PV Module

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of PV modules, power stations, and system products. It also develops and markets intelligent microgrids and multi-energy systems. In addition to managing energy cloud platforms, the business is committed to establishing the benchmark for clever solar energy solutions for a net-zero future.

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Four Commercial Production for PV Module

Right Solar PV Module Manufacturer


The most effective solar conversion technology is this one, the oldest and most expensive production method. The typical module efficiency ranges from 10% to 12%*.

Polycrystalline or Multicrystalline

Compared to single crystalline, this has a little lower conversion efficiency, but the cost of production is also lower. The typical module efficiency ranges from 10% to 11%*.

String Ribbon

This is a more streamlined method of producing polycrystalline materials; because there is less labor involved, costs are even lower. Average module efficiency ranges from 7% to 8%*.

Amorphous or Thin Film

Silicon is vaporized and then deposited on stainless steel or glass. Compared to alternative methods, the price is lower. Average module efficiency ranges from 5% to 7%*.

Things to Consider in Choosing Solar PV Modules

Always remember that investing in solar PV modules for your solar panel system is a long-term project. Therefore there are other elements to take into account in addition to the price.

Commercial Production for PV Module


An essential selection guideline for solar panels is to consider the cost. There might be better or more effective options in the long term than the least expensive panel. As a result, it shouldn’t be the sole factor considered. Choosing the least expensive option is less crucial than ensuring a high-quality system.

Solar PV Module Quality

Before selecting a solar panel supplier, it is a good idea to research the history of customer testimonials of the potential source to learn what former clients thought of each choice. Since you’ll be spending a lot of money, it’s crucial to determine if the company lives up to its promises and whether customers are satisfied with the product and customer service.


The amount of light a solar panel can convert into electrical energy decides how much power your system will generate. The more effective, the better. The best solution isn’t always to buy the biggest and most powerful solar panel because you risk spending more than necessary for your energy requirements.

Temperature Coefficient

This alludes to how heat impacts how well solar panels function after being placed. The higher the percentage per degree Celsius, the better, as heating accelerates the aging of solar panels.


This may reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. Frequently, solar panels have a 25-year warranty. You can conclude that the manufacturer’s product is subpar and only wants to accept responsibility if they offer a more extended warranty period. In this case, employ caution to avoid being deceived by an attractive price because you can regret it.


This considers both the size in terms of watts and the actual size. Make sure to install a solar panel system large enough to power every device you own and that you have the space necessary to do so. The actual dimensions of the panel will differ depending on the system’s power and the type of solar cells utilized to construct the panel.

Factors to Consider in Choosing your Right Solar PV Module Manufacturer

Choosing Solar PV Modules

Company’s Reputation and Longevity

Choose a solar panel manufacturer with a proven track record of success, a good standing with installers and homeowners, and a long operation history. When you purchase a solar panel, you commit to a long-term partnership with the manufacturer. If the module comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, you should ensure it will still be functional in 25 years.

Product Quality and the Company’s Quality Control Process

Homeowners should consider the company’s materials, panel technology, and efficiency before choosing a solar panel provider. Ask your installer how manufacturers track and guarantee product quality throughout their supply chain as you compare solar panel businesses.

Ask your installer why they chose their solar panel partners

A good solar panel installer will choose carefully which goods to recommend and install for customers. Ask your installer about the qualities they look for in a solar panel firm while you conduct your research. Some of the previously listed anticipated factors, such as brand reputation, product caliber, and panel performance, will likely come into play. But some of the other crucial considerations the installer considers may also astound you.


Pick a reputable solar PV module panel manufacturer. Then add fantastic design and a professional installer to those products, and you can go right. The PV system you receive will more than satisfy your power requirements, and the installation procedure will extend beyond your expectations. The lists above are just some of the top solar companies in the world. Given their reputation and experience, the final decision is still yours. Choose wisely.

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