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Top Energy Storage Startup Brands

Energy storage startups are becoming critical players in the quest for cleaner and more reliable energy solutions. This article explores 15 best energy storage startup brands, delving into the factors that should guide your choice when considering an energy storage partner and defining what an energy storage startup is and why its innovations matter.

Energy Storage Startup
Top Energy Storage Startup

1. Zenobe

Zenobe Energy, the UK’s largest independent battery storage owner and operator, plays a pivotal role in the energy landscape. They have provided $1.8billion for their startup and by purchasing and managing grid-scale batteries, they cater to commercial clients, including utilities and electric vehicle operators.
Zenobe Energy takes charge of the complete battery lifecycle, encompassing design, financing, construction, and operation. Their batteries serve a dual purpose, capturing renewable energy and balancing its distribution on the grid while facilitating its transportation to electric vehicles.

Nation: UK
Founder: James Basden
Founding Year: 2017

Homepage: https://www.zenobe.com/

2. Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy, a USA-based green energy storage startup with an impressive $1.4 billion in funding, is a notable player. Specializing in on-site power generation systems, Bloom Energy harnesses a diverse range of inputs to produce electricity.
Collaborating with partners throughout the energy sector, they are focused on achieving rapid scalability and crafting innovative solutions for global energy challenges. At the heart of their mission is a commitment to building a cleaner, healthier, and energy-abundant future, making Bloom Energy a pivotal contributor to sustainable energy solutions.

Nation: San Jose, CA
Founder: Jim McElroy
Founding Year: 1960

Homepage: https://www.bloomenergy.com/

3. Form Energy

Form Energy is at the forefront of innovation, pioneering a groundbreaking category of ultra-low-cost, long-duration energy storage systems. These cutting-edge solutions promise to transform the renewable energy landscape by enabling year-round reliability and dispatchability, eliminating the need for costly new transmission infrastructure.
Form Energy’s cost-effective technologies can store electricity for extended periods, with their initial commercial offering being an iron-air battery capable of storing power for an impressive 100 hours. This achievement, achieved at competitive system costs compared to conventional power plants, marks a significant stride toward a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

Nation: Somerville, MA
Founder: Charlotte Beard
Founding Year: 2017

Homepage: https://formenergy.com/

4. Group14

Group14 is dedicated to revolutionizing battery materials with its advanced silicon-based solutions. Committed to enabling the electrification of various sectors, they offer scalable manufacturing processes that eliminate barriers to transitioning to an all-electric future.
Their flagship product, SCC55™, is a micronized silicon-carbon powder that delivers five times the capacity and up to 50% more energy density than conventional graphite for lithium battery anodes. With their innovative Dryrolysis™ and Siligenesis™ technologies, Group14 creates ideal carbon scaffolding and tunable amorphous silicon for superior lithium-silicon batteries. Their materials cater to diverse applications, from electric vehicles to consumer electronics and medical devices.

Nation: Woodinville, WA
Founding Year: 2015

Homepage: https://group14.technology/en


Stem, Inc. is a global leader in AI-driven clean energy solutions and services. Their expertise lies in pairing artificial intelligence with energy storage to help organizations automate energy cost savings and mitigate the impact of changing rates. Stem offers modular and scalable solutions that maximize clean energy portfolios, including solar, storage, and EV charging.
Their trusted enterprise platform, Athena®, is widely utilized and enables flexibility across the clean energy value chain, resulting in significant energy bill savings and increased returns on investment. Stem is committed to accelerating the energy transition and transforming the grid through innovative technology and exceptional service.

Nation: San Francisco, CA
Founder: Brian Thompson
Founding Year: 2009

Homepage: https://www.stem.com/

6. EOS

Eos Energy Enterprises is a leading provider of cost-effective energy storage solutions. With a focus on innovation, Eos produces advanced technology that offers significant cost advantages over other battery technologies. Their suite of services supports customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their energy storage projects, from design to delivery and commissioning.
Eos offers flexible financing arrangements to facilitate the adoption of clean energy storage, and their project teams ensure seamless implementation and optimized performance. With their American-made energy storage systems, Eos delivers reliable and efficient solutions for various storage applications and capacities.

Nation: USA
Founder: Joe Mastrangelo
Founding Year: 2008

Homepage: https://www.eose.com/

7. LongRoad Energy

Reputable renewable energy provider Longroad Energy is committed to finding long-term solutions for a more environmentally friendly future. They create and purchase utility-scale solar, wind, and storage projects and have a track record of success.
Offering cutting-edge remote monitoring, asset management, on-site technical support, and comprehensive back-office support, Longroad Energy is a full-service operational partner. Longroad Energy is leading the way in the renewable energy sector and accelerating the shift to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future because it is dedicated to having a long-lasting effect on communities and the environment.

Nation: Boston, MA
Founder: Paul Gaynor
Founding Year: 2016

Homepage: https://www.longroadenergy.com/

8. Sunfire

Sunfire is an energy storage company and a global leader in industrial electrolyzers, specializing in providing renewable hydrogen and Syngas as substitutes for fossil energy sources. With innovative alkaline and solid oxide (SOEC) technologies, they enable the transformation of energy-intensive sectors such as the chemical, fuel, and steel industries.
Sunfire’s solutions address the key challenge of today’s energy system by offering renewable energy storage capabilities. They convert carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels like petrol, diesel, kerosene, waxes, methanol, and methane/synthetic natural gas, coupling them with renewable energy sources.

Nation: Dresden, Germany
Founding Year: 2010

Homepage: https://www.sunfire.de/en/

9. EnergyVault

Energy Vault® is a provider of utility-scale energy storage solutions that aim to revolutionize sustainable energy storage worldwide. Their comprehensive offerings include gravity, battery, and green hydrogen energy storage hardware technologies supported by the EVS™ energy management system software.
Energy Vault’s solutions offer customized short and long-duration energy storage options, allowing customers to reduce energy costs while ensuring power reliability. Their innovative technology portfolio contributes to the global clean energy transition by facilitating the shift to a circular economy and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Nation: Biasca, Switzerland
Founder: Robert Allen Piconi
Founding Year: 2018

Homepage: https://www.energyvault.com/

10. One Next Energy

Next Energy is a pioneering company focused on developing innovative energy storage solutions to expand access to sustainable power. They are committed to revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry by doubling the range of electric vehicles and prioritizing safety through advanced chemistry and pack design.
Focusing on sustainability, they are building a U.S. supply chain using more abundant and eco-friendly materials. Their energy storage systems, such as Aries™ LFP, Aries™ II, and Gemini™, offer durable, robust, and sustainable options for various applications, including trucks, passenger vehicles, and grid-scale storage.

Nation: USA
Founder: Mujeeb Ijaz
Founding Year: 2020

Homepage: https://one.ai/


Field is a renewable energy company dedicated to accelerating the development of renewable infrastructure required to achieve the goal of net zero emissions. With a focus on battery storage projects, Field is actively involved in the construction of renewable energy storage facilities throughout the United Kingdom.
Their fully integrated approach ensures collaboration from project initiation to operation, offering optimized space requirements and diversification opportunities for landowners. Field covers all development and construction costs, providing long-term rental income or one-time purchase options.

Nation: UK
Founding Year: 2020

Homepage: https://www.field.energy/

12.Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies is a leading manufacturer and developer of high-energy and high-power density ultracapacitors. Their advanced energy storage systems, powered by patented Curved Graphene technology, enable transformative applications in hybridization and electrification.
With over 30 granted/pending patent families, Skeleton’s unique technology roadmap and the world-class team have led to installing over 100 MWs in grid and industrial projects. Their energy storage solutions drive the transition to a net-zero future in various sectors, including automotive, transportation, grid integration, and industrial decarbonization.

Nation: Estonia
Founder: Taavi Madiberk
Founding Year: 2009

Homepage: https://www.skeletontech.com/


Hydrostor is a developer of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES), offering a long-duration, emission-free, and cost-effective energy storage solution. Their patented A-CAES technology utilizes proven components from mining and gas operations to create a scalable energy storage system.
Hydrostor supports the green economic transition by providing reliable and affordable utility integration of long-duration energy storage. With projects worldwide, Hydrostor’s A-CAES technology has demonstrated its capability to store energy from 5 hours to multi-day storage, making it a breakthrough solution for the renewable energy transition.

Nation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Founder: Curtis VanWalleghem
Founding Year: 2010

Homepage: https://www.hydrostor.ca/


Leading supplier of long-duration energy storage solutions, ESS serves utility, off-grid, commercial, and industrial (C&I), microgrid, and other applications. Their novel energy storage device, called the iron flow battery, uses water, salt, and iron—all found in food—as the electrolyte.
This innovative strategy transforms the energy storage market by providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of storing renewable energy. With its state-of-the-art technology, ESS is leading the way in enabling a decarbonized grid powered by renewable sources.

Nation: USA
Founder: Dr. Julia Song
Founding Year: 2011

Homepage: https://essinc.com/

15. FlexGen

FlexGen is a leading company that specializes in designing and integrating storage solutions, along with developing a software platform that facilitates ongoing energy transition. Their expertise lies in providing innovative energy storage systems and advanced software solutions to address the evolving needs of the industry.
With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, FlexGen plays a crucial role in enabling the adoption of renewable energy sources and driving the transformation of the energy sector towards a more sustainable future.

Nation: Durham, NC USA
Founder: Kelcy Pegler
Founding Year: 2009

Homepage: https://flexgen.com/

What is Energy Storage Startup


In conclusion, this list of 15 leading brands in the energy storage industry, each contributing innovative solutions to the evolving energy storage sector. These startups encompass a broad spectrum of technologies, from advanced battery chemistries to novel grid integration systems.
Startups provide diverse options for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their energy storage capabilities. Furthermore, environmental consciousness plays an increasingly vital role in the decision-making process. Because of its broad impact on the future, it holds.


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