Principales fabricantes de disyuntores de caja moldeada de 2023

Are you in an industry where using MCCB is one of the primary components you usually use? Below are some of the industry’s leading MCCB brands you might consider being your future business partner. Browse and assess the following manufacturers and find your ideal MCCB brand partner.

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Learn More About Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are electrical protection devices that prevent excessive current from entering an electrical circuit. Extreme wind can lead to overload and short courses. Molded circuit breakers are used in various applications, from residential to industrial and commercial applications. MCCBs are designed to protect against short circuits, ground faults, and thermal overload. Thermal and electromagnetic mechanisms trip the circuit breaker and stop the current flow.

Leading Molded Case Circuit Breakers Brands of 2023

MCCB Global Market Overview

En market for molded case circuit breakers was valued at $9.2 billion globally in 2021, and by 2031, the sector is expected to have grown to $15.5 billion, with a CAGR of 5.4%. One of the key drivers behind the rise in demand for the molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) market is the increasing propensity to use more dependable electrical protection devices. The use of MCCBs prevents other large appliances from becoming damaged during a malfunction, which reduces costs.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Brands List

Fuji Electric MCCB

In the 1920s, Fuji Electric first began producing electrical machinery. In 1936, they constructed the first hydraulic turbine. They have set the standard for energy and technology products for more than a century. Their aim has always been to make the best, most inventive, and best-engineered products. Since establishing Fuji Electric Corp. (FECOA) in 1970, they have been present in the United States. They have now been in America for more than 50 years. They aim to lead in “energy and the environment” by advancing their five technology sectors that unleash the potential of electricity: energy, industrial, social, power electronics, and electronic gadgets.
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Bay Power MCCB

Since Bay Power started in 1992, we’ve always believed that asking the right questions can help get the job done faster and better. Bay Power fills a gap that manufacturers and electrical distributors have left behind. Some of the best circuit breakers today are ones with molded cases, one of the most popular solutions in the industry, and come with different trip settings. They carry a vast selection of molded case circuit breakers from the top breaker manufacturers in the market.
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Eaton MCCB

Eaton is committed to enhancing the quality of life and the environment by developing more reliable, efficient, safer, and sustainable power management technologies. Because that’s what matters most, and they’re here to make it happen. Eaton is a United States-based international power management company established in 1911. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland, and has a subsidiary administrative center in Beaumont, Ohio—the most well-known subsidiaries of Eaton.
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Rockwell Automation MCCB

Rockwell Automation, one of the world’s largest providers of industrial automation and information solutions, is a global leader in recognizing excellence through its Allen‑Bradley®, FactoryTalk®, and other product brands. Rockwell Automation integrates control and information throughout the enterprise, enabling industrial companies and their employees to be more productive. This is the foundation upon which Rockwell Automation drives The Connected Enterprise®, combining differentiated technology and domain knowledge to achieve the positive business outcomes that are most important to their customers.
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Circuit Breaker MCCB

At Circuit Breaker Sales, they sell and service all kinds of electrical equipment, from low-voltage to mid-voltage. Circuit Breaker Sales have the most extensive inventory of this type of equipment in the US, and their 200,000-square-foot facility is the perfect place to find the right equipment for your needs. They’re ISO 9001 certified, so you know you’re getting top-notch quality. Circuit Breaker Sales have a team of experts dedicated to providing their customers with top-notch products and services, from sales and engineering to assembly, testing, and shipping.
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CBW offers top-notch products that deliver dependable performance for their customers. All components are tested, certified, and inspected to ensure they meet or exceed your expectations. CBW connections in the electric industry allow us to source a constantly growing selection of electrical items and components at great prices. They can beat their competitors in extract, quality, and low MCCB price. So if you’re looking for used, repurposed, hard-to-find, or even outdated circuit breakers – CBW is the place to go.
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Schneider MCCB

Schneider considers digital and energy access to be fundamental human rights. They enable everyone to maximize their available resources and energy, guaranteeing that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at all times. Schneider offers digital power and automation solutions that are economical and environmentally friendly. They create integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries by fusing cutting-edge energy technology, real-time automation, software, and services.
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Siemens MCCB

For more than 160 years, Siemens USA has contributed to the advancement of America. In the last four years, the company has strengthened its manufacturing base and technology portfolio by spending $3 billion in the American market. The corporation’s technology underpins the crucial sectors and infrastructure that support the American economy. Siemens USA personnel and suppliers produce more adaptable and productive manufacturing, intelligent and resilient buildings and power systems, and dependable and sustainable transportation with customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
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Mitsubishi MCCB

Through ongoing technological advancement and unrelenting creativity, Mitsubishi Electric Group helps to realize a thriving and sustainable society. as a market innovator in the production and distribution of electric and electronic equipment for use in energy and electric systems, industrial automation, information and communication systems, electronic devices, and home appliances. Mitsubishi creates high-quality goods and services that satisfy customers and society, giving society additional value by developing its technological and on-site capabilities.
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Things to Consider in Choosing the Right MCCB Manufacturer

Quality and Safety Standards
When selecting an MCCB circuit breaker producer, it is essential to prioritize the quality and safety standards they adhere to. Ensure the manufacturer adheres to the relevant national and international requirements for MCCBs. Additionally, please verify that the manufacturer has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), such as an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, to demonstrate their commitment to providing dependable and superior products.
Range Of Products
The manufacturer’s selection of MCCBs is the second thing to consider. Different MCCB features, kinds and sizes are needed for various applications. A quality manufacturer must provide a wide selection of MCCBs for residential, commercial, industrial, and specialty applications.
The manufacturer’s use of technology and innovation in their MCCB is the third element to consider. MCCBs can be made more user-friendly, effective, and compact while still being safe and reliable with improvements in materials, design, and manufacturing techniques.
Reputación y experiencia
The manufacturer’s background and experience in MCCB is the fourth thing to consider. A manufacturer with a good reputation and many years of industry experience will have a better idea of what’s going on, what customers need, and what the quality standards are. They’ll also have a good supply chain, good logistics, and excellent after-sale support, which are critical for a smooth purchase and use of MCCB. You can discover the company’s reputation and experience through online reviews, customer testimonials, and industry certifications.


A molded case circuit breaker, or MCCB, is a safety tool that guards against overloads and short circuits in electrical circuits. When a fault or overcurrent scenario occurs, it automatically shuts off the power supply to stop further electrical system damage. It is also necessary for creating, conveying, and severing currents across different contacts in standard and pathological circuit conditions, including overload and short circuit situations. MCCBs safeguard the low-voltage distribution network. Given this component’s significant role, selecting the best MCCB manufacturer is a crucial choice. You can freely evaluate and choose your perfect future partner using the abovementioned MCCB brands.

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