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EV Charge Controller

IGOYE is one of the leading providers of electric vehicle charge controllers on the market. We offer the best quality EV charge controller on the market, which is trusted by over a million electric car users worldwide. The increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) has brought the demand for charge controller devices for EV chargers that adhere to IGOYE and supported this demand problem.

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Best EV Charge Controller

IGOYE commits to complying with international and industry standards in producing charging controllers for e-mobile. With our strict process system, we make sure that every product we release to the market will undergo a series of quality assurance tests.

Why IGOYE EV Charge Controller

As an EV charge controller manufacturer, we develop smart and DC charging controllers that will surely help and give convenience to electric car users. Our charge controllers are programmable charging controllers for e-mobility for AC charging in accordance with the combined charging system. This charge controller integrates all necessary interfaces of a charging station into a single device.

Advance EV Charger Technology

Our EV charge controller is a safety device with programmable components that protect the electrical distribution circuit in any electric car charger.

Superior Protection

Our electric vehicle charge controller prevents the circuit from overloading by momentarily turning off the power to the charger. With this, the power of electric vehicle charger will be restored if the total load consumption is lower than 80%.

Full Capacity Charger Panel

IGOYE EV charge controller prevents major electrical infrastructure upgrades by allowing the addition of a charger on a panel at full capacity.


Your EV Charge Controller Expert

IGOYE has been in the industry for over 15 years. With our experience and expertise in this field, we promise to fulfill the main reason why we’re here, to give every consumer client the product and service they deserve.

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