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EV Charger

We are market-leading EV chargers producers and providers. With broad skills within the industry, we are ready to offer you quality items at competitive costs. Our EV chargers are utilized in private, commercial, and mechanical vehicles.

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Best EV Charger Manufacturer

With a mission of providing our customer a top quality EV Charger, we consider all the possible components that will affect its performance and level of usage.

Why Choose IGOYE EV Charger Supplier

Our ability to offer cost-effective EV chargers to our customers is made possible by the core technology of IGOYE, which realizes high efficiency, high reliability, and low cost. After a decade of rapid expansion, our product line now includes things like DC power supply systems, modular switch mode rectifiers, and EV on-board chargers.
EV charger, has levels of charging based on output, including level 1 our charger, with a basic and standard output of 240 VAC, level 2 EV charger known as the residential charging level with 230 volts and 30 amps.

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Leakage Protection

Our electric vehicle charger has a Type B RCD for Leakage Protection which protects every user from possible dangerous electrical ground. It has grid current sensors that control converters and inverters for power efficiency.

IP65 Design

When it comes to product features, IGOYE electric vehicle (EV)charger has an output ranging from 16amps to 32 amps with a wall mounted design covered with IP65 housing that protects the material on dust and water particles.

Fault Detection

Our IGOYE EV charger has fault detection which automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor in cases that fault is present. This feature helps to monitor the electrical system.


Your Reliable Electric Vehicle Charger Expert

Our EV chargers are supported by certifications and passed the testing method to ensure that we are providing standard electric equipment. We have a wide range of choices for EV chargers specifically designed for its purpose and need.


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