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German Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Do you need excellent solar inverters? Look no further than German manufacturers of solar inverters. German manufacturers are well-known for their skill in designing and manufacturing premium solar inverters that satisfy the industry’s highest efficiency, reliability, and durability criteria. Residential, commercial, and industrial consumers can all benefit from the goods offered by German solar inverter manufacturers. Their inverters are designed to optimize the performance of solar panels by efficiently and precisely converting DC electricity to AC power.
German Solar USA Solar Inverter Manufacturer
German Solar Inverter Manufacturers of 2023

German Solar Inverter Manufacturers​ Market Overview

The Europe Solar Inverter Market is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.7% between 2022 and 2027. The rising acceptance of renewable energy as a primary source of electricity production and significant investment in solar projects, photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, solar cells, and others are driving the growth of the Europe Solar Inverter Market. Furthermore, as the reliance on renewable energy grows, electricity demand has increased fast over the years, which has also played a significant part in the rise. Furthermore, rising environmental consciousness and increased investment in clean and sustainable energy projects to minimize harmful emissions drive the adoption rate of solar inverters.

Top 9 German Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Here are the top 9 German solar inverter manufacturers:

German Solar USA Solar Inverter Manufacturer

GermanSolar is a prominent manufacturer of high-performance solar modules with a global presence, including the United States. Production control at the manufacturing plants is of the utmost importance. They concentrate on creating modules with high yields and durability. GermanSolar is a well-positioned solar manufacturer with subsidiaries on three continents, as well as sales/distribution and services in Europe, the United States for North, Central, and South America, and Taiwan and Singapore for Asia. To satisfy the changing needs of our consumers, we are constantly developing our goods and processes. GermanSolar AG, situated in Cottbus, Germany, specializes in comprehensive solar system solutions adapted to the customer’s requirements.
German Solar USA Official Website: https://www.germansolarusa.com/
About German Solar USA: https://www.germansolarusa.com/about-us/
German Solar USA Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.germansolarusa.com/quality-value/solar-inverter/
German Solar USA Other Products and Systems: https://www.germansolarusa.com/products/systems/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
German Solar USA2007Franz-Lehner-Strasse 3, D-85716 Unterschleißheim, GermanyDennis German P. Geo

SMA Solar Inverter Manufacturer

SMA has been at the forefront of technological innovation and the advancement of renewable energy. With our breakthrough inverter technology, we have substantially contributed to renewable energy, leaving the pioneer phase and becoming the standard globally. SMA, a global leader in photovoltaic system technology, is setting the bar today for tomorrow’s decentralized, digital, and sustainable energy supply. Our unique solutions for every photovoltaic application provide individuals and businesses worldwide with increased energy independence.
SMA Official Website: https://www.sma.de/en/
About SMA: https://www.sma.de/en/company/about-sma
SMA Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.sma.de/en/products/solarinverters/sunny-highpower-peak3
SMA Services and Support: https://www.sma.de/en/service-support/overview

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SMA1981Niestetal, GermanyJuergen Reinert

Kaco Solar Inverter Manufacturer

As a medium-sized firm with devotion and a desire for research, KACO new energy represents excellent technical talents in independent and decentralized energy supply. The inverters are designed to promote the adoption of renewable energy sources and effective energy management worldwide. They carry out projects with care and dedication, and we constantly improve our goods. They are devoted to digitization in the power supply business, integrating solar PV into multiple industries, and actively developing the energy world of the future in numerous nations. KACO new energy has become a subsidiary of Siemens AG from the end of April 2019.
Kaco Official Website: https://kaco-newenergy.com/home/
About Kaco: https://kaco-newenergy.com/company/
Kaco Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://kaco-newenergy.com/products/Category/string-solar-inverters/
Kaco Services: https://kaco-newenergy.com/service/customer-service/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO

AxSun Solar Inverter Manufacturer

AxSun Solar has been working in the new and exciting field of renewable energy for over a decade. The company’s strategy has always been centered around the most recent advances and client requests, and we intend to keep it that way. The endurance and dependability of the modules and high German standards are essential to all of us, including firm founder Axel Skuthan. And we’ve had a lot of success. Our modules function admirably on the rooftops of private homes, business buildings, farms, and ground-mounted systems across the German-speaking areas of Europe, the Netherlands, Italy, France, and, increasingly, worldwide.
AxSun Solar Official Website: https://www.axsun.de/
About AxSun Solar: https://www.axsun.de/en/about-us
AxSun Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.axsun.de/en/solar-inverter/premium-black-design
AxSun Solar References: https://www.axsun.de/en/references

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
AxSun Solar2004 GermanyAxel Skuthan

Heckert Solar Inverter Manufacturer

For more than 20 years, Heckert Solar has prioritized continuous improvement since it is the only way for the company to be successful in the long run. They value continued and sustainable growth. They want their consumers and business partners to benefit from our long-term perspective and readiness to adjust. They place higher importance on long-term business relationships than on immediate profits. As a result, they concentrate particular emphasis on developing and manufacturing our solar modules in Germany. The consumers are welcome to experience “Production Made in Germany” on one of our popular factory visits.
Heckert Solar Official Website: https://www.heckertsolar.com/
About Heckert Solar: https://www.heckertsolar.com/unternehmen/
Heckert Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.heckertsolar.com/produkte/
Heckert Solar Services: https://www.heckertsolar.com/service/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Heckert Solar2001GermanyBenjamin Trinkerl

Mak Power Systems Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Mak Plus Power Systems was purchased by GERMAREL GmbH, a low-cost customized power electronic solution maker, manufacturer, and designer in Germany. These cost-effective and long-lasting power electronic solutions were developed with carefully selected manufacturers. The industrial UPS, electroplating electrolysis rectifier, inverter, voltage stabilizer, and customized power solutions provide tremendous energy to work environments such as industrial companies, hospitals, offices, factories, and data centers at affordable, reasonable, and competitive prices.
Mak Power Systems Official Website: https://www.mak-powersis.de/
About Mak Power Systems: https://www.mak-powersis.de/company.html
Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.mak-powersis.de/inv-series-300-watt-inverter.html
Mak Power Systems Services: https://www.mak-powersis.de/service.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Mak Power Systems
Rajesh Khanna

AE Conversion Solar Inverter Manufacturer

AEconversion is your unique excellent power electronics developer and manufacturer. Since 2012, they have operated as AEconversion GmbH & Co. in Bad Sassendorf, Germany. KG. Before 2012, they were known as APtronic AG, which was already co-managed by Theodor Schulte and had a roughly identical core development team. Walter Knittel, a co-founder, passed away in December 2021. AEconversion strives to develop long-term customer relationships based on trust, transparency, and a love of cutting-edge technology. You can always expect personal and prompt assistance because they purposefully have a limited and well-cultivated client base. You may always reach the CEO directly at AED conversion.
AE Conversion Official Website: https://aeconversion.de/en/
About AE Conversion: https://aeconversion.de/en/about-us/
AE Conversion Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://aeconversion.de/en/solar/micro-inverters/
AE Conversion Customer Support: https://aeconversion.de/en/customer-support/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
AE Conversion2012GermanyTheodor Schulte

AEG Solar Inverter Manufacturer

The Solar Solutions Group, run by a staff with over 30 years of specializing in the solar PV business, is happy to deliver AEG quality solar products to international markets. As of today, AEG solar products have been successfully installed in homes and projects all over the world, and they are supplied through a network of carefully selected partners in over 30 countries, each pledging to provide their clients with the best AEG experience possible. Electrolux Group in Sweden has been powering the AEG brand and its rich legacy since 1994. In keeping with the brand’s ethos of anticipating consumer requirements, Electrolux expanded the AEG brand’s reach into the solar PV energy sector.
AEG Solar Official Website: https://www.aeg-industrialsolar.de/
About AEG Solar: https://www.aeg-industrialsolar.de/about-us/
AEG Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.aeg-industrialsolar.de/solar-inverters/
AEG Solar Services: https://www.aeg-industrialsolar.de/service/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
AEG Solar1994GermanyStuart Brannigan

QCells Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. Due to its high-quality and highly efficient solar cells and modules, it is one of the world’s largest and most renowned photovoltaic producers. The global executive headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, while the technology and innovation headquarters are in Thalheim, Germany. Hanwha Qcells is uniquely positioned to service all worldwide markets because of its many foreign production facilities in South Korea, Malaysia, and China. Hanwha Qcells provides a comprehensive range of photovoltaic products and solutions, from modules to systems and high-performance solar power plants.
QCells Official Website: https://www.q-cells.de/
About QCells: https://www.q-cells.de/ueber-hanwha-q-cells.html
QCells Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.q-cells.de/solar.html
QCells Other Products: https://www.q-cells.de/produkte.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
QCells1999 GermanyLee Koo Yung


Solar energy has gained widespread acceptance as a sustainable energy source worldwide. As you can see from this post, Germany is not immune to the manufacture of solar panels. This page covers some of Germany’s largest solar panel producers, as German-made solar panels are among the best in the world. They have a large international presence, with products marketed in markets worldwide, and are backed by the German government and industry organizations. German solar inverter manufacturers are well-positioned to continue driving the expansion of the solar energy sector and assisting in the shift to renewable energy sources, emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

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