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Isolator Switch

IGOYE isolator switch was one of the leading isolator switch in the market. With our isolators switch functionality and special features make it stand out and use by over a million households and businesses worldwide.

Best Isolator Switch on the Market

As one of the best isolator switch brand, IGOYE make sure that every device we produce for the market will undergo a series of quality assurance tests that are inlined with international and industry standards.

Why Choose IGOYE Isolator Switch

IGOYE produces high-quality isolator switches that are designed to effectively isolate electrical systems whenever needed. And as a top provider of solar isolator switches in the market, we continually study and innovate our devices to suit every critical specification your solar system needs.
Our Isolator Switch series are available in a variety of configurations, including single-pole, double-pole, and three-pole configurations, which can carry different handle styles like toggle, rocker, or push-button, as well as mountedmounting options like panel and DIN rail mounts.

ON/OFF Handle

IGOYE solar Isolator Switch devices have a plastic ON/OFF handle which is adjustable to all operating shafts and has longer operating shafts from 360mm to 430mm.

Flame Retardant

Our isolator switch are flame retardant which can operate in ambient conditions up to 70 degree celsius.

Auxiliary Contacts

IGOYE isolator switch can all be a panel and DIN rail mounted, has auxiliary contacts for fitted sides, has 4 non fused poles, and is available in different Ampere ratings.

Leading Isolator Switch Brand

We provide cost-effective means of short circuits and circuit isolation with our Isolator Switch devices. Our isolator switches are widely distributed globally. We in IGOYE are confident in our ability to provide products that will exceed every customer’s expectations. Plus here, you can customize your disconnect switch with your desired specifications.

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