Best 9 Hybrid Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

In the event of a power outage, regardless of the type of solar power system you have, you may only be able to rely on electricity intermittently. Solar panel system power will still be cut off immediately during a power outage for security reasons, regardless of whether or not your system is equipped with a conventional Solar Grid-tie Inverter. A Hybrid Inverter and Solar Battery Storage System (SBS) are ideal solutions for this situation. It ensures that you have both on-and-off-grid capabilities, guaranteeing that you will always have access to electricity, even during a Power Outage. We have compiled a list of the nine Best Hybrid Solar Inverter Companies to help you narrow down your prospected supplier list.

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Understanding Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid solar inverters work the same way as regular string solar inverters, but they have built-in batteries to store energy for later. Most hybrid systems will also have a battery backup feature, so they can be used as a backup if the grid goes out. The main advantage of a hybrid inverter is that it can draw power from the grid when the solar energy isn’t enough to meet the load. Storage batteries can also be used to provide backup power if the grid goes down, so you don’t have to worry about a constant power supply and don’t have to do as much maintenance. A hybrid inverter is connected to a system that optimizes renewable energy sources on sunny days.

Leading Hybrid Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India of 2023

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Il market for solar hybrid inverters is expected to grow by 8.90% between 2022 and 2030, reaching around 13.462 million USD according to comprehensive report of Market Research Report. This is due to the growing need for renewable energy sources like solar and the government’s efforts to encourage using these sources, which can help reduce carbon emissions and make the world more sustainable. Solar hybrid inverters combine the power of solar inverters with battery inverters, so users can get the most out of solar energy and store it for later use.

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Hybrid Solar Inverter Brand List

Lento Hybrid Solar Inverter

Lento is one of the biggest manufacturers of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in India, boasting top-notch manufacturing facilities and government-recognized in-house R&D. They’re also one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of Sine Wave Inverters, Upright Units (UPS), and Solar Photo Voltaic Systems in India. But they’ve taken things to the next level by designing and creating solar-powered products. They’re about to roll out their new solar energy-powered products, including solar Charge Controllers, Solar Power Conditioning Units, Solar Grid-Interactive, and Solar Motor Pump Drives.
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Statcon Hybrid Solar Inverter

Statcon is a leading solar inverters manufacturer, offering India’s highest quality hybrid solar inverters. With over 35 years of experience in the Power Converter industry, the company has completed 30,000+ projects and installed over 250 MW of solar inverters globally. The station provides various energy solutions across five significant divisions: Solar; Power; Defence; Railways; Hydrogen; and over 25 countries. The company is committed to supporting its customers throughout the process, from R&D to manufacturing and after-sales support.
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SunGarner Hybrid Solar Inverter

SunGarner is a leading provider of solar energy solutions and solutions for future energy generation and conservation. They provide a comprehensive suite of solutions under one roof, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Their focus areas include solar power plants, hybrid inverters, and retrofit kits for electric vehicles. They are committed to tackling challenges head-on and delivering environmentally friendly, customer-focused engineered solutions and products that contribute to improving industries and society.
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Fortuner Hybrid Solar Inverter

FORTUNER INDIA Private Limited is a dynamic and well-established manufacturing company headed by a team of experienced professionals with more than four decades of experience producing LED lighting, Computer peripherals, Displays, Entertainment Electronics, and Power Electronics in India. The company is a professionally managed OEM/OMD-certified company in Power Electronics, LED lighting, Power Backup, Energy Efficiency Lighting, and Renewable Energy Solutions.
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FChoice Hybrid Solar Inverter

First Choice Solar Technology India Pvt Ltd is a leading international solar solutions provider. The company was established in 2008 as FIRST CHOICE and has developed innovative solutions to meet global energy requirements. The company extracts renewable energy sources from the earth to meet the demand for energy from the most energy-efficient sources. FIRST CHOICE is supported by a world-class research and development center with cutting-edge engineering capabilities and world-class manufacturing facilities for developing and producing advanced solar electronics.
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Su-vastika Hybrid Solar Inverter

Su-vastika is a rapidly expanding company specializing in power storage solutions. With a team of experts from various industries, the company is dedicated to revolutionizing and reshaping the solar and backup energy landscape. They are focused on generating energy through solar power and can provide solutions to your Power Storage needs. Additionally, they have filed technology patents for energy storage solutions, emergency rescue devices for lifts, solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters/uninterruptible power supplies, automatic testing set up for testing lithium batteries, solar battery inverters/Uninterruptible power supply, and PCB functional test machines, as well as other related products.
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UCS Hybrid Solar Inverter

If you’re looking for a solar hybrid PCU, Unicleen’s range of Inverters has you covered! They’ve got the latest Hybrid Solar PAU Technology and all the needed features. Solar photovoltaics charge batteries efficiently through an MPPT charger and then power the load through the inverter. When there’s not enough solar to feed, the inverter provides power to the grid. If there’s too little solar, the inverter plugs into the grid, charges the battery, and feeds the load. When there’s more than enough solar power, the battery is fully charged and exported to the grid.
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Voltes India Hybrid Solar Inverter

Voltes India has established itself as one of the premier power management companies in India, offering energy-efficient, dependable, and cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ high-quality electrical power requirements. Their expertise in cutting-edge technologies in UPS/POWER Conditioning Products enables us to expedite the commercialization of power management services. To this end, Voltes India has established an internal rigorous quality-control team, overseen by highly-skilled quality inspectors, to carry out thorough quality checks in the manufacturing and testing procedures.
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Power One Hybrid Solar Inverter

PowerOne is India’s industry leader in manufacturing and exporting power conversion technologies. With more than two and a half decades of manufacturing experience, they possess a comprehensive understanding of renewable energy sources. PowerOne is a leader in the development of Solar on-grid inverters, Solar Hybrid Inverses, Solar Off-grid Inverters, and Solar Power Plants, and there is no other company in India that has the same level of experience and knowledge in the field.
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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Hybrid Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Choosing the proper inverter manufacturer is essential when adding a hybrid solar inverter. There are many factors to consider when selecting an inverter, and below are some of the major factors a consumer should seek when choosing their hybrid inverter provider.
First to consider is the inverter’s warranty. It is a pivotal factor; a manufacturer with a good warranty policy can be confident you’ll have coverage if something goes wrong with your solar system. Warranty policy should also be disclosed properly to surely get the scope of warranty they offer for their units.
Controllo qualità
Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s quality control system. Choose an inverter manufacturer with high-quality control standards. This means inverters will be reliable and will work as expected. Manufacturers in this sector have several national and international patents and certifications to be a legit supplier of hybrid solar inverters.
Servizio clienti
It’s essential to find a supplier with excellent customer service policies. You want someone you can contact if you have any questions or problems with your solar systems. A good supplier should have excellent customer service to ease their worries as consumers.
Servizio di installazione
Find an installer that is affiliated with the correct inverter manufacturer. Ensure that the installation will be done correctly and without any errors.


A hybrid inverter makes tracking crucial information like performance and energy output easy. If you have two inverters in your system, you must keep track of them separately. But with a hybrid inverter, you can integrate storage whenever you want, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of battery storage from the start. Plus, you can easily add a battery bank later on while still getting the full benefit of your solar power. Installing a complete solar power system can be a lot of money, mainly if you include an energy storage system and other components. With the list of solar inverter manufacturers in India above, you can easily compare, get quotes, and find your perfect one.

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