Solar Battery Manufacturers in Australia

Solar battery manufacturers in Australia provide many excellent products for storing extra solar energy for later use. These solar batteries are an essential component of a solar power system, allowing households and businesses to lessen their dependency on the grid while saving money on energy costs.

Solar Battery Manufacturers in Australia

Solar batteries are rechargeable batteries that store the renewable energy solar panels produce for later use. They are a necessary component of off-grid solar energy systems and may also be utilized with grid-tied systems to provide backup power during blackouts or peak demand periods.

Solar batteries are available in various sizes and varieties, each with its capabilities and characteristics. Lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and saltwater batteries are the most popular types of solar batteries. Each kind has benefits and disadvantages, and the choice of battery is determined by the solar energy system’s demands and requirements.
To learn more about solar batteries, you must first grasp the fundamentals of solar energy systems, such as solar panels, inverters, and charge controllers. When choosing a solar battery for a specific application, it’s also crucial to consider elements like solar panel size, battery capacity, and planned consumption.

Best Solar Battery Manufacturers in Australia 2023

Australia Solar Battery Manufacturers Market Overview

In 2020, the battery market in Australia had a value of USD 1,002.9 million. Experts predict it will grow at an 8.41% compound annual growth rate between 2022 and 2027, reaching a value of USD 1,702 million by the latter year. Rising consumer electronics demand, electric vehicle applications, and favorable government policies predict market growth. Furthermore, increasing renewable energy penetration will likely boost demand for energy storage systems, propelling the battery market throughout the forecast period. However, the lack of activity and growth in all stages (excluding mining) of the battery production supply chain, such as the lack of li-ion battery manufacturing facilities, will likely limit market potential throughout the projection period.

Top 11 Solar Battery Suppliers in Australia

Here are some of Australia’s leading solar battery manufacturers:

Solar Battery Group

They are Australia’s leading provider of Solar Batteries, with over 18,000 installations. The whole crew is a solar battery superhero. Their goal is to empower individuals to become solar superheroes, enabling them to manage their energy expenses. Solar Battery Group has over 30 years of industry expertise and specializes in superior battery storage and solar panel solutions. It provides the most advanced technologies and services to Australian families.
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Solar Battery Group2021AustraliaDavid Rogers

Regen Power Solar Battery Manufacturer

Their company, Regen Power, was established in Perth back in 2003. We are renowned for our dedication to renewable energy and the exceptional customer service delivered by our committed team. Under the direction of founding Managing Director Professor Chem Nayar, who has over 30 years of expertise in applied research and commercialization of alternative energy sources, the firm has established its market share in Western Australia. Professor Nayar founded the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies Australia at Curtin University in 1988 and ran it effectively for 15 years.
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Regen Power2003Perth, AustraliaProfessor Chem Nayar

RedEarth Solar Battery Manufacturer

CEO Charlie Walker, CTO Chris Winter, and non-executive director Bruce Ebzery founded 2013 RedEarth Energy Storage. The company specializes in researching and developing battery energy storage devices for the Australian market. Beginning with the development of BlackMax in the off-grid environment, RedEarth has since expanded its product suite to include on-grid, commercial and industrial, and residential systems designed to be modular and scalable to allow end-user customers to update their systems as their needs change.
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RedEarth2013Darra, Queensland, AustraliaCharlie Walker

RJ Batteries Solar Battery Manufacturer

R&J Batteries is Australia’s fastest-growing battery manufacturer. R&J Batteries, established in 1995, has become Australia’s fastest-growing battery company due to our concept of consistently providing excellent customer service mixed with superior goods. This company is a reliable supplier of batteries for various applications in Australia and New Zealand. They offer batteries for automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats, solar panels, and industrial use.
RJ BatteriesOfficial Website:
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RJ Batteries1995852 Latrobe St, Ballarat, Victoria, 3350, AustraliaRay Robson

Redflow Solar Battery Manufacturer

Redflow was formed in 2005 when Chris and Alex Winter saw an opportunity in redox flow battery technology. They developed the technology and presented a prototype over the following three years. Redflow is happy to have built this technology in Australia and to be able to supply it abroad. There are installations all over the world to can satisfy your energy storage demands. Redflow is committed to a carbon-free future, and they are delighted that its battery technology will aid in the development of today’s and tomorrow’s energy storage systems.
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Redflow2005AustraliaTim Harris

Redback Technologies Solar Battery Manufacturer

Redback Technologies extends beyond simply selling products. They are committed to ensuring a cleaner future for future generations by assisting Australian families and small companies to generate their renewable energy on a budget now. Redback was created in 2015 in Brisbane by a group of clean-tech enthusiasts who spotted a need in the local renewable industry – solutions developed for Australian houses to function in Australian circumstances.
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Redback Technologies
Berri, South Australia, Australia
Patrick Matweew

E-Solar Battery Manufacturer

For the past 20 years, e-Solar has provided excellent solar solutions to Perth homes and businesses, including panels, batteries, and other components. Their knowledge, committed customer service, and dependable goods and services complement the decades of business expertise. This is reflected in the comments they receive from their diversified customers. E-Solar provides efficient energy solutions that are suited to the needs of its customers. Their combined 45 years of industry experts have established a practical strategy for generating and storing solar energy, allowing their clients to benefit from their energy systems.
E-Solar Official Website:
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E-Solar2007AustraliaJohn Van Scoter

Maxon Batteries Solar Battery Manufacturer

Maxon Batteries, based in Brisbane, Queensland, is a proudly Australian boutique company specializing in high-performance, dependable batteries for particular applications. The batteries are offered locally and online through specialized battery retailers that provide a simple service and expert support if you need it. They may also offer the best charging/discharging recommendations for your setup. Maxon Batteries enable you to carry reliable, safe, and clean energy everywhere you go. The retail locations now provide a variety of solar kits, allowing you to lessen your environmental impact and stay off the grid for longer by letting Mother Nature recharge it.
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Maxon Batteries1961Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaEugen Elmiger

Solar Service Group Solar Battery Manufacturer

Solar Service Group (SSG) is an Australian firm specializing in solar battery storage solutions, service, maintenance, and repairs for PV solar installations. We give long-term solar solutions to our clients by using our technical knowledge and passion for the solar energy business. They have over 30 years of business expertise and a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. Their dedication to research and development in the solar battery and renewable energy sectors has solar battery Australian made us proud leaders in the Australian solar battery market.
Solar Service Group Official Website:
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Solar Service Group2016Unit 16, 19 McCauley Street, Matraville NSW 2036 AustraliaBrian Rodriguez

Sky Energy Solar Battery Manufacturer

Sky Energy was formed by two electricians installing solar for years. They had done their apprenticeships in solar, and their father had also done solar, so they grew up in it. The guys’ passion for renewable energy, along with their concern for quality and, as a result, producing the finest customer experience, will enable even more people to fall in love with solar. Sky Energy offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in everything from tiny houses to off-grid energy, residential solar, and substantial commercial solar systems.
Sky Energy Official Website:
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Sky Energy2002Keysborough Victoria, Melbourne, AustraliaBrian Weninger

Koala Solar Battery Manufacturer

Their installation crew includes CEC-qualified solar installers – skilled electricians on a mission to assist all West Australians in achieving energy independence. Koala Solar is a local, family-run business headquartered in sunny Perth, WA. Because they are a WA firm owned by residents, more of your solar investment will stay in the state economy. It is also available for service and support; its priority list is dedicated to client happiness. Koala Solar offers residential and commercial solar systems in Perth and the South West area, as well as a variety of solar panels, inverters, and batteries to add value to your home.
Koala Solar Official Website:
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Koala Solar2012Yangebup, WA 6164, AustraliaScott Marr

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Solar Battery Manufacturing Companies

Choosing an excellent solar battery manufacturer is a critical choice that may affect the performance and lifetime of your solar power system. When selecting a solar battery manufacturer, there are several factors that you should consider.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Solar Battery Manufacturing Companies


A solar battery’s capacity is the quantity of energy it can store. When selecting a solar battery, consider your energy use habits and choose a battery with enough capacity to satisfy your demands.

Cycle life

A solar battery’s cycle life is the number of charging and discharging cycles it can withstand before its performance deteriorates. Batteries with a higher cycle life will last longer and give excellent overall value.


When choosing a solar battery manufacturer, it is critical to consider innovation. Look for manufacturers who spend in R&D to bring new and improved goods to market.


When choosing a solar battery manufacturer, it is critical to consider innovation. Look for manufacturers who spend in R&D to bring new and improved goods to market.


Ultimately, Australia’s solar battery manufacturing business has a bright future due to the country’s high solar energy penetration and favorable government incentives. Producers must focus on innovation, cost reduction, quality improvement, and solid partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and installers to thrive in this competitive industry.

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