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Lead Acid Solar Battery

As a leading lead acid solar battery manufacturer, IGOYE only produces top-notch products with the most advanced functionality and features. Our lead acid solar battery is used by over a million solar energy systems worldwide.

Best Lead Acid Solar Battery

IGOYE, one of the best lead acid solar battery providers on the market, commits to producing only high-quality solar batteries. We maintain our quality product by complying with international and industry standards.

Why IGOYE Lead Acid Battery

We insist on innovating the craftmanship spirit of enabling products to provide customer clients with professional lead acid-based and solar lithium battery solutions. Our team of experts with strict production process control to provide our customer-clients the product and service they deserve.

IGOYE lead acid solar battery has a long life, special process design, and is guaranteed by a colloidal electrolyte. It is also suitable for different environmental requirements such as high or low altitudes or high and low temperatures.

Latest Chemistry Advances

IGOYE solar lead acid battery has recent lead-acid chemistry advances called nano-scale carbon, which reduces acid volume requirements and maintenance frequency while extending its cycle life.

Fire Proof Cages

Our solar charging lead acid solar battery requires less battery management electronics and has fireproof cages which save on cost and complexity in the long run of usage.

Strong Safety Performance

IGOYE Lead Acid Solar Battery has a good deep cycle capability with good overcharge and over-discharge capabilities. Also, it has a fire-retardant shell with high mechanical strength which is not easy to deform and leak, and absolutely has a strong safety performance.


Your Solar Battery Expert

15 years of experience and expertise in the solar energy system industry. IGOYE not only build its name in the electricity sector but is also known as one of the best providers of Lead acid solar batteries in the market. We in IGOYE continue to innovate all our product processing with the latest solar equipment technology. And commit to strive more to give all our customer-client a 100% satisfaction rate.


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