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Lithium Ion Solar Battery

IGOYE as a leading lithium-ion solar battery Manufacturer was distributing solar batteries in the solar energy system industry for over 15 years. Our Lithium Ion Solar Batteries are used by almost a million households and commercial buildings worldwide.

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Best Solar Lithium Battery Manufacturer

IGOYE Lithium Ion Solar Battery is considered the safest and long-lasting battery chemistry that contains no Cobolt and makes them more sustainable and reliable.
IGOYE ensures that every lithium ion solar battery we produce was of the best quality and will definitely serve its purpose to the finest.

Why IGOYE Lithium Ion Solar Batteries

Our lithium rechargeable energy storage has smart battery balanced management and a smart charging and discharging function or the FCC capacity automatic learning feature. Our lithium ion solar batteries also have greater compatibility with more power-hungry devices with the latest USB-C power delivery capable of charging larger devices.

High Precision of Voltage

IGOYE lithium solar battery has high precision voltage detection of 25mV per cell and high precision detection of 1A@<30A range.

Wide Range of Software

Our lithium-ion battery has 5 channel battery temperature detection channel and a hardware and software over-voltage , low-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and high and low temperature and short circuit protection.

Long Lasting Battery Capacity

Our IGOYE lithium battery has LED and buzzer for capacity display and fault alarm and has module size to meet the requirements of the standard rack which make it easy to install.


Your Lithium Ion Solar Battery Expert

IGOYE has been in the industry for over 15 years and with our expertise and experience in this field, we assure to provide only quality products. We in IGOYE continue to strive for innovations and the overall advancement of all our products. For we believe that solar energy is everyone’s future, so for your solar energy system parts, components and equipment, IGOYE got your back.

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