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Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB)

We are professional miniature circuit breaker manufacturer specializing in the production of different MCB configurations. Every of our miniature circuit breakers is designed to ensure utmost safety in different electrical circuits and applications.

Premium MCBs

IGOYE-made mini circuit breakers are designed and built with premium quality materials and components to ensure the highest degree of reliability and performance, ensuring they stand out in the switchgear market.

R&D Department

MCB technology is always evolving. In order to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, our research and development department constantly strives to develop and bring our customers the latest in breaker technology.

Client Satisfaction

As professional circuit breaker manufacturer, our number one priority and policy is client satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are getting the products and services they need and that we are exceeding their expectations.

IGOYE Miniature Circuit Breakers

IGOYE miniature circuit breakers are available in a variety of configurations to cater to different electrical installation needs. From single to multi pole configurations and different ampere ratings; we have a miniature breaker for your specified application.

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Product Advantages


As a professional miniature circuit breaker manufacturing company, we design our MCBs with a focus on quality and convenience. You will find them easy to use, plus they ISO certified, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. In addition, our MCBs come with a number of advantages:

100% Factory Tested

To ensure quality and reliability, every breaker is 100% factory tested using the latest technologies in the switchgear industry. You can rest assured that you’re using a reliable switch component in your electrical system.

Large Selection

We offer a complete line of miniature circuit breakers, from type A MCB, type B MCB, type C MCB to type D MCBs. We also have a variety of pole configurations and amperage ratings available.

Safe Design

We are professional circuit breaker manufacturer who understand the need for sage electrical systems. Our MCBs are made with safe, durable construction that meets the latest safety standards.

Easy to install

Our breakers are easy to install, and come with a complete set of instructions. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have concerning any of our miniature circuit breakers.

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About IGOYE Solar Company

Specialist MCB Manufacturer and Supplier

Located in Yueqing, Zhejiang China, IGOYE is both a manufacturer and supplier of circuit breakers. The company started in 2007, and has been providing quality products to the market for over 15 years, growing over the years to one of the top circuit breaker manufacturers.

Full Product Range

In today's market, it’s more important than ever to focus on innovation. At IGOYE MCB Company, we place a strong focus on this aspect of our business. Our engineers are always developing new products and ideas, and we are constantly expanding our range of offerings.

Fast Delivery

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to electrical projects, so we work hard to get your products to you as quickly as possible. And as one stop miniature circuit breaker suppliers, we also have a large inventory so that you can always find what you need without any delays.


Extensive Experience

Having produced mini circuit breakers for 15 years, we have the necessary experience to supply the market with the highest quality MCBs. We also know what works when it comes to MCB performance in different conditions, and will help you choose the right product.

Certification & Patents

Certified Mini Circuit Breakers

Our commitment to quality and innovation, as one of the most experienced MCB suppliers. is evidently reflected in our patents and certificates. We are proud to hold a number of patents for our products, which means industry circuit breakers for you. Download our certificates below.

Wondering How to Get Started?

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Our miniature circuit breaker catalog will help you find the breaker you need for your project, based on the features and other considerations. Download it below.

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