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Top Miniature Circuit Breaker Manufacturers in India 2023

Are you searching for your ideal miniature circuit breaker manufacturer that can support your projects and business? Below are some of the finest suppliers in India that might help you with this industry. Finding your perfect partner as a supplier for this sector will significantly impact your projects and business in the long run, so ready your notes for these big brands might give you what you want.

MCB Manufacturers in India
Top Miniature Circiuit Breaker Manufacturers In India of 2023

Market Overview

The 2022-2027 market size for miniature circuit breakers is projected to be USD 75.89 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.22% according to Report Linker. The global miniature circuit breaker market is estimated to be enormous in 2027, with a high CAGR rate of 5.22 %. Industry analysis shows that the demand for miniature circuit breakers is increasing in various applications due to changing market trends which will support industry growth and market growth in the coming years.

Top Miniature Circuit Breaker Brand List:

Ollvin MCB

Ollvin is a leading provider of wire and cable manufacturing services in India, renowned for its wire Design and Technology expertise. They specialize in producing branded products, such as aluminum flat/round cables, and are one of India’s leading MCB manufacturing companies. Their products range from single-pole and dual-pole systems to triple-pole and quad-pole systems and are available in various models and specifications.
Ollvin Official Website: https://ollvin.in
About Ollvin: https://ollvin.in/about-us/
Ollvin MCB: https://ollvin.in/mcb/
Ollvin Products: https://ollvin.in/our-products/

RK Industries MCB

R.K. Industries, a brand of Ciazz, is one of India’s fastest-growing companies active in selling high-quality electrical appliances. Established in 1988, R.K. Industries is a reputable producer of micro-circuit board (MCB) distribution boxes, certified to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2015, and ISO 18001-2007. Their years of experience demonstrate the quality of their products.To safeguard against corrosion, they produce MCB boxes made of powder-coated steel with all the necessary safety features and intended for the use of electrical professionals.
Rk Industries Official Website: https://www.rkinds.com/
About Rk Industries: https://www.rkinds.com/about-us/
Rk Industries MCB: https://www.rkinds.com/miniature-circuit-breaker/
Rk Industries Switchgear: https://www.rkinds.com/switchgear/

Precision MCB

Precision Electricals, established in 1988, specializes in manufacturing and distributing mini circuit breakers (MCBs). As one of the leading MCB producers in the electrical industry, Precision Electricals provides various products for various applications. The company verifies the presence of multiple types of current inrush on exposed circuits. They also provide ergonomically designed products to ensure people and machines work together more efficiently and provide a smoother experience and a better quality of life. Their products are modern and globally influenced, designed to keep up with the ever-changing world.
Precision Official Website: https://precisionelectricals.com/
About Precision: https://precisionelectricals.com/company/
Precision MCB: https://precisionelectricals.com/miniature-circuit-breaker-m5/
Precision Products: https://precisionelectricals.com/product/


As one of the top MCB Manufacturers in Delhi, BCH has played a vital role in developing reliable mini-circuit breakers over the past 50 years. BH’s high-quality MCB meets all the industry demands regarding efficient production and business applications. Since mini circuit breakers are more reliable and secure than conventional fuses, they are preferred over them because they are easy to use. Apart from that, BCH’s MCB offers many benefits, such as simple mounting, high performance, long lifespan, and many more. All their products, including most of their labels, comply with the most recent national and international standards.
BCH Official Website: https://bchindia.com/
About BCH: https://bchindia.com/company/
BCH MCB: https://bchindia.com/product/mcb/
Get in Touch With BCH: https://bchindia.com/contact/


Ajay Electrical Industries, one of the leading players in the market, offers a wide selection of Micro Trip MCBs and Double-Phase MCBs. With over two decades of experience in the industry, it is easy to have faith in the quality of their products. All components used in their products are of the highest standard and are overseen by qualified personnel. The two types of micro trip circuit breakers Ajay offers are Micro Trip MCB and Double-phase MCB. These devices are cost-effective and are used to regulate power distribution.
AJAY Official Website: https://www.amtec.in/
About AJAY: https://www.amtec.in/company-profile.html
AJAY MCB: https://www.amtec.in/miniature-circuit-breakers.html
AJAY Products: https://www.amtec.in/products.html

S R. Enterprises MCB

Established in 1999, S R. Enterprises is known worldwide as a supplier of micro-circuit breakers (MCBs) and sells micro-circuit breakers worldwide. S R. Enterprises supplies microcircuit breakers to many companies around the world. Some companies that use S R. Enterprises micro circuit breakers are Schneider Electric Products and Hensel, and HPL Group, among others.Their fully furnished stores and warehouses have enough inventory to satisfy your immediate needs.
S R. Enterprises Official Website: https://www.srentp.com/index.html
About S R. Enterprises: https://www.srentp.com/s-r-enterprises.html
S R. Enterprises MCB: https://www.srentp.com/miniature-circuit-breaker.html
Contact S R. Enterprises: https://www.srentp.com/contact.html

Prime Links MCB

PRIME LINKS as one of the best MCB brands in india is a premier exporter, with a strong presence in three major industries: Electricals, Agriculture, and Distribution & Supply Chains Management. PRIME LINKS recognizes the importance of circuit breakers in safeguarding homes from short circuits and has thus embarked on a mission to manufacture high-quality circuit breakers. Prime Links’ circuit breakers include Compact MCB Isolators and Isolator Switching Devices designed to regulate electrical power systems.
Prime Links Official Website: https://www.primelinksglobal.com/
About Prime Links: https://www.primelinksglobal.com/about-us.php
Prime Links MCB: https://www.primelinksglobal.com/circuit-breaker.php
Get in Touch with Prime Links: https://www.primelinksglobal.com/contact-us.php

Sigma MCB

MCB Electro Controls has been around since 1990 and is a significant player in the market. They make, export, and supply various quality electronic products. They have something for everyone, from Circuit Protections and Industrial Circuit Protections to ceiling fans, modular switches, CFL lights, electronic meters, exhaust fans, table fans, and multi-strand wires. Their products are known for their reliability, ease of use, long service life, high performance, durable finish, precise design, and affordability. Plus, they don’t require any maintenance and last a long time.
Sigma Official Website: https://www.mcbelectrocontrols.com/
About Sigma: https://www.mcbelectrocontrols.com/about-us.html
Sigma MCB: https://www.mcbelectrocontrols.com/sigma-mcb.html#sigma-tp-b-20-mcb
Inquire to Sigma: https://www.mcbelectrocontrols.com/enquiry.html


AMAX Electrical Industries, popularly referred to as ‘STAR’, is a leading importer of electrical components, including Low Voltage Switchgear, Changeover Switchgear, Distribution Boards, Micro Cob, Wire and Cables, and Earthing Accessories. Since its inception in 1979, under the guidance of its founder and CEO, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Amax Electrical Industries has been devoted to delivering the best quality products to its customers, and has been constantly innovating new product lines to stay ahead of the competition in the current market, thus building trust and loyalty among its customers.
AMAX Official Website: https://www.starswitchgear.com/
About AMAX: https://www.starswitchgear.com/profile.html
AMAX MCB: https://www.starswitchgear.com/miniature-circuit-breaker.html
Contact AMAX: https://www.starswitchgear.com/enquiry.html

Things to Consider in Choosing MCB Manufacturer

Choosing the proper MCB manufacturer is an important choice that will significantly impact your long-term electrical system development. Selecting the most suitable MCB supplier will benefit you and ensure your wiring works efficiently and reliably. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before choosing your MCB manufacturer.
A reputable MCB manufacturer should have a respected industry reputation and provide high-quality work. It is essential to seek testimonials and any other information demonstrating the company’s legitimacy. Additionally, it is beneficial to investigate the company’s history. If the company can provide a more advanced wallet, it is time to consider the following wallet on the list.
Manufacturers and suppliers of MCB are legally obligated to possess a certificate or license. Ensure that the company you plan to work for has a certification or license in general.
Understand MCB Works
Before selecting an MCB to be used in your control system, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the MCB. This includes the vital characteristics of the MCB, such as its function, type, dimensions, and weight. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about the MCB and its use.
Specific Needs and Preferences
Suppliers can provide you with an understanding of your desired control system specifications. Based on this information, they can determine the appropriate MCB you require. Manufacturers are well-versed in this field. However, it is crucial to communicate your requirements to them to ensure they are fully aware of your needs.
Policies and Warranty
Selecting the appropriate MCB manufacturer provides a warranty on the service or product of the MCB manufacturer. MCBs are indispensable electrical components for all applications. It is advisable to obtain this component under contract to return or repair the part in case of any defect.


MCBs protect against electrical failures like overloads, short circuits, and ground faults. In a household context, an MCB installed in the main electrical panel, for example, can protect the entire house from electrical hazards. It’s crucial to pick the best manufacturer to give you this complex component along with a critical feature. Only a few of India’s top MCB manufacturers are listed here; they may be helpful to you.

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