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Miniature Circuit Breaker

We are a professional miniature circuit provider that specializes in different MCB configuration productions. Being in this industry for over 15 years we make sure that every micro circuit breaker we designed is of utmost safety in all electrical circuit applications and projects.

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Best Miniature Circuit Breaker

As a leading brand of miniature circuit breaker in the market, our number one priority is our clients satisfaction. By giving them the best product and service they need.

Why Choose IGOYE As Your MCB Supplier

IGOYE specializes in the research and development, manufacture, production, and marketing of low-voltage electrical switching components and full switchgear sets including the miniature circuit breakers. We currently have product certification certificates and authorized patents. IGOYE has been in this field for more than 15 years and is a center for technology research and development and an ISO 9001 worldwide quality system certified.

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Overload Protection

IGOYE’s micro circuit breaker provides overload protection, short circuit protection, and isolation. It is extensively used in building power distribution, industrial power distribution, and control and protection for a wide range of equipment with a working current of no more than 125A.

Simple to Construct

IGOYE’s miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are simple to construct and install. The gadgets have a consistent design and may be upgraded to incorporate many additional functions with the help of a wide range of accessories.

Bilateral Wiring Capable

IGOYE mini circuit breakers has bilateral wiring capable to adapt wider premises and has a maximum connecting ability of 25mm.


Your Reliable Miniature Circuit Breaker Expert

Our commitment to serve with quality and innovation as your reliable mini circuit breaker provider was reflected to our patents and certification. With this we are proud to say that when using our products you are in the industry standards.


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