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Molded Case Circuit Breaker

IGOYE is one of the industry’s most innovative molded circuit breaker manufacturers. We are sure to make the best MCCB devices in the market. Our MCCBs are usually used in residential and commercial projects and by electrical contractors worldwide.

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Best MCCB Manufacturer

We have been in the industry for over 15 years, providing the best MCCBs in the market. We use advanced equipment, technology, and manufacturing facilities, from process to production to MCCB testing. This enables us to ensure reliable products free from faults.

Why Choose IGOYE Molded Case Circuit Breaker

IGOYE Molded Case Circuit Breaker is manufactured as an integral inner supporting device and enclosed housing of insulating material. Our MCCB makes, carry, and breaks current to separate contacts under normal circuit condition and faults such as overloading and short circuits.

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Rated Voltage

Our MCCBs have rated operational voltage, rated insulation voltage, and an impulse withstand voltage with the nominal rated current.

Breaking Capacity

IGOYE MCCB has service short circuit breaking capacity and ultimate short circuit breaking capacity applicable to all king of MCCB electrical systems.


IGOYE molded case circuit breakers are non-polar, easy to install, has a compact design and compact structure.


Your Reliable Molded Case Circuit Breaker Provider

When choosing a molded case circuit breaker, IGOYE got you! All our units are designed to custom fit your desired specification to guarantee reliability. Even in the harshest electrical environments, this is the brand to rely on. IGOYE MCCBs are designed for reliable operations, which comes from our strict practices as a leading MCCB provider.


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