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MPPT Charge Controller

IGOYE has been providing MPPT Charge Controller for over 15 years. Our MPPT solar charge controller was used by over a million customer-clients worldwide. With its refined functions and special features, it became one of the leading MPPT charge controllers in the market.

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Best MPPT Charge Controller

IGOYE mppt solar charge controller became the top of its line in the industry because of its special features and functionality. With IGOYE’s world-leading machinery and latest solar technologies, we ensure the best quality mppt solar charge controller and products.

Why Choose IGOYE MPPT Charge Controller

Our MPPT charge controller has the algorithm that is used for extracting the maximum available power from the PV modules under certain conditions. It also tract the power for the maximum power point, and IGOYE commits to maintaining its best quality product by assuring all our products will undergo our strict quality assurance tests before releasing it to the market.

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Correct Detecting

Our IGOYE MPPT controller is used to correct detecting the variations in the current-voltage characteristics of solar cells and show I to V curves.

Maximum Power Available

IGOYE MPPT controller is necessary for any solar systems that need to extract maximum power from PV modules and this operates at voltage close to a maximum power point to draw maximum power available.

High Efficiency

Our MPPT charge controller reduces the complexity of the system while the output of the system is in high efficiency. It is also applied to use more energy sources since PV output is used to control DC-DC converting.


Your MPPT Charge Controller Expert

IGOYE as a leading MPPT charge controller manufacturer has been in the industry for over 15 years. And our experience and expertise in this field make us one of the most trusted MPPT controller experts. Here in IGOYE, we believe that our customers need to be provided the best product and service they deserve.


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