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MPPT Solar Charge Controller Manufacturer

IGOYE is the market’s leading MPPT Solar charge controller manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the solar sector. Here in IGOYE, we deliver the best quality solar charge controllers that will last up to 10 years of continuous usage.
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IGOYE offers a wide build in every single product that will suit your solar energy needs.
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Get your solar energy system depending on your needs. We customized the solar energy systems along with your wanted detail IGOYE, your solar system professional.
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You can check out our solar equipment supplier and products and you can start your solar system project today. Feel free to download our item catalog.

IGOYE MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller has a critical role, The regulates the voltage and current from solar panels to batteries. IGOYE MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking is a feature added to solar electric charge controllers. This feature is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array and the utility grid. It converts higher voltage DC output to solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries.

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Product Advantages

IGOYE made MPPT Solar Charge Controller

We offer a variety of solar equipment. IGOYE has all the solar equipment devices you might need from batteries to MPPT solar charge controllers to panels. Our professional services cover anything from production to custom solar equipment. We strive to constantly meet our customers’ satisfaction and are committed to delivering the best products to the market.

Power Limited Protection

IGOYE MTTP has the feature that if the power of solar charging exceeds the rated power of the controller our solar controller will limit the input power and work at the rated power of the controller.

Easy to Install

As we advance all the technology in producing our product, IGOYE ensures the features and functionality of our MMPT Solar Charge Controller will be served in the most convenient way as it is used in any application.

High Conversion Efficiency

Our A and F series use the latest MPPT algorithm that improves its tracking efficiency and speed and reduces energy loss.

Premium Grade Materials

We believe that top-quality products require the best materials. IGOYE uses only quality material in producing our devices. Our products can handle specified power and surely can provide long-span reliability.

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About IGOYE Solar Company

Top MPPT Solar Charge Controller Supplier

IGOYE, as a leading solar equipment provider make sure that our MPPT solar charge controller is the one you need, with advanced technology and features, we added our premium quality MPPT solar charge controller series, which makes it stand out from others.
Latest Manufacturing Processes

Here in IGOYE we continuously innovate the way of manufacturing all our products by investing in our workforce and machinery. As a manufacturer of MPPT solar charge controllers, we also insist on not staying things the way it is, we challenge our engineering team to seek new ideas that will eventually result in the overall advancement of our manufacturing system.

Competitive Prices

IGOYE not only competes with its quality products but also with its price range. We assure you that for every customer we will have, we were able to give them great deals. Because it is also one of our core values here in IGOYE, making sure that customers will get great value for their money.


MPPT Solar Charge Controller for your Solar Installation

With our vast experience in the solar energy system industry, IGOYE has all the top-tier quality products for your solar system unit and the best technical expertise to support you and your business. Whether you are a solar system installer or solar system unit owner, IGOYE's MPPT Solar Charge Controller is the best choice for you. MPPT Solar Charge Controller has a critical role in your solar energy system units, so IGOYE ensures that our solar charge controllers will surely have guaranteed functionality and superior reliability.

Certification & Patents

Certification & Patents: Innovation Guided MPPT Solar Charge Controller Provider

IGOYE is a powerhouse company with patents and certification in the field of solar energy system components. Our manufacturing facility is ISO certified by various international authoritative organizations. IGOYE provides value to our clients through continuous product development and innovations. IGOYE offers the best service and manufacturing quality MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

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IGOYE MPPT Solar Charge Controller Catalog

IGOYE has over 1000 pieces of equipment for you to choose from. We offer all solar equipment you might need from batteries to solar charge controllers, to solar connectors, to panels. Download our catalog to find your perfect MPPT Solar Charge Controller for your solar energy system project.

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