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Power Quality Solutions

IGOYE is tht leader of Power Quality Solutions. Our CE, UL, and ISO certifications ensure compliance and safety. Enjoy easy integration, high dependability, and energy efficiency. You can rely on IGOYE for effective power quality control.

Discover our power quality solutions

We provide voltage regulation systems, harmonic filters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power conditioners, and custom solutions to ensure maximum power quality and dependability for your unique demands. 

SVGs can support reactive power requirements from 1 MVar to 50 MVar.

The AHF can handle multiple current harmonic levels from THD down to less than 3%.

ASVGs have multiple control modes to address a variety of power system requirements

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Why Choose Igoye Power Quality Product

IGOYE Power Quality Solutions stands out for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

We design and implement bespoke solutions, support and maintain, and provide energy management expertise to optimize your power infrastructure and improve operational performance.


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Power quality relates to electrical power’s dependability, stability, and cleanliness. It includes elements such as voltage fluctuations, harmonics, sags, swells, interruptions, and other disturbances that can affect the performance and efficiency of electrical equipment and systems. Maintaining adequate power quality ensures that devices run reliably and optimally.

Voltage fluctuations, harmonics created by nonlinear loads, improper grounding, electrical noise, equipment failures, grid faults, and environmental variables such as lightning strikes can all contribute to power quality issues.

These flaws can cause unstable voltage, distorted waveforms, and power supply outages, impacting the functioning of connected equipment.

Various actions may be taken to enhance electricity quality.

Installing voltage regulation systems, harmonic filters, and power conditioners, implementing proper grounding and surge protection, performing regular maintenance and inspections, and adhering to industry standards and guidelines.

All minimize power disturbances and ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

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