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Founded more than 15 years ago, IGOYE is one of the biggest residual current circuit breaker manufacturers in China. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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In order to satisfy the market need for residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs), IGOYE has extensive experience in producing this type of product. We make different types of RCCBs based on various specifications such as current rating, frame size, and other configurations.

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Преимущества продукции

Why Choose IGOYE Residual Current Circuit Breaker

IGOYE RCCBs combine current detection and overcurrent protection to ensure your electrical installation is safe in case of faults. 100% tested for quality and performance, the circuit breakers offer many advantages over the others in the market.

Reliable Performance

IGOYE RCCBs are designed for reliable performance in the most demanding applications. They feature an effective current detection technology that quickly senses and isolate faults, making them effective devices for your project.

100% Tested RCCBs

We use state-of-the-art, in house RCCB testing equipment such as glow wire tester, tensile tester, voltage testers and so on, to test every RCCB before it leaves our factory. This guarantees that each and every breaker meets in-house and other safety and performance standards.

Easy Installation

As RCCB manufacturers who are committed to offering complete solutions, our circuit breakers come with a wide range of mounting options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Plus, their simple installation makes them easy to use.

Wide Application

Our residual current circuit breakers are ideal for use in residential and commercial applications. We have a range of breakers with different current and voltage ratings, thermal and magnetic mechanisms, etc. We can also customize the RCCB for you.

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О компании IGOYE Solar

Leading RCCB Supplier

IGOYE is a circuit breaker manufacturer that produces different types of breakers, including RCCBs. Founded in 2007 and situated in Zhejiang China, we have steadily expanded to become who we are today, one of the biggest residual current breaker manufacturers and suppliers.

Автоматизированное производство

We have invested in the latest automation technology to increase our manufacturing efficiency and product quality. This has helped us reduce costs, making our products more affordable for you, whether a business owner or project manager.

Гарантия качества

Our residual current circuit breakers are backed by a quality 18-month guarantee. As professional RCCB manufacturers, we are fully confident in the quality of our products. We will only allow our circuit breakers to ship to customers after passing quality checks.

Experienced RCCB Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a residual current circuit breaker manufacturer, trust IGOYE. We have over a decade of experience and are dedicated to providing our clients with products that will serve them perfectly.

Сертификация и патенты

Trusted RCCB Company

We are research-focused RCCB manufacturers who hold a number of patents for our products. We are also compliant with the latest international safety and quality standards, including ISO 9001, CE, and EN. Download IGOYE certifications including patents.

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Download a Free Residual Current Circuit Breaker Guide


At IGOYE, we want to make the process to find the right RCCB as easy as possible, whether you are a business or individual. Discover our full range of residual current circuit breakers and find the perfect one for your needs. Download catalog.

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