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Socket Voltage Regulator

IGOYE offers a broad range of power protection solutions, including surge protection, over-voltage protection, and under-voltage protection. With IGOYE, you can rely on dependable performance and a sense of security for your valuable equipment.

Socket Voltage Regulator-1

IGOYE's Socket Voltage Regulator

Socket Voltage Regulator-V2202


Socket Voltage Regulator V2205


Socket Voltage Regulator V2206


Best Socket Voltage Regulator

Protect your devices with the IGOYE socket voltage regulator and enjoy uninterrupted power protection.

IGOYE SVR Advantage

With its state-of-the-art technology, our socket voltage regulator (SVR) provides unparalleled power protection, stability, and longevity for your equipment.

Trust the IGOYE SVR for assurance and dependable performance in every electrical installation.

Socket Voltage Regulator-V211US

Advanced Power Protection

IGOYE SVR protects electronics against voltage fluctuations, power surges, and electrical abnormalities.

Enhanced Stability

With our SVR's sophisticated voltage regulation technology, you may enjoy a reliable and constant power supply.

Precise Voltage Regulation

We also provide a reliable and constant power supply, enhancing performance for connected devices.


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