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Solar Battery Manufacturers in Germany

In this guide, we’ll look at the top 9 solar battery manufacturers in Germany, discuss the current trends and breakthroughs in solar technology, and offer advice on how to pick the best solar battery for your needs.


Solar Battery Manufacturers in Germany

A solar battery, sometimes known as a ‘house battery,’ is a device that saves power for later use. This is often solar-generated power, making it an ideal complement to your solar panels. Solar batteries, however, can store energy from the grid if necessary. When solar panels do not generate enough electricity at night or during harsh weather conditions, you may use this stored energy to power your home. Some solar battery storage systems even function during power outages, allowing you to continue using your household appliances uninterrupted. That is, you might be completely self-sufficient from the grid.

Best Solar Battery Manufacturers in Germany 2023

Solar Battery Manufacturers Market Overview

The German Energy Storage Market is divided into two sections: type (batteries, pumped-storage hydroelectricity (PSH), thermal energy storage (TES), and other types) and application (residential, commercial, and industrial). The study provides market size and revenue predictions in USD billions for the above sectors. According to forecasts, the energy storage market in Germany is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10% during the given period. On the other hand, developing enough sophisticated power infrastructure nationwide to capture and store the expanding renewable energy remains a hurdle that may impede industry expansion.

Top Solar Battery Manufacturers in Germany

SIGA Solar Battery Manufacturer

SIGA Batteries carry many uncommon and hard-to-find batteries, including car, truck, motorcycle, AGM, gel, solar, and traction batteries. SIGA deep cycle batteries are well-known worldwide for their long-lasting and dependable power delivery. The unique technology won over customers with the highest expectations. These products are found in golf cats, renewable energy, cleaning equipment, mobile homes, caravans, ships and boats, wind turbines, aerial work platforms, and leisure vehicles. This group is ready to tackle any issue and provide experienced guidance!
SIGA Official Website: https://www.siga-batterien.de/index_en.html#tab1
About SIGA: https://www.siga-batterien.de/about-us
SIGA Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://www.siga-batterien.de/solar-batteriebilder_en.html
SIGA Other Products: https://www.siga-batterien.de/autobatterien_en.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SIGAUnknownMannheim, GermanyUnknown

Batteries & Solar Battery Manufacturer

The goal at Batteries and Solar is to combine their workforce’s abilities with our dedication to providing excellent customer service. They all know how rapidly technology can change, and we are witnessing significant and exciting improvements in the business. As a result, they guarantee that they will not make assumptions or make you feel awkward asking questions but will provide you with the benefit of our knowledge and expertise in plain English. They are committed to employee development and guarantee that all team members receive appropriate training to be on the edge of industry innovations. Their dedicated professionals can provide the best recommendations for your requirements, giving each customer a tailored service.
Batteries & Solar Official Website: https://batteriesandsolar.co.uk/
About Batteries & Solar: https://batteriesandsolar.co.uk/pages/about-us
Batteries & Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://batteriesandsolar.co.uk/collections/solar-batteries
Batteries & Solar Accessories: https://batteriesandsolar.co.uk/collections/accessories

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Batteries & SolarUnknownGermany Jonathan Millmore

Tadiran Batteries Solar Battery Manufacturer

In 1984, Tadiran and Sonnenschein formed a joint venture named Sonnenschein Lithium for more than 40 years. A tightly knit sales network has been established in Europe for this purpose. The firm and its parent company Tadiran Batteries Ltd., always increase its performance in goods, best quality, and customer service. The company’s primary goal is to attain maximum client satisfaction. As a result, the goal is to be the best in design-in, comprehensive technical support, and logistics.
Tadiran Batteries Official Website: https://tadiranbatteries.de/
About Tadiran Batteries: https://tadiranbatteries.de/tadiran-in-brief/
Tadiran Batteries Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://tadiranbatteries.de/lisocl2-ltc-solar-batteries/
Tadiran Batteries Other Products: https://tadiranbatteries.de/tli-batteries/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tadiran Batteries1984Büdingen, GermanyIgal Carmi

BST Elexis Group Solar Battery Manufacturer

BST GmbH, a subsidiary of Elexis AG, is the leading full-service provider of quality assurance systems for the online processing industry. In our solutions, “Perfecting your performance” is commonplace. BST systems guarantee consistent first-class production outputs and significantly accelerate production processes and improve long-term productivity.
BST Elexis Group Official Website: https://www.bst.elexis.group/en/
About BST Elexis Group: https://www.bst.elexis.group/en/company
BST Elexis Group Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://www.bst.elexis.group/en/industries/solar-battery
BST Elexis Group Solutions: https://www.bst.elexis.group/en/solutions

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
BST Elexis Group1960Remusweg 1, 33729 Bielefeld, GermanyAlexander Heck

RP Group Solar Battery Manufacturer

RP-Group has been a successful creator and manufacturer of emergency and safety lighting and general illumination for over 40 years – certified quality built in Germany. RP-Technik GmbH, based in Rodgau near Frankfurt am Main, has been developing and producing emergency lighting systems since its inception in 1981. This company is the country’s leading emergency and safety lighting manufacturer, utilizing advanced LED technology. Their top-notch power supply systems are created in their second manufacturing facility in Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany. Batteries manufactured to customer requirements round out the product line.
RP Group Official Website: https://www.rp-group.com/en
About RP Group: https://www.rp-group.com/en/company/about-us/rp-group
RP Group Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://www.rp-group.com/en/batteries
RP Group Other Products: https://www.rp-group.com/products

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
RP Group1981HERMANN-STAUDINGER-STR. 10-16, 63110 RODGAU – GERMANYB. Ravi Pillai

Solarc Solar Battery Manufacturer

SOLARC creates, manufactures, and distributes technically advanced, innovative solar products and systems in the low to medium power range. The scope includes anything from modest power supply systems to full-fledged industrial goods and services. SOLARC provides a variety of measurement and testing methods available for the qualitative evaluation of solar modules. For this purpose, sun simulators, electroluminescence, and photoluminescence, among other things, are available. These gadgets and tests aid in rapidly and accurately detecting underperformance or hidden faults in solar modules, such as microcracks, inactive regions, and hotspots. This allows us to maintain excellent product quality.
Solarc Official Website: https://www.solarc.de/
About Solarc: https://www.solarc.de/deutsch/%C3%BCber-uns/
Solarc Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://www.solarc.de/deutsch/produkte/batterie-und-speichersysteme/
Solarc Other Products: https://www.solarc.de/deutsch/produkte/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Berlin, Germany
Brad Anderson

Smart Battery Solution Solar Battery Manufacturer

Since 2010, our organization has been driven by a desire to achieve ambitious goals. Customers in the marine industry provided the first intriguing challenges. They now have 20 production lines and are always looking for new personnel. The recurring success as Growth Champion in a Focus and Statista research demonstrates that it is always worthwhile to consider one step forward.
Smart Battery Solution Official Website: https://smart-battery-solutions.de/en/
About Smart Battery Solution: https://smart-battery-solutions.de/en/company/
Smart Battery Solution Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://smart-battery-solutions.de/en/customer-specific-batteries/
Smart Battery Solution Services: https://smart-battery-solutions.de/en/production/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Smart Battery Solution2010Kleinostheim, Bayern, GermanyJens Pohl

Moll Batterien Solar Battery Manufacturer

MOLL manufactures entirely at its Bad Staffelstein facility in Upper Franconia, ensuring key regional jobs. The global issuance of licenses allows for a worldwide flow of professionals. MOLL significantly impacts the global battery technology market thanks to advancements created in-house by the R&D department. MOLL is a well-known provider of batteries to the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.
Moll Batterien Official Website: https://www.moll-batterien.de/en/index.php
About Moll Batterien: https://www.moll-batterien.de/en/about-us/
Moll Batterien Solar Battery Manufacturer: https://www.moll-batterien.de/en/batterien/pkw/
Moll Batterien Other Products: https://www.moll-batterien.de/en/batterien/lkw/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Moll Batterien1945Bad Staffelstein, GermanyUnknown

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Solar Battery Manufacturers in Germany

Before comparing the specifications of various solar batteries, it’s critical to understand which specifications to pay particular attention to and what they all signify. It has compiled a list of the most essential elements to consider when selecting a solar battery for your home:

Solar Battery Storage Capacity

Choosing the finest solar battery for storage capacity is more than just selecting the most excellent capacity battery. Consider how much electricity you need daily and how much you want to have on hand when your solar panel manufacturer in Germany isn’t producing enough energy or when there is a power outage.

Battery Life-Cycle

You may believe that opting for a battery that offers 6,000+ or even endless cycles is the most excellent option when selecting the best battery based on its number of life cycles within the warranty period. While this is usually a good decision because it predicts a longer lifespan, it is only sometimes the greatest.

Battery technology

Different types of battery technologies are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Lead-acid batteries are the most popular and oldest form of solar energy battery. However, they are heavier and have a shorter lifespan than other varieties. Although lithium-ion batteries are lighter and last longer, they are more costly. Flow batteries are a newer form of battery technology that has the potential to provide a longer lifespan and improved durability, although they are still somewhat pricey.

Quality and Reliability

Regarding solar batteries, quality and dependability are critical considerations. Look for a company with a record of delivering high-quality, dependable batteries. Look for certificates from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) or Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which show that the battery has been rigorously tested and fulfills international safety and performance requirements. Additionally, check customer reviews and seek suggestions from solar specialists to obtain a sense of the manufacturer’s product quality.


In conclusion, German solar battery manufacturers have a growing solar sector, with several excellent manufacturers offering various solutions to fulfill the demands of homes, solar battery companies, and other organizations. When selecting a solar battery manufacturer in Germany, several factors must be considered, including product quality and reliability, battery technology used, warranty and customer support, commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and product pricing.

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