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Solar Battery

One of the world’s top Solar Battery manufacturers, IGOYE. We supply over million solar energy storage systems around the globe with our high-quality solar batteries. From home to the commercial marketplace, IGOYE is their top choice.

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Find everything you need for your solar project under one roof.

Get any solar product manufactured using your preferred specifications

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Market's Top Solar Battery

IGOYE solar storage battery will never be on top without the positive feedback of our customer-clients. We can maintain our top-tier products by ensuring every device will undergo our series of quality assurance tests. These tests are validated by international and industry standards.

Why Choose IGOYE Solar Battery

With over 15 years of supplying quality solar batteries in the market. IGOYE has been the top supplier of solar batteries that everyone recommends. Our solar batteries made a name in the solar system industry for their long lifespan, convenient design, and high efficiency
IGOYE solar batteries are reliable, affordable, and backed by our expert team. For every solar storage battery, you’ll need lead acid or even in solar lithium battery type, IGOYE was your best choice.

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Smart-Battery Management

IGOYE solar storage battery has smart-battery balance management with smart charging and a discharging function called FCC capacity automatic learning perfect for your home energy storage system.

High Precision Detection

Our solar battery has high precision voltage detection, high precision current detection, has 5 battery temperature detection channels, and hardware and software over-voltage, low-voltage, under-voltage, and high-voltage.

Fault Alarm

IGOYE solar battery is compatible with SMBUS V2.0, has LED indicators and a buzzer for capacity display and fault alarm, and has an RS232 interface for SoC and SOH information, a must-have feature for your home battery backup.


Best Solar Battery Brand

We are always in forefront of solar battery technology. With our over 15 years of experience and expertise, we promise to produce quality solar batteries for the market. Together with our top-tier solar technology and wide range of international certifications and standards we commit to maintaining the solar energy battery and other solar equipment to their finest and best quality.


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