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Solar Connector

IGOYE has been in the solar connector manufacturing industry for over 15 years. We provide only quality solar cable connectors to the market and it is used in over a million solar energy system projects worldwide.

Best MC4 Connector Brand

IGOYE solar connectors were trusted by our customer clients because of their functionality and features that instantly captures their need ability. Our series of PV connectors provide simple, fast electrical connectivity, and reliable connections from PV modules with different insulation diameters to DC/AC converters.

Why IGOYE Solar Connector

Our IGOYE solar panel connectors are simply the game changer for the solar energy system industry. We offer all solar connector types. Our integrated technology removes the need for cable stripping so the installer will simply plug it into the cable and snap on the button to increase speed, make it more efficient and comply with lifelong connectivity.

MC4 Y2 3

Easy to Use

Our IGOYE solar panel connector pushes the connectors of adjacent solar panels together by hand for quick construction of panels and it can accommodate a broader range of installation environments.

Secured Connectivity

IGOYE solar panel cable connector can also be used in the field of solar energy. It protects solar photovoltaic modules and it helps to connect the electricity generated by solar cells with external lines.

Wide Range Compatibility

IGOYE mc4 solar connectors are all fixed connections that are easy to mount and have a strong universality. This also provides solutions for solar and reverse batteries.


Your Solar Connector Expert

15 years of experience and expertise in the solar energy system industry. IGOYE not only build its name in the electricity sector but is also known as one of the best providers of solar system equipment in the market. In IGOYE we continue to innovate all our product processing with the latest solar equipment technology, especially our solar mc4 connectors. We commit to striving more to give all our customer-client a 100% satisfaction rate.

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