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Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for a reputable and high-quality manufacturer of solar inverters? Look no further than our company! It specializes in designing and manufacturing excellent solar inverters, critical components of solar power systems. These products are created using cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control procedures to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

A solar inverter is a type of electrical equipment that is an essential component of a solar power system. This device converts the DC electricity solar panels generate into AC electricity that can power homes and businesses: establishments, and the power grid.

String inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers are among the several solar inverters available. String inverters manage the output of several solar panels linked in series. In contrast, microinverters and power optimizers handle the outcome of individual solar panels, which can increase system performance, particularly in shaded or low-light circumstances.
Solar inverters are critical components of solar power systems because they allow solar energy to be converted into valuable electricity. They are essential in making solar power feasible and affordable for households and businesses and lowering dependency on traditional fossil fuels for energy generation.

Best Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India 2023

Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India Market Overview

A solar panel is a group of solar cells that create electricity utilizing sunlight as the energy source. A solar inverter converts the direct current solar panels produce into alternating current. This current is then sent to storage batteries, power grids, or homes to power different appliances. The worldwide solar inverter market is predicted to expand rapidly, owing to government incentives and subsidies, falling solar panel costs, and growing awareness of the advantages of renewable energy. Solar inverter technical developments, such as greater efficiency, dependability, and scalability, also drive the industry. The solar inverter industry is very competitive, with players competing on price, product quality, and performance. Many firms, in addition to solar inverters, provide extensive associated products and services, such as solar panels, batteries, and monitoring systems.

Top 9 Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

Here is the top 9 list of solar inverter manufacturers in India:

Omcam Power Products Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Omcam Power Products Private Limited, established in 1994 in New Delhi, (India), have emerged as one of the preeminent manufacturers and wholesalers of an extensive range of Online UPS Systems, Solar Inverter, Solar Power Conditioning Unit, Battery Chargers, Solar Charge Controller, and so on. They also provide UPS Rental Services, UPS Repairing Services, etc. Their highly trained and knowledgeable employees align these with the set quality requirements and utilize quality-tested raw materials from market-reliable vendors.
Omcam Power Products Private Limited Official Website: https://www.omcampower.in/
About Omcam Power Products Private Limited: https://www.omcampower.in/profile.html
Omcam Power Product Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.omcampower.in/solar-inverter-manufacturers.html
Omcam Power Products Private Limited Other Products and Services: https://www.omcampower.in/online-ups-systems-solar-inverter.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Omcam Power Products Private Limited1994Gazipur, New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaRajnish Sharma

Voreas Solar Inverter Manufacturer

VOREAS is a top electrical equipment manufacturer that takes pride in introducing itself. They are authorized to manufacture the best selection of well-engineered solar inverters in India. The team of experienced and competent professionals is working diligently to provide distinctive goods in the field of electricity. Their selection includes extensive, efficient equipment, including ceiling fans, heating components, and electric fans.
Voreas Official Website: https://www.voreas.in/
About Voreas: https://www.voreas.in/about-us.html
Voreas Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.voreas.in/solar-inverter.html
Voreas Other Products: https://www.voreas.in/product.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
VoreasUnknownLaxmi Nagar Delhi – 110092, Delhi, IndiaMr. Vinod Kumar

Servokon Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Mr. Haji Kamruddin founded Servokon, a recognized brand in the power conditioning equipment and transformer manufacturing industries, in 1990. His out-of-the-box thinking and foresight have contributed to the company’s ongoing success in its specialized industry. Since its establishment, the firm has enjoyed phenomenal success, allowing it to eventually ascend to the throne of India’s largest provider of power conditioning equipment and transformers.
Servokon Official Website: https://www.servokon.com/
About Servokon: https://www.servokon.com/about.html
Servokon Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.servokon.com/inverter.html
Servokon Industries Serve: https://www.servokon.com/industries-we-serve.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Servokon1990Radhu Palace Road, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, IndiaMr. Haji Kamruddin

ABP Solar Inverter Manufacturer

AB POWER SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Ltd., located in Delhi, has over 25 years of power and energy management expertise. They are committed to offering clean, efficient, dependable, and cheap power electronics solutions to Indian businesses of all sizes and industries. It provides cutting-edge technology to Indian clients at reasonable prices, shown in our continuing growth in a fiercely competitive industry.
ABP Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Official Website: https://www.abpups.com/
About ABP Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: https://www.abpups.com/about.html
ABP Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.abpups.com/solar-inverter.html
ABP Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Products: https://www.abpups.com/product.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ABP Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.2010Netaji Subhash Place Delhi, IndiaAjay Kumar

Purevolt Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Purevolt is an ISO Certified Organization and a registered MSME, NSIC, D&B, and SSI Unit involved in manufacturing, exporting, and marketing all sorts of voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators, sine wave inverters, and isolation transformers. Purevolt is presently developing and selling to various nations under the guidance of its Founder, Mr. A K Gupta, and the vision of its Director, Mr. Sumit Gupta. They specialize in the custom design, manufacturing, and export of Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Sine Wave Inverters, Variable Auto Transformers, and other similar products.
Purevolt Official Website: https://www.purevoltindia.com/
About Purevolt: https://www.purevoltindia.com/about-servo-voltage-stabilizer.html
Purevolt Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.purevoltindia.com/offgrid-solar-hybrid-inverter.html
Purevolt Other Products: https://www.purevoltindia.com/product.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Purevolt1994New Delhi 110 020, Delhi, IndiaPhil Teare

Joint Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Easy Photovoltechpvt. Ltd. was founded in 2001 and had 18 years of expertise. Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company in Ghaziabad that manufactures, supplies, and distributes a wide range of Solar Equipment such as Solar Panels, Solar Power Plants, and Solar Street Lights. They can manufacture top-quality and guaranteed items since it has extensive industry knowledge and is supported by qualified and talented engineers.
Joint Solar Official Website: https://www.jointsolar.in/index.html
About Joint Solar: https://www.jointsolar.in/about.html
Joint Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.jointsolar.in/solar-inverter.html
Joint Solar Other Products: https://www.jointsolar.in/solar-street-light.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Joint Solar
Uttar Pradesh, India

Banga Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Banga Solar Pvt Ltd established itself as one of India’s most dependable and rapidly increasing suppliers of renewable energy goods and services. Banga Solar collaborates with recognized manufacturers to deliver excellent renewable goods, technical competence, and exceptional customer service. Banga Solar has experienced rapid growth due to its well-established supply chain network. The network was founded by a group of renewable energy experts and enthusiasts with over ten years of industry experience, making it robust, efficient, and reliable. This is due mainly to the trust and long-term connections they have developed with clients and partners in India and abroad.
Banga Solar Pvt. Ltd Official Website: https://www.bangasolar.com/
About Banga Solar Pvt. Ltd: https://www.bangasolar.com/about/
Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.bangasolar.com/solis-inverter-india/
Banga Solar Pvt. Ltd Other Products: https://www.bangasolar.com/remote-monitoring-system/

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Banga Solar Pvt. Ltd2018Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaJatin Patel

Tracksun Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Tracksun Solar is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in designing, consulting, integrating, supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining off-grid and grid-connected solar power plants. Tracksun Solar has one of India’s largest sales/installation networks, as well as an experienced staff of design and integration professionals. Tracksun Solar offers the highest quality solar systems at the most competitive cost. This is feasible because technological advances and continuous R&D have boosted system efficiency and performance.
Tracksun Official Website: https://www.tracksunsolar.com/index.php
About Tracksun: https://www.tracksunsolar.com/company-proflie.php
Tracksun Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://www.tracksunsolar.com/solar-inverter.php
Tracksun Other Products: https://www.tracksunsolar.com/Solar%20-Power-Plant.php

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tracksun2012New Delhi – 110 092, Delhi, IndiaArvind Verma

Radius Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Rishabh Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd. is an Indian multinational corporation specializing in producing, designing, and researching test and measuring instruments and industrial control products. They collaborated with the finest global businesses, acquired enormous traction through technology transfers, and now conduct indigenous in-house R&D with a staff of more than 80 engineers. They are an Indian producer and supplier of solar inverters. GEFRAN S.pA., Italy, has licensed the technology for solar string inverters to us. This purchase represents a one-of-a-kind combination of exceptional European technology with Rishabh India’s cutting-edge manufacturing experience.
Rishabh Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd. Official Website: https://radius.rishabh.co.in/index.html
About Radius: https://radius.rishabh.co.in/about-us.html
Radius Solar Inverter Manufacturer: https://radius.rishabh.co.in/solar-inverters.html

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Rishabh Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd.1982Maharashtra 422007, IndiaNarendra Goliya

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

When planning a solar power system for your home or company in India, selecting the correct solar inverter manufacturer is critical. Below are some essential factors to consider while choosing a solar inverter manufacturer in India:

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Solar Inverter Manufacturers in India

Type of Inverter

String inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers are among the several solar inverters available. Each kind has its benefits and drawbacks. Choosing a suitable solar inverter is crucial to meet your requirements and complement the features of your solar power system.

Brand Reputation

Look for a manufacturer of solar inverters with strong brand recognition and a track record of creating high-quality, dependable goods. To make an informed selection, read internet evaluations and solicit advice from other solar power system owners.


When searching for a solar inverter provider, consider one that offers products that can easily be integrated with other systems, such as energy storage and monitoring. You can add more solar panels and battery storage as your energy needs rise.


Look for a solar inverter company whose goods may be integrated with other systems, such as energy storage and monitoring. This will guarantee that your solar power system runs smoothly and efficiently.


Choose a solar inverter company that prioritizes research and development in order to create cutting-edge and inventive products. This ensures that you utilize advanced technology and that your solar power system is future-proof.


Solar energy is becoming a more common energy source in India, and solar inverters play a crucial role in facilitating solar power adoption. Solar inverters convert the DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC electricity that can be used to power homes, businesses, and the grid. Top solar inverter manufacturers in India invest in research and development to provide creative, efficient, dependable, and cost-effective solutions. They also offer a variety of devices to fit their clients’ demands, such as string inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers.
Overall, solar inverter manufacturers in India are playing an essential role in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions and lowering the country’s dependency on traditional fossil fuels for power generation. With ongoing investment in R&D, these enterprises are assisting in creating a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for India and the globe.

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