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Solar Panel Manufacturer

We are recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of solar equipment. We specialize in the research, development, and creation of solar photovoltaic products. As one of the leading suppliers of specialized solar equipment, we have a rich history and can be at the forefront of modern solar innovations.

At IGOYE everything you would like for your solar products venture beneath one roof.

Get your solar energy system with your desired specification. We utilized your favored specifications needs.
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IGOYE Made PV Solar Panels

Functional photovoltaic solar panels are fundamental for securing your solar installation, but especially for the safety of your household as well as the end-users. That’s why all of our solar panels are well equipped with the required standard parameters, ensuring they meet the latest safety guidelines needed by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

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Product Advantages

IGOYE Made PV Solar Panel

With IGOYE, you’ll be sure of getting quality solar panels and services. IGOYE is a certified sun-powered company and discount sun-based wholesalers with a wide industry association, so we may better serve your needs. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of sun-powered items at competitively marked-down costs, supported by specialists, and a comprehensive guarantee. So whether you’re just getting beginning with sun-powered or attempting to discover a reliable solar provider for your existing commerce, IGOYE is here to assist you in surpassing your desire for approximately sun-oriented boards.

High-Quality Technology

We mastered and gathered lots of things that need to be considered in producing high-quality panels to provide you with the best options in choosing one. Assuring that all the products to be released were tried and tested the quality and reliability based on their use and dependability.


IGOYE's solar panel is non-adhesive and extremely stain-resistant. Due to its use of mono-crystalline solar cells, it also resists UV aging and has a lifespan that is double that of regular panels. Our panels are the most dependable and efficient available.

Comfort and Ease of Use

IGOYE’s solar panels are specifically designed for comfort and ease of use. We make sure to provide a quality product that will support your solar energy system for your day-to-day living with a non-hassle way of using it.

Wide of Applications

Solar panels can be utilized for a wide assortment of applications counting inaccessible control frameworks for cabins, broadcast communications gear, inaccessible detecting, and of course for control era with private and commercial sun-oriented frameworks.

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About IGOYE Solar Company

Top Solar Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturer

IGOYE solely created and produced high-quality solar power panels. Solar energy installers and contractors all around the world used and trusted these panels. It was formerly acknowledged as the highest-quality solar panel in the solar energy system industry thanks to its excellent features and functionality.

Automated Manufacturing

In today`s rapidly developing technology, wherein the whole thing wishes development intending to go along with the life`s converting and uncontrollable needs, it rests assured that our product line undergoes with advanced technology. Our improved innovation guarantees exceptional unwavering quality and our line will satisfactorily secure your speculation.

Quality Guarantee

Our items meet the most elevated universal measures, in expansion to advertising a broad run of choices. Our items experience thorough testing to guarantee that they meet our tall benchmarks. We offer a broad extend of sun-powered gear, from boards to inverters and capacity batteries.


PV Panel for your Solar Installation

By keeping that in mind, we`ve remained the foremost trusted solar energy equipment producers who devote all our assets to inquire about advancement, generation, and, progressed apparatus. sun-oriented road lights, sun-powered domestic frameworks, sun-oriented pumps, and any appropriate applications.

Certification & Patents

Certification & Patents: Innovation Guided Solar Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturer

IGOYE brought an entirely modern experience within the solar industry, much obliged to our commitment to client fulfillment. We`ve had a history of victory giving solutions to a few of the most challenging issues, counting items of unwavering quality in a range of conditions.

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IGOYE Photovoltaic Panel Catalog

IGOYE offers tremendous choices and an assortment of electrical items with over 1000 devices. We offer all solar-powered hardware you might require from solar to solar pumps to boards. Download our catalog to discover your idealized solar pump inverter framework extension.

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