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Top 7 Solar Panel Manufacturers in USA (2023)

The leading solar panel manufacturers in the United States are developing the most proficient panels with cutting-edge technology redefining the worldwide solar energy sector. Solar panels are becoming a more prevalent energy source for residential, business, and restoration purposes.

Top 7 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

From 2023 to 2027, the Solar Panels Market is estimated to develop at a 7.87% CAGR. By 2027, the Solar Panels market is estimated to expand by USD 50,08 billion.

Market Overview(1)

Solar Panel Manufacturer in USA Market Overview
Source: https://www.technavio.com/report/solar-panels-market-industry-analysis

Solar energy reserves on-site are increasingly used to power government buildings and companies in the United States, as in other nations. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the top seven solar panel manufacturers in USA.

Best Solar Panel Manufacturer in India

1. Silfab

Silfab Solar is a North American solar company that designs and manufactures excellent, high-efficiency solar panels. Silfab operates in Bellingham, Washington, Burlington, Washington, and Toronto, Canada, each with fully automated manufacturing lines and Quality Management System. It has over four decades of solar knowledge. The firm is devoted to offering high-performance solar panels built in North America that are suited to the demands of the North American market.
Silfab Homepage: https://silfabsolar.com/
Other Links: https://silfabsolar.com/our-story/

2. Trina

Trina Solar, Inc. Ltd., founded in 1997, focuses on photovoltaic (PV) module research and development, manufacturing, and sales; power stations and system products; photovoltaic power generation, operation, and maintenance services; development and sales of smart microgrids and multi-systems; operation of innovative solar cloud platforms, and so on. Trina Solar is dedicated to setting the global standard for smart solar solutions for net-zero energy. Trina Solar will continue to dominate the PV market by boosting the grid parity of PV energy and popularizing the adoption of renewable energy sources via continual innovation. Trina Solar’s SKL has set or equaled 25 world records for PV cell conversion efficiency and module output power.
Trina Homepage: https://www.trinasolar.com/us
Other Links: https://www.trinasolar.com/us/our-company

3. JinkoSolar

Jinko Solar is a world-class manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules and energy storage systems. Jinko has installed 100GW in 160 countries worldwide, including more than 18GW in the United States and Canada. Jinko modules are sourced from plants in Malaysia and Florida. Jinko Solar Storage combines cutting-edge energy storage technology with turnkey hardware to provide energy storage solutions. Jinko’s energy storage solutions have been publically validated by industry-leading third-party labs and financial institutions. Jinko Solar Storage is a reliable partner for solar and energy storage projects in the United States.
Jinko Solar Homepage: https://jinkosolar.us/
Other Links: https://jinkosolar.us/about-jinko/

4. Solaris

Solaris Technology Industry, Inc. is a leading online solar equipment and system solutions distributor. They are dedicated to positively impacting the environment and the economy by providing quality solar products and solutions that match their clients’ needs. Solaris, founded in Colorado in 2014, is a full-service solar distributor with a geographically broad warehouse distribution network across the United States. They are authorized dealers for the most prestigious solar manufacturers, allowing them to provide customers with the most excellent quality goods at the most affordable pricing.
Solaris Homepage: https://www.solaris-shop.com/
Other Links: https://www.solaris-shop.com/about-us/

5. LA Solar

LA Solar, founded in 2019, is an Armenian company specializing in fabricating solar modules. Meyer Burger, one of the world’s top-generating equipment manufacturers, created a Swiss technology for producing LA Solar modules. Before reaching the user, the company’s modules undergo a thorough quality control procedure, complying with the highest quality standards in the United States and Europe. Los Angeles Solar’s solar panels are outfitted with the most sophisticated solar technology available, allowing them to absorb substantially more sunlight than previous technologies.
LA Solar Homepage: https://lasolarfactory.com/en
Other Links: https://lasolarfactory.com/en/about-us

6. Maxeon

Maxeon Solar Technologies was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of SunPower Corporation, a solar panel company located in the United States, and is now independently designed, manufactured, and distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. With the record-breaking efficiency and reliability of its Maxeon line of panels and its Value line Performance panels, which offer higher reliability and output than conventional panels, Maxeon continues to push the boundaries of solar innovation. Following the spin-off of SunPower Corporation, the firm was founded as a separate corporation in 2020. A committed worldwide team of over 5,000 individuals at Maxeon is spearheading the struggle against climate change.
Maxeon Homepage: https://maxeon.com/us/
Other Links: https://maxeon.com/us/about-us

7. Solarever USA

Solarever USA is the world’s top creator, manufacturer, and distributor of solar panels in North America. Solarever transforms the lives of homeowners and companies by providing cost-effective and creative renewable energy and electric mobility solutions. Solarever, headquartered in California, has over ten years of experience providing clean energy and energy savings solutions to its partners for a brighter, greener future in which every homeowner, commercial, and industrial entity can go solar, lower their energy bills, and make a difference in climate change.
Solarever USA Homepage: https://solareverusa.com/
Other Links: https://solareverusa.com/about-us/

Things to Consider in Choosing Solar Panel Manufacturers in USA

When choosing a solar panel manufacturer in the United States, it is essential to evaluate some factors to ensure the selection of a respectable and trustworthy firm. The following are some of the most important things to remember:
Durability and Quality
Look for manufacturers with a record of creating excellent, high-performance solar panels. Examine their certificates as well, which ensure that solar panels fulfill worldwide requirements. Check the warranties and guarantees on items to ensure you are covered for faults or poor performance.
Manufacturing Processes and Standards
Consider the production methods and standards that the company adheres to. You want to look for organizations that adhere to strict quality control throughout production. Manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001 certified demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality management systems.
Product Reliability and Effectiveness
It is vital to compare the efficiency and performance of solar panels from various manufacturers. Higher-efficiency panels will be able to generate more power with the same quantity of solar irradiation. It is advised that panels with higher power output and a lower temperature coefficient be used because these characteristics might affect the overall performance of the panels.
Knowledge and Credibility
Examine the manufacturer’s reputation and track record in the solar industry. Study client feedback and ratings to ascertain their degree of satisfaction. Established producers with a history of providing high-quality items are often more reliable.
Price and Value
While pricing should not be the sole consideration, assessing the cost and value of the manufacturer’s products is crucial. You should evaluate the pricing and warranties of various manufacturers and their quality, performance, and dependability. Remember that investing in better panels may yield more significant long-term outcomes.

Any Other Choices

When saving money on solar panels, there is no need to sacrifice quality, design, or performance. All solar panel manufacturers mentioned above are the best in the United States and offer high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Hightec Solar Panel

The company was formed to supply clients with low-cost, high-quality solar power solutions. Since its inception in 2010, this company has been committed to offering cutting-edge solar panel solutions from the highest quality materials. It continuously seeks to improve its goods and processes, using every chance to remain ahead of the competition and doing everything required to guarantee that its systems function optimally.
Hightec Solar Homepage: https://hightecsolar.com/
Other Links: https://hightecsolar.com/about/

IGOYE Solar Panel

IGOYE, one of the world’s top solar equipment manufacturers, specializes in investigating, developing, and manufacturing solar PV products. They have a long history of innovation and have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solar technology as a highly devoted solar equipment provider. Their goods meet the most strict international requirements while also offering a diverse range of possibilities. They have changed the solar sector by focusing on client happiness. They have a track record of solving complex difficulties, including product reliability in various settings.
IGOYE Homepage: https://igoyeenergy.com/
Other Links: https://igoyeenergy.com/about/

Greentech Renewables Solar Panel

Greentech Renewables is dedicated to providing its customers excellent service and premium products from top renewable energy producers. They continue to be a Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. member, which provides them with the same scale and stability in serving the nation’s solar contractors they have had for over 60 years of distribution expertise since 1957. They are a national company with over 100 sites in the country’s top solar marketplaces. The Greentech Renewables warehouses offer extensive on-site stock, logistical assistance, and finance, design, and engineering services.
Greentech Renewables Homepage: https://www.greentechrenewables.com/
Other Links: https://www.greentechrenewables.com/about


Solar panel manufacturers in the United States have expanded significantly in response to rising demand for renewable energy sources. Solar panel manufacturers in the United States are projected to grow their operations nationwide to increase electricity output, manufacturing, and efficiency. This blog lists the top solar panel manufacturers in the United States so clients can choose the best solar panels quickly.

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