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Solar Pump Inverter

IGOYE is a leading provider of solar pump inverter. with its unique experience, delivers efficient and dependable solutions at the most competitive pricing. IGOYE solar pump inverter is one of the various types of power inverters. Its function is similar to the function of a common grid inverter.

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Best Solar Pump Inverter Manufacturer

IGOYE, founded in 2007, primarily manufactures the best solar pumping inverters, variable frequency drives, combination boxes, solar accessories, and a variety of low voltage electric products. IGOYE has accomplished remarkable things after years of hard work in technical R&D and with a solar pump inverter, the start power must be amplified five times. 

Why Choose IGOYE Solar Pump Inverter Supplier

IGOYE is a high-performance good and customer-focused business style that provides our distributors with a distinct market position. And the great assistance we give to all of our distributors, no matter where we are in the world, assists them in growing and developing their areas of business. Choosing IGOYE as your solar pump inverter supplier is more of choosing the best company that provides remarkable solar equipment for your daily needs


No Pollution or Noise

The IGOYE solar pump inverter is built with maximum power point tracking (MPPPT°) technology that allows it to run at maximum power using available solar electricity. It is grid-independent and emits no pollution or noise.

High Power

When there is insufficient sunshine to power the pump, our solar pump drives may be configured to function from the grid. Allows you to connect solar power (DC) and generator electricity at the same time.

Longer Lifespan

The IGOYE solar pump inverter is more ecologically friendly than diesel generator pumps, with a longer lifespan and lower maintenance expenses.


Your Reliable Solar Pump Inverter Expert

IGOYE is proud of its multinational staff and its presence in several nations. Developing solar-powered pumping solutions in worldwide markets combines our ability to adapt to local demand and preferences, and our ambition to offer global scale & superior solar technical expertise.


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