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Solar SPD

IGOYE is one of the top Solar Surge Protective Device manufacturers. We offer the best quality PV SPD that will surely protect your electrical installations. Our product was widely used in many fields such as telecommunication, electric power, railway industry and so on.

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Best Solar SPD in the Market

We place a lot of emphasis on product quality and continuous product innovation. In terms of PV SPD we design and make different types of it depending current rating and size.

Why Choose IGOYE Surge Protection Device

IGOYE surge protection device products are fabricated from high-quality raw components. We confirm all the latest solar SPD safety standards and conduct regular testing on our products in line with international standards before delivery.

Solar SPD products 1

Plug-in Protection Modules

All PV surge protection devices are suitable in all Photovoltaic systems with the prewired modular setup unit and consisting of plug-in protection modules.

Complies With Standard

IGOYE solar SPD complies with EN 50539-11 and is easy to maintain a plug design that can be replaced flexibly without considering load current.

High Safety Performance

Our solar SPD has high safety performance with its internal steal temperature control circuit breaker technology and is easy to distinguish because of its LED lights, green for normal and red indicating fault.


Your Specialist Solar SPD Supplier

We in IGOYE, we are passionate to make best surge protector devices in the market. The importance of this device conveys our eagerness to give quality and excellent solar surge protector device.


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