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Static Var Generator Manufacturer

IGOYE is leading brand of Static Var Generator (SVG) manufacture. Our SVGs provide unequaled reactive power compensation and voltage stability thanks to cutting-edge technology, sturdy construction, and precise control.

IGOYE offers seamless integration and enhanced power system optimization.

Product Advantages

Your Best Residential Static Var Generator

IGOYE is one of the leading Static Var Generator brands.We  provide sophisticated features and advantages such as accurate reactive power management, high dependability, and better power factor correction. Our SVG is intended to improve grid performance and electricity quality.

Fast Adjustment of Reactive Power

During sudden load changes, SVGs can quickly adjust reactive power to ensure that voltage fluctuations are within reasonable limits. For example, the SVG can respond within milliseconds to maintain voltage within ±1%.


Equipped with an intelligent control system, it can automatically adjust the reactive power. It can monitor and respond to voltage changes at a rate of hundreds of times per second to ensure the stability of the power system.

Harmonic Suppression

SVGs are typically capable of suppressing current and voltage harmonics in the system, reducing the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to less than 3%.


SVG can provide solutions with different capacities on demand, from a few hundred KVar to tens of MVar.

What is SVG

A Static Var Generator (SVG) is a power electronic device that controls and stabilizes reactive power in electrical systems.

It works by injecting or absorbing reactive ability to keep voltage stable, improve power factor, and improve overall power quality.

SVGs are critical for improving grid performance and providing a consistent energy supply. You may read the associated article for additional details.

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Offers excellent creative solutions for power quality and grid stability.

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