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Static Var Generator Manufacturer

IGOYE is leading brand of Static Var Generator (SVG) manufacture. Our SVGs provide unequaled reactive power compensation and voltage stability thanks to cutting-edge technology, sturdy construction, and precise control.

IGOYE offers seamless integration and enhanced power system optimization.

Product Advantages

Your Best Residential Static Var Generator

IGOYE is one of the leading Static Var Generator brands.We  provide sophisticated features and advantages such as accurate reactive power management, high dependability, and better power factor correction. Our SVG is intended to improve grid performance and electricity quality.

Structural Design

The structural design of independent air ducts and warehouses ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

Advanced Technology

Use DSP+CPLD all digital control core, three-level topology technology, advanced reactive power detection algorithm, and PWM control strategy to achieve dynamic and accurate reactive power compensation.

Modular Design

Adopt modular design, which facilitates the parallel connection of multiple modules, takes small space, and is easy to maintain

Impact Load

The dynamic response speed to the load is at the millisecond level, which can achieve active and accurate compensation for the reactive power of impact loads.

We offer SVG models

Our rack-mounted SVGs are easy to integrate into electrical installations and are suitable for environments where space is limited and a high degree of integration is required.

Wall-mounted SVGs optimize the use of vertical space and are ideal for power quality improvement in compact locations.

Our standard containerized SVGs provide a mobile and rugged solution for large-scale or outdoor requirements.

SVG Models
cabinet view

Custom Cabinet Serivce

Our customized cabinets are not only precisely adapted to the various SVG devices but also consider electrical safety, heat dissipation efficiency, and ease of maintenance of the devices to ensure that each cabinet provides optimal support and protection for the power system.


Residential Distribution System

In the residential distribution system, the issue of power quality cannot be ignored; with the development of modern science and technology, various complex, precise, and sensitive electrical equipment are continuously popularized, and people’s requirements for power quality and reliability are becoming increasingly high.


Wastewater Treatment Industry

The wastewater treatment industry requires high power quality due to the large amount of harmonics generated by equipment such as pumps, filtration systems, and automatic treatment devices. These harmonics can distort voltage and current waveforms. It is affecting the quality of the power supply to the system.


Distributed Photovoltaic Industry

During the operation of the device, due to the nonlinear characteristics of the current, harmonics may be generated, which may have an impact on the power grid; meanwhile, when the distributed photovoltaic system is connected to the grid, if the load is concentrated near end of the system, the voltage fluctuation will be more significant.


Oil Industry

The petroleum and petrochemical industry uses many impact loads and nonlinear loads—specifically, the main factors affecting power quality include frequency and voltage deviation. Frequency deviation can cause changes in the speed of motors, resulting in reduced power and increased reactive power due to increased excitation current.

What is SVG

A Static Var Generator (SVG) is a power electronic device that controls and stabilizes reactive power in electrical systems.

SVGs are critical for improving grid performance and providing a consistent energy supply. You may read the associated article for additional details.

SVG Working principle
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