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Surge Protection Device

IGOYE is one of the industry’s most reliable surge protection device manufacturers and supplier. All of our products are designed and manufactured with quality in mind and widely used in many fields such as electric power, telecommunication, railway, petrochemical industry and so on.

Professional Manufacturer

With years of experience in manufacturing different types of surge protection devices, IGOYE has become a household name in the field and can offer you high-quality products. We also have a strong R&D team that ensures industry best technologies.

Strict Quality Control

The surge protection device working principle calls for a highly controlled production process to ensure its reliable operation. IGOYE has a strict quality control system which ensures that our products meet in-house and international SPD standards.

OEM/ODM Service

In addition to our own products, IGOYE also offers OEM/ODM service. If you have a specific requirement, we can develop a surge protector that fits it. We do that by working closely with you and understanding your surge protection needs.

Our SPD for Solar PV

At IGOYE, we place a lot of emphasis on product quality and innovation, so you can be certain you’re partnering with one of the industry’s best surge protection device manufacturers. We design and make different types of surge protection devices, both in terms of current rating and size.

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Product Advantages

Why Choose IGOYE DC SPDs

Our surge protection products are fabricated from high-quality raw materials and components, and they conform to all the latest SPD safety standards. We also have a QC team that conducts rigorous testing on all products before delivery. This ensures fault-free devices for all our customers.

High Quality and Safety

As one of the most reliable and professional surge protection device manufacturers in the electrical device industry, IGOYE understands the importance of product quality and safety. We make sure that all our surge protector devices meet the latest national and international SPD safety standards.

Unique Design

In addition to quality and reliability, our surge protector devices feature uniquely designed shell, so they look good as well. You can be sure your installation will look neat and tidy with our products. In addition, they are lightweight, compact and easy to install.

Stable Operation

Every type of surge protection devices from IGOYE is designed to offer stable and reliable operation. We manufacture all our products in accordance with the latest SPD technology, ensuring top-quality product that will protect your equipment from surges and spikes.

Outstanding Durability

After many years in the industry, we can confidently say that our surge protection devices are extremely durable. They can detect and withstand the most severe electrical surges and voltage spikes, ensuring your equipment is always safe.

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About IGOYE Solar Company

Specialist Solar SPD Manufacturer

We are passionate about making the best surge protector devices in the world. We understand the importance of product quality and safety, and we place a lot of emphasis on both. We also have many years of experience in this industry, so you can be sure that you’re partnering with a manufacturer you can trust.

Product Reliability

There is a reason why we are among the most trusted surge protection device brands globally: our adherence to quality and safety standards, as well as our passion for excellence. All our products are made with one thing in mind – your complete satisfaction.

Customer Support

Are you looking for a surge protection device manufacturer who will go above and beyond to meet your needs? Look no further than IGOYE. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. In addition to providing you with top-quality products, we will also be there to help you install and use them.


15+ Years Experience

For more than 15 years, we have helped homes and businesses protect their equipment and systems from electrical surges and spikes. We are industry veterans, and we know what it takes to provide you with the best possible surge protector.

Certification & Patents

Innovation Led Surge Protection Device Brands

At the helm of IGOYE is a team of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the SPD industry. We hold multiple patents for our products, and we are certified to meet all the latest international safety standards.

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