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Top-Quality Active Harmonic Filter Manufacturers in India of 2023

India is home to reputable active harmonic filter manufacturers recognized for creating excellent filters that reduce harmonics and improve power quality. These companies are dedicated to effectively solving power system difficulties and ensuring dependable electrical distribution.

Active Harmonic Filter Manufacturers in India
Active Harmonic Filter Manufacturers in India

Note: Active held the most significant market share of 42.88% in 2022, with a market value of USD 481.71 Million, and is expected to expand at the fastest CAGR of 6.24% over the forecast period.

Definition of Active Harmonic Filters

Active harmonic filters are sophisticated electronic devices used to reduce and regulate harmonic distortions in electrical circuits. Harmonics are undesirable frequencies produced by nonlinear loads such as variable speed drives, power converters, and electronic devices in power systems. These harmonics can create problems, including higher losses, overheated equipment, voltage fluctuations, and interference with sensitive equipment.

Active harmonic filters detect harmonic currents or voltages in the electrical system continually. When they identify harmonics, they inject correction currents into the system that are in phase and amplitude with the identified harmonics. Active harmonic filters successfully cancel out harmonics in this manner, resulting in a cleaner and more stable power supply. They can respond to dynamic load fluctuations and provide real-time harmonic distortion compensation, reducing the impact on the electrical system and mitigating power quality concerns.

1.Amtech Electronics

Foundation Year: 1987
Nation: Gujarat, India
Founder: Mr. Piyush Patel

Amtech Electronics is a well-known manufacturer and provider of electrical power quality solutions similarly active harmonic filters in India. The firm focuses on creating sophisticated technology to handle power quality challenges, notably harmonic distortions, which can substantially influence electrical system performance and efficiency. Active harmonic filters from Amtech Electronics are intended to efficiently attenuate harmonics and preserve power quality in various industrial and commercial applications. These filters identify and evaluate harmonic currents or voltages in the electrical system using sophisticated algorithms and real-time monitoring. After identifying the harmonics, the active harmonic filters create and inject correction currents that exactly cancel out the harmonic components, resulting in a clean and steady power supply.
Amtech Electronics Homepage: https://www.amtechelectronics.com/


Foundation Year: 2016
Nation: India
Founder: Parag Kanjiya

A prominent manufacturer, InstaSine, specializes in active harmonic filters that improve power quality. InstaSine, which has a solid industry reputation, combines knowledge in electrical engineering and modern technology to create high-performance solutions. Their active harmonic filters efficiently reduce harmonics, improving power system performance and reducing energy consumption. InstaSine’s filters, which incorporate powerful control algorithms, are noted for their dependability and customization possibilities to match project needs. InstaSine develops as a trusted partner in maximizing client power quality, assuring clean and efficient electrical systems through full support and maintenance services.
InstaSine Homepage: https://instasine.com/index.php

3.Active Harmonic Filter

Foundation Year: Unknown
Nation: India
Founder: Unknown

Active Harmonic Filter is a reputable manufacturer and supplier in Noida. Delhi NCR is committed to offering cutting-edge active harmonic filters to boost energy efficiency and power system quality. Their bespoke variety of active harmonic filters is developed to satisfy unique project needs, focusing on creative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. These filters are created using cutting-edge technology and rigorously tested to assure dependability, longevity, and performance. Active Harmonic Filter works with renowned vendors to ensure high-quality electrical components and materials are used. Their effective distribution network provides on-time delivery. Furthermore, the organization stresses sustainability by using environmentally friendly products, eliminating waste, and increasing energy efficiency.
Active Harmonic Filter Homepage: https://activeharmonicfilter.co.in/


Foundation Year: 2014
Nation: Karanataka, India
Founder: Kamal Elangovan

Inphase is a well-known firm specializing in power quality solutions such as active harmonic filters. The firm is renowned for its expertise in dealing with power quality concerns and developing novel technologies to improve system performance and efficiency. Active harmonic filters from Inphase are designed to reduce harmonic distortions in electrical systems effectively. Inphase, with a strong focus on power quality and experience in active harmonic filters, remains a recognized source of comprehensive power quality solutions, assisting clients in achieving optimal system performance and mitigating the detrimental effects of harmonics on their electrical systems.
Inphase Homepage: https://inphase.in/

5.TAS PowerTek Ltd.

Foundation Year: 2003
Nation: Nashik, India
Founder: Tushar Mogre

TAS PowerTek, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in developing cutting-edge technical tools, such as active harmonic filters, in embedded hardware and software. With a solid dedication to customer satisfaction and societal effect, the firm has emerged as a reliable source of innovative power solutions. TAS PowerTek’s success in the power sector and an extensive customer portfolio that includes industry giants demonstrate its diversified talents and technological capabilities. The company’s focused development division and efficient production facilities allow it to remain competitive and produce cutting-edge goods and services, such as innovative active harmonic filters.
TAS PowerTek Ltd. Homepage: https://www.taspowertek.com/active-harmonic-filter.html#

6.Clariant Power System Ltd.

Foundation Year: 1998
Nation: Maharashtra, India
Founder: Mr. Tushar Deshmukh

Clariant Power System Ltd., founded in 1998, has emerged as a premier producer, exporter, supplier, and service provider of power systems. The firm is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, demonstrating its dedication to providing high-quality goods and services. Clariant Power System Ltd. provides clients locally and abroad with various power systems. Reactive Power Solutions and Power Quality Analysis solutions are among their product offerings. Thyristor-switched Switched Capacitor Banks, Detuned Filters, Electronic Active Harmonic Filters, Tuned Harmonic Filters, Power Factor Control Relays, Automatic harmonic filter panels, Capacitor Switching Contactors, HT Reactors, LT Capacitors, Power Quality Analysis, and other advanced systems are included in this comprehensive collection.
Clariant Power System Ltd. Homepage: https://www.clariantpower.com/

7.Offcom Systems Pvt. Ltd

Foundation Year: 2000
Nation: Delhi, India
Founder: Anil Tikoo

Offcom Systems is a well-known provider of power management and infrastructure solutions. The organization has established a solid name in the market by focusing on offering comprehensive and dependable services. These filters are intended to combat harmonic aberrations in electrical circuits. Active harmonic filters identify and suppress harmonics by monitoring and analyzing harmonic currents or voltages, guaranteeing a clean and steady power supply. These filters are intended to fulfill international standards. They are appropriate for industries where power quality is critical, including manufacturing, data centers, commercial buildings, etc.
Offcom Systems Pvt. Ltd Homepage: https://www.offcomsystem.com/

8.Sycom Power Protection Pvt Lt

Foundation Year: 1997
Nation: Maharashtra, India
Founder: Sunil Avhad

Sycom Power Protection is a well-known firm specializing in power protection systems such as active harmonic filters. The firm provides a wide variety of products and services with an emphasis on guaranteeing the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems. Surge protectors, voltage stabilizers, power conditioners, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are among the power protection solutions provided by Sycom Power Protection. Their goods are developed to satisfy international standards and are adapted to their clients’ demands. Sycom Power Protection Pvt Ltd has established itself as a recognized provider in the market through a customer-centric approach and a dedication to offering dependable and efficient power protection solutions.
Sycom Power Protection Pvt Lt Homepage: https://www.sycompower.com/index.html

9.GPS Power Solution

Foundation Year: 2016
Nation: New Delhi, India
Founder: Unknown

GPS Power Solutions is a firm that focuses a significant emphasis on creating products of high quality, realizing that quality is a crucial component in boosting market value. To satisfy clients’ urgent needs, the firm specializes in designing and producing various electrical products, including Solar Inverters, Industrial Solar Inverters, Commercial Solar Inverters, and Solar Power Plants. GPS Power Solutions uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and procedures to achieve the highest industry requirements. Quality is evident in the company’s diligent creation of goods, such as Active Harmonic Filters and Isolation Transformers, developed with precision and perfection.
GPS Power Solution Homepage: https://www.gpspowersolutions.in/

10.Techno Power System

Foundation Year: 1990
Nation: India
Founder: K RAJESH

Techno Power Systems, founded in 1990 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is famous for creating a diverse range of high-quality electrical goods. Automatic Power Factor Control Panel, Power Factor Controller, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, AMF Panel, Automatic Phase Shifter, Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector, Electrical Panels, Industrial UPS, Active Harmonic Filters, Harmonic Reactors, and Transformers are among their product offerings. Techno Power Systems is dedicated to developing long-lasting, dependable products with solid construction. Active harmonic filters are intended to reduce harmonics and maintain optimal power quality in electrical systems.
Techno Power System Homepage: https://www.powerfactorpanel.co.in/

11.Efocus Instruments India Private Limited

Foundation Year: 2015
Nation: Tamil Nadu, India
Founder: Mr. Shankar K P

Efocus Instruments India Private Limited, founded in 2015 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is a well-known firm that manufactures, imports, wholesales, retails, and distributes a wide range of Efocus Instruments, including active harmonic filters. The firm offers high-quality testing equipment designed and manufactured by experienced, trained engineers with extensive industry knowledge. Efocus Instruments India Private Limited can satisfy its clients’ different needs. The availability of the entire product line in bespoke packaging choices and competitive prices demonstrates the company’s dedication to client satisfaction. Active harmonic filters are the specialty of Efocus Instruments India Private Limited. These filters improve power quality and reduce disturbances to sensitive equipment by continually monitoring and suppressing harmonics.
Efocus Instruments India Private Limited Homepage: https://www.efocusintruments.in/


In conclusion, when choosing India’s best active harmonic filter manufacturer, three significant factors must be considered: product quality and performance, customer service, and cost.

First, consider the manufacturer’s reputation for producing high-quality, dependable active harmonic filters that minimize harmonics. Second, evaluate the amount of customer support, which includes technical support, after-sales service, and warranty coverage.

Finally, evaluate price structures to verify they are within your budget while providing the appropriate product quality. You may make an informed selection and select a reliable Indian manufacturer that fits your unique needs for active harmonic filters by carefully analyzing these aspects.


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