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12 Leading Voltage Protector Manufacturers in 2023

Voltage protectors are intended to guard against transient surges. Significant single surge occurrences, such as lightning, can reach hundreds of thousands of volts and cause equipment failure, either immediately or intermittently.

Voltage protectors are an essential tool for everyone who owns a lot of electronic devices. When shopping for voltage protectors, consider one with a high rating for the power the devices require. Here is a list of the top voltage protector manufacturers for safety in 2023.

Voltage Protector Manufacturers
Top Voltage Protector Brand List

Note: The global market for Surge Protection Devices is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.36% from 2023 to 2028.

1. Nuteck Power Solutions

Nuteck Power Solutions Private Limited, situated in Pune, India, is a recognized manufacturer and supplier. With an emphasis on power solutions, their extensive product line includes surge protectors, battery chargers, and other items.
They provide custom solutions to fulfill unique requirements, with a significant emphasis on client satisfaction. Their devoted technical help guarantees that installation and operation go smoothly. They also provide international delivery and cheap pricing, making their top-notch power solutions available to customers worldwide.

Foundation Year: 1992
Nation: Pune, India
Founder: Rajesh Doultani

Nuteck Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd Homepage: https://www.nuteckpowersolutions.com/

2. Weidmüller

Weidmüller is a market leader in surge protection systems. Their surge protectors provide dependable protection against transient voltage surges, protecting delicate equipment and systems. Weidmüller offers reliable operation and higher uptime for critical applications through their knowledge and innovative technologies.
They provide a variety of connected services. Engineering assistance, on-site advice, and bespoke solutions suited to unique customer requirements are among their offerings. Weidmüller’s skilled staff guarantees that their solutions integrate seamlessly and function optimally inside their clients’ applications.

Foundation Year: 1850
Nation: Germany
Founder: Unknown

Weidmüller Homepage: https://www.weidmueller.com/int/index.jsp

3. Hakel

Hakel is an established manufacturer of surge protection solutions, focusing on protecting essential equipment and systems. Their surge protectors include cutting-edge technology and dependable performance, providing efficient protection against transient voltage surges.
With a strong focus on innovation, Hakel continues to develop advanced surge protection solutions for a wide range of industries. Their surge protectors are built to fulfill high industrial requirements and protect critical electronics, machinery, and infrastructure. Hakel’s experience and dedication to electrical safety make them a dependable surge prevention partner.

Foundation Year: 2005
Nation: India
Founder: Mr. Anurag Gupta

Hakel Homepage: https://www.hakelasia.com/

4. Sollatek

Sollatek is a prominent voltage protection solution manufacturer specializing in protecting electrical equipment against voltage fluctuations and power surges. Their voltage protectors provide modern technology, dependable performance, and accurate voltage control, assuring optimal working conditions and extending the life of sentient equipment.
Their voltage protectors are suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Sollatek’s knowledge and commitment to electrical safety make them a dependable partner in voltage protection solutions.

Foundation Year: 1983
Nation: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Founder: Dr. Janan Allos

Sollatek Homepage: https://www.sollatek.com/

5. Vishay

Vishay, a prominent manufacturer of electronic components, provides a broad variety of voltage protection devices. Their surge protectors safeguard responsive to electronic equipment against transient voltage surges, assuring their safety and lifespan. Vishay’s surge protection products are known for their excellent, high performance and innovative design.
In addition to its exceptional surge protection products, Vishay’s customer-focused strategy extends beyond product delivery. They also offer after-sales support, including warranty services, product replacement, and troubleshooting help, to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the product’s lifespan.

Foundation Year: 1962
Nation: Pennsylvania, United States
Founder: Felix Zandman

Vishay Homepage: https://www.vishay.com/

6. Tortech

Tortech Pty Ltd, a major manufacturer of power supply solutions, also provides surge protectors. Their surge protectors protect sensitive equipment and systems against transient voltage surges, guaranteeing dependable operation and protection from electrical disruptions.
They provide various associated services to their clients in addition to top-notch surge prevention equipment. They give technical support, application guidance, and consultancy to guarantee correct surge protector selection and installation. Tortech’s knowledgeable team is committed to providing complete assistance for easy integration and peak performance.

Foundation Year: 1987
Nation: Australia
Founder: Michael Larkin

Tortech Pty Ltd Homepage: https://www.tortech.com.au/

7. Tosunlux

TOSUNlux is a significant manufacturer of circuit breakers and surge protectors. Their solutions provide efficient surge protection, assuring the safety and dependability of electrical systems.
With years of experience and a commitment to quality, TOSUNlux offers a comprehensive range of electrical circuit breakers. Their surge protectors are intended to protect electrical equipment against power surges, making them an excellent solution for household and business applications.

Foundation Year: 1994
Nation: Germany
Founder: Mr. Ronald Lee

Tosunlux Homepage: https://www.tosunlux.eu/

8. Ditek

Ditek is a trusted name in surge protection. Their surge protectors protect electrical equipment from potentially dangerous voltage surges, ensuring continuous operation and avoiding costly downtime.
In addition to its excellent surge protection products, Ditek provides a portfolio of services to enhance the client experience and its premium surge prevention equipment. Their expert team includes installation help and technical support, ensuring that their surge protection products are properly configured and work reliably.

Foundation Year: 1988
Nation: USA
Founder: Robert McIntyre

Ditek Homepage: https://www.diteksurgeprotection.com/

9. MCG Surge Protection

MCG Surge Protection is a reputable company that specializes in surge protection systems. They provide a complete line of surge protectors designed to protect tactful electrical equipment against power surges and voltage transients, focusing on quality and dependability.
They offer a spectrum of services to enhance the client experience in addition to their industry-leading surge protection devices. Their staff also provides installation support and coaching to ensure the correct setup and optimum efficacy of their surge prevention products.

Foundation Year: 1967
Nation: New York, USA
Founder: Michael J. Coyle

MCG Surge Protection Homepage: https://www.mcgsurge.com/

10. Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a popular global manufacturer of electrical and industrial automation technology solutions. They provide various devices, including surge protectors, designed to protect from power surges and transient voltage spikes, focusing on innovation and quality.
Their knowledgeable staff offers technical assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and system optimization. Phoenix Contact provides services to its clients and excellent surge prevention equipment. Customers may rely on their knowledge for dependable performance and effective operation of their surge prevention products.

Foundation Year: 1923
Nation: Blomberg, Germany
Founder: Hugo Knümann

Phoenix Contact Homepage: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/

11. Matrix Enterprise

Matrix Enterprise is a Surge Protection Devices and Solar ACDB solutions company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Their product line includes Surge Protectors, Solar DCDBs, and Electric Enclosures, all providing dependable and efficient electrical system safety.
With a focus on manufacturing and trading Solar ACDBs, Solar Connectors, Solar Fuses, and more, Matrix Enterprise is a trusted provider in the industry. Matrix Enterprise provides effective surge protection systems and electrical components for various applications because of their dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Foundation Year: 2019
Nation: Gujarat, India
Founder: Mr. Jaydip Dudhat

Matrix Enterprise Homepage: https://www.matrixenterprise.net/

12. PD Devices

In the UK, PD Devices is a notable manufacturer of Surge Protection Devices. They specialize in manufacturing premium Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge arresters and have over 55 years of expertise. Their extensive surge protection solution portfolio protects homes, companies, schools, and hospitals.
PD Devices provides significant services in addition to product manufacture. Their PiDelta Test Services verify that surge protection systems work correctly and efficiently. PD Devices is dedicated to solving your surge protection needs with comprehensive services and reliable solutions.

Foundation Year: 1964
Nation: United Kingdom
Founder: Michael John Kenneth Rendell

PD Devices Ltd Homepage: https://www.pddevices.co.uk/

Understanding of Voltage Protector

Understanding of Voltage Protector

A voltage protector, also known as a voltage regulator or stabilizer, is used in electrical systems to regulate and stabilize voltage levels. It safeguards sensitive electronic devices and appliances from voltage fluctuations, surges, and sags, which can cause damage or failure.
Voltage protectors generally monitor the incoming voltage and change it automatically to keep the output steady within a preset range. They are extensively used in homes, workplaces, industrial settings, and other places where a reliable and safe power source is required.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Voltage Protector Manufacturers

Factors to Consider When Selecting Voltage Protector Manufacturers
Several aspects should be addressed when choosing voltage protector manufacturers:

Experience and Expertise

Manufacturers likely better understand voltage protection technology with a lengthy history and experience in the sector. Consider organizations with a proven track record of providing dependable and creative solutions.

Customization Options

Whether you have unusual needs or applications, see whether the manufacturer has customization alternatives. This allows you to customize the voltage protector to your requirements.

Technical Support and After-Sales Service

Determine the manufacturer’s degree of technical assistance and after-sales service. In the event of a problem with troubleshooting, installation, or maintenance, prompt and qualified support might be critical.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Examine the company’s reputation and read client evaluations or testimonies. This can provide information about their product performance, client contentment, and general dependability.


Regarding voltage protector manufacturers, quality, dependability, and knowledge should be prioritized. Choosing a company with a recognized track record and industry experience ensures you will receive a dependable and effective product.

Furthermore, studying the manufacturer’s reputation and customer reviews might give helpful information about their performance and consumer happiness. Finally, while pricing is an important consideration, it should be considered against the total value and quality of the voltage protectors available.

By carefully analyzing these variables, you can make an educated selection and choose the manufacturer that best satisfies your voltage protection requirements.


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